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Jul 30, 2013

Goalkeeper, Woodrow West considers options

Woodrow West

The Jaguars, Woodrow West and Ian Gaynair, are still in the United States of America spending time with their families. West and Gaynair were honored at the final game of the CONCACAF Gold Cup on Sunday for the integrity that they displayed during the games. West and Gaynair were offered a bribe from a match fixer, but the duo rejected the bribe and reported the incident to the authorities. Though Belize failed to advance, the two Jaguars have been made other offers to try out for teams in the U.S. News Five Jose Sanchez spoke to West via phone and he is looking forward to returning to Belize at the end of this two week vacation.


Via Phone: Woodrow West, Goal Keeper, Jaguars

“Da mi wah good experience. From moment we left airport and we reach people treat us like professional footballers with a lot of respect. All of that da mi wah good experience for us. It made us feel like one ah they big time players weh we always see on T.V. It feel good to know we get an opportunity from a small country from Belize that football level not even compare close to theirs whn I say compare I mean financially compared to them.”


Jose Sanchez

“What happened when you went to the final game? What was the award that you received?”


Woodrow West

“Well it was an award of honor from the whole CONCACAF group to keep football alive in the terms that we were approached by this person for match-fixing and we denied it. I was a big deal for FIFA itself and they gave us an honor trophy for that.”


Jose Sanchez

“Now looking at your personal future with football itself, have you been approached by anybody, you made a lot of saves within the games that you played. Has anybody approached you? Maybe to go to their training camp? What’s your plans?”


Woodrow West

“Right now my first option is still being on the Belmopan Bandits. I start train today, out here but yes I have received calls from Honduras and I have some other options here in the U.S. working on something for me but it will take time because M.L.S. is still in season so I have to wait until that is over. I have a lot of options waiting and hopefully something come my way and I will really appreciate it a lot.”


Jose Sanchez

“I guess you spoke to Ian Gaynair before he moved on. Did he receive similar offers?”


Woodrow West

“Ian was approached before me actually, but he is just waiting as well, we can’t just move how we want. They have called him as well I think someone in San Francisco, I am not too sure. But they have called him too.”


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8 Responses for “Goalkeeper, Woodrow West considers options”

  1. orlando says:

    Dear Friends that what happens when talent is not appreciated in our little country. Is that the way that we want to go that anytime we have someone good in our country he or she has to leave to another country to better themselves? That has been happening forever, where will we be in twenty years if all of our good brains and talent move to better places. Cant we try to grow here? Cant the brilliant people be supported so that we may go somewhere?

  2. Totally agree says:

    I totally agree with you. All our brains are drafted away. I am in the smae position. I am out of my country because there is no hopes there.

  3. lift up your head says:

    I agree with orlando. Instead of our gov work to build up their people, they actually victimize them. To the players I say go for it if you get invition to play elsewhere, but always come back to help our youth with your experience. These youngsters are proud and now looking up to you

  4. Al says:

    Wow! I agree with all the above comments. There are many lessons here. The first lesson is that honesty pays bigger than the ill gotten gain. Second is that the country will continue to loose people who want a better life. I met a kidney specialist in a hospital in Arizona, he is from Belize.

    I myself before I retired was a Assistant Vice President of Human Resources in a large Financial Institution in the US, an opportunity that would not have been available to me in my own country. I would now like to be able to help my country set some standards in these governmental offices that are running loosely. I would do this work for free, just to help my country move forward in the right direction. I hope these young men take this opportunity to advance themselves and maybe later bring their experience back to the country and change the face of sports in this country.

    The PM takes his wife to the US for cancer treatment, he wants the best for his family. These young men need to get the best out of life for themselves. I say let us urge them on, give them wings to soar as high as they can.

  5. Raphael says:

    We should all be proud of our players, first of all they did not accepted bribes to loose the game regardless. This proofs that not all Belizeans are corrupted. Also they do not have a huge payment like other proffesional players which makes them concentrate of the game and not about the financial help to their families. Our soccer team should walk with their heads held up high because they have reach where other that have better soccer training fields did not. I am very proud of them. God Bless them.

  6. Eye in the Sky says:

    No job for Shark Teeth K in the USA Football League.

  7. history minded says:

    They should take up the offers and come back and help out players

  8. Ben says:

    Orlando, i would understand you in other aspects but not in football. For our Belizean football players to grow and develop to a very good competitive level, they must left this country that cannot offer no more than a mediocre semi-pro level. Didn’t you see the awful beating we got at Gold Cup with our semi-pro level? For Belize to offer a good competitive level we have years and years of work to be done when these guys need immediate results. For we to offer a competitive level, we would need to surpass our “so hated” neighbors Guatemala, the rest of central america, Mexico, and the US when players from these countries are seeking much better levels in Europe. These countries that i mention have excellent infrastructure to work with, professional leagues that are competitive within our region, good structure leagues, heavy weight sponsors and television rights, a culture that supports it, finance, and importantly dedication. Belize does not even has ONE stadium that meets concacaf criteria to play concacaf champions league; why do you think the Belmopan Bandits were kicked out of this year’s edition?? So if these guys want to leave Belize to better themselves off in football, then i applaud them for their intentions. What you scared off? Another country “buying them” for our players to represent them? That cannot happen because if a player reaches the age of 20 and has represent a country at an offical FIFA tournament then they cannot switch national teams. Perhaps in 20 years from now, we might be seeing light at the end of the tunnel.. Guys, go and play out of this country where you can become professionals and represent us better next time around.

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