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Aug 13, 2013

Yellowman says the pictures don’t tell the full story

Earlier in the newscast, we reported on the dispute between Minister Michael Finnegan and Dolores Balderamos Garcia resulting from comments Garcia made about the Mace Bearer Brian “Yellow Man” Audinette. Audinette spoke to News Five Jose Sanchez a few minutes ago about the incident and the photos circulated by the Belize Times. Audinette said he was not peeing in public and though he is a social drinker, he was drinking an energy drink “full throttle” when the photo was taken of him in front of the House of Representatives.



Jose Sanchez

“What is the reason that you and Dolores Balderamos Garcia have a problem? Do you know?”


Brian “Yellowman” Audinette

“I don’t know, I noh have no problems with the honorable Dolores Balderamos Garcia. Apparently Dolores Balderamos Garcia have a problem with me. Rather than Dolores the attack me she need fih try d out deh the service the people of Belize Rural Central. I think what she and her opposition party are doing is trying to try to divert the people, trying to make the people come off the fact that the C.C.J. decision happened, don’t attack me, deal with the C.C.J, don’t try to put the blame on me. They corrupt they make secret deal, that have nothing to do with me.”


Jose Sanchez

“But what she brought up in the house about you was that you were urinating in public. Have you or do you urinate in public?”


Brian Audinette

Brian Audinette

“She don’t see me the urinate anywhere. Somebody just passed and saw me the stand up outside behind a vehicle and say that I mi d urinate. Can they prove that I mi the urinate? They can’t, something is wrong with Dolores. Dolores don’t need to attack me. Dolores need fih chill herself.”


Jose Sanchez

“It does have the appearance that you were urinating in front of the Heritage Bank. Have you done that sort of thing before?”


Brian Audinette

“They don’t see me urinating, whatever they think they don’t see me the urinate. There is nothing running down is there any water running. They can’t prove that, I noh the urinate, she say I the urinate. I don’t see myself urinating I was standing there, she noh have no proof that I was urinating there. Dolores Is evil.”


Jose Sanchez

“She also claim in the house that you were drinking either in or in front of the National Assembly. The P.U.P. has sent an email of a photo of you slugging down something from a bottle. Were you drinking?”


Brian Audinette

“I come out of the vehicle heading up to the National Assembly, to do my duty as usual when the house is called. Dolores noh see me the drink nothing. Once again she take a picture, they take the picture and they post that, because you know they have they computer thing where you could computerize thing and so you could set thing up and so that is what they do, they say that I mi d drink liquor out there. They gahn and they set that in front of the National Assembly fi attack me.”


Jose Sanchez

“But the bottle itself, was it a beer bottle?”


Brian Audinette

“It wasn’t a beer bottle at all, it was Full Throttle.”


Jose Sanchez

“Now what do make of Minister Michael Finnegan came out in your defense and he got into trouble for the comments he made. What do you have to say in regards to Mr. Finnegan and Mrs. Dolores being that this has happened regarding women’s issues?”


Brian Audinette

“What Dolores is trying to do is that she trying to play this thing as a women’s thing. Saying that the minister have gone out of his way to actually attack her, that is not true. The minister get up in defense of me, fih protect me because I have no say. I can’t get up in the house and defend myself, if I could have get up in the house and defend myself I would have done that. I can’t, the minster get up and do it. So the minster did nothing wrong Dolores need to understand this is a big man game.”


Jose Sanchez

“Everything aside, everybody knows yellowman like his lee drink. Right?”


Brian Audinette

“Nothing wrong with that, all ah we like we lee drink.  I like mi drink, I take mi drink, there is nothing wrong to take a drink and so. But she cannot go into the National Assembly trying to attack me to a fact that is a man that can’t defend himself. Then talking about matters that are in the court, I wouldn’t go into matters that are before the courts, the court will deal with that. I could assure she that when this thing is over, I will without no doubt be found not guilty because I am innocent.”

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Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Yellowman says the pictures don’t tell the full story”

  1. got to ask?... says:

    Finny, how big is it?

    The girls don’t know.
    And the UDP big men are impressed.
    Just say no, to down low.

  2. got to ask?... says:

    Finny, how big is it?

    The girls don’t know.
    And the UDP big men are impressed.
    Just say no, to down low.

  3. got to ask?... says:

    Finny, how big is it?

    The girls don’t know.
    And the UDP big men are impressed.
    Just say no, to down low.

  4. Concern says:

    Finnegan and PM say he is not lying, what more do you want. Brian lied too! When you put it all together, we are ruled by a bunch of people who are not different when it comes to telling lies.

  5. Love says:

    In just the same way how the man said he didn’t beat up Fada, he now saying the pictures the lie, even though he was caught in the act on both counts. The whole UDP government is like that! They can see the truth only when its in their favor…lol

  6. Rod says:

    You need fu resign your post also but I no blame you so much yellow man I blame the pm of this country judas barrow who as a leader has never led anything since he’s been pm except the only thing he knows how to lead is the theft and murders going on in this country he should have fired all of them instead he stood there and laughed like vega did also they thought. Speaking to a woman like that was funny and that women deserve it well if unu women no stand up and demand their resignation then I say unu deserve it. Guan vega guan judas barrow guan finnegan unu resign resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  7. moses EX PC says:

    Hood rat. no doubt. I did a forensic study of the picture He was drinking a beliken, and the reverse angle of the piss picture clearly shows that he was urinating. What a disgrace to have the sergeant of arms behaving like a hood rat, all with the protection of Ministers. My advice to the UDP is to immediately suspend him pending a independent investigation. The axiom that one’s penis, or cock in creole, will always get them in trouble is true. I see now da tru, tru. Combine that with liquor and nothing good can come out of that. Whats up withe the cops in the background of the picture? All the ladies them that are sleeping with Yellow man regardless of size or for money or for good times are disrespecting themselves and other women of Belize.

  8. CUNBZ says:

    lmfao… this idiot doesnt even know the name of photoshop… and expects us to believe that pictures “evidence” is set to look as is… what an embarasment for himself… moreover for the people of this country having him sit in such a position at our house of representatives….

  9. Citizen says:

    Even when the man is caught in the photograph doing the thing the minister said he was doing, Audinette still answer UDP style! lol He choose to lie. He definitely love his lee drink.! Had to finish that one in front of a policeman, before he went into the House because that photograph was taken between the Assembly and the court house in Belmopan. Lucky man to have the whole government on his side because he should have been on half pay and not in the House of Representatives until proven innocent.

  10. Jackie says:

    i can understand the full throttle bottle but please, what are you doing beside that vehicle then..yeah all of us but you know..jeez despicable thugs

  11. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    YELLOW MAN…..U mite think that da fool di listen….fool di talk but da no fool di listen…..I neva know that full throttle come ina belikin beer bottle you a$$. you get ketch just accept it stupid. U are such an jack @$$. And you have the balls to call the Honorable Dolores Balderamos Garcia EVIL. U have the nerves young man. U r the evil one. U WANT I SHOW YOU WHAT IS A FULL THROTTLE ENERGY DRINK….HERE IT IS……Just to let you know we Belizeans no stupid…………………….

  12. Dumb Guy says:

    The wheel well is wet Mr. liar. How low can you go, p*ss in public then lay out lies and look even more stupid????

  13. Al says:

    Such ignorance. This man suffers from the melody that has so many of our Belize men bound, alcoholism. So many men have no respect, I see them urinating in public all the time.

    We have become a nation that have lost all respect for each other. The decay in the society of Belize flows from the top. It makes me so crazy to see what is becoming of this beautiful country that could be so tranquil. I fell so helpless because the majority of the people just sit back and do nothing.

    Let your vote speak in the next election. Let us get more educated women and men in the political arena.

  14. investigator says:

    1 point fi tell di truth
    - 1 point fi lie

    After viewing the pictures closely here are the findings

    1. The bottle in his hand is that of a full throtle – the shape is clearly not a Belikin. Also the bottle in his hand is plastic not glass. Look at the glass on the car and around, its appearance is altered with light. You hold up a bottle with it half full you will see a difference in the light reflecting on it and refracting through it. 1 Point fi tells di truth

    2. The car pissing incident. Ok now you straight up di lie saying you weren’t pissing. 1- that position is almost always assumed when taking a piss. 2- he notes no water running down, that is an accurate representation, however if you notice two things – the car is covered with dust and that includes the wheel well, which means it will absorb any liquid (including yellow liquid), and secondly, the wheel well has evidence of fluid…given his stance, he was pissing in the wheel well hence why no ‘water’ running. 1 point deducted fi lying

    In the end it doesn’t really matter. This country has way bigger problems to worry about than a man taking a piss….quite frankly I’m glad to see his kidneys are still functioning after drinking that garbage.

  15. Bz says:

    Did the “yellowman” go to school???

  16. Hey Brian says:

    Brian says can you Prove i was Urinating ?? But Brian can u prove you were not Urinating, lol

  17. ME says:

    Did finney go to school? Such venom in the house of representatives and I spelt it with small letters as that is what they are doing to the House. Such DISGRACE! SPECIAL SITTING OF THE HOUSE fi what? fi bamboozle di PUP dem, 75% fi political agenda instead of tabling important matters for the country. They only di think bout themselves, anada 5 years fi do what they please. REALLY NOT SURE WHERE BELIZE I HEADING TO.

  18. Eye in the Sky says:

    The man sounds kind of retarded when he was giving his interview.

    Does he have down syndrome or is it the alcohol?

    Belize has really gone down the drain since I was a child. Sad.

  19. moses EX PC says:

    He may not have gone to school but he has made history,at least his peter did. It is the first peter ever been discussed in parliament.

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