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Jul 5, 2013

Large gathering for PG protest against Gender Policy

In Orange Walk the Association of Evangelical Pastors and Churches, Belize Can and Belize Action mustered about two hundred anti-gender policy protesters. But in Toledo today, they came out in the thousands. The demonstration, dubbed a pro-constitution rally by church organizers, started off at eight this morning at Silver Creek. Media reports from down south say that as many as forty-three buses came from communities across Toledo. Conservative estimates had the crowd at about two thousand five hundred while at its peak others claimed there were as many as four thousand. On foot, in buses and in private vehicles the protesters walked six miles to the Christian Radio Station on the San Antonio Road to send the usual message – NO TO THE GENDER POLICY…NO TO UNIBAM…NO TO HOMOSEXUALITY. Thanks to our friends at Ak’kutan Radio in Blue Creek, Toledo, we got hold of a clip of today’s protest.



“There are over a hundred leaders here—church leaders, Alcaldes and chairmen. If we give each of them the mic, we will be here until next week…so we are unable to do that. All the Alcaldes and chairmen and village leaders, we want to thank you this morning. We want to thank all the bus owners who have come out today in support of our constitution. In an answer to a media house that asked a pastor this question; he said two days ago that we don’t understand what we are reading. Well I want that media house to know that yes we do understand and that is the reason why we are here.”


All denominations were represented in Toledo, including the Roman Catholic Church. The next pro-constitution, anti-gay, anti-gender policy demonstration is scheduled for Tuesday in San Ignacio. 

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11 Responses for “Large gathering for PG protest against Gender Policy”

  1. sickntired says:

    Dis da why di gender people shudda neva put no battyman issues inna di policy book. Battyman do de thing inna private. Nobody wah hear bout it. Go live somewhere else if de wah walk round inna public di hold hand and kiss.

  2. sam dow says:

    Bunch of homophobia, are they scared that they will be turned in to one. ‘BS’
    They say that they love God’s creation, so why hate what he made. Homosexuality is here to stay
    it has been around as long as man, and will be here until man is extinct. What they do in the privacy of there home is no one business.
    Let’s stop the hate people, educate yourself on the issue.
    Jesus died for our sins, God loves his creations
    Homosexuals love God as well.

  3. Proud Toledo Resident says:

    Go Toledo NO TO UNIBAM.

  4. Krtdiaz says:

    Just a minute….Mayas want land right but are prepared to trample upon some body else’s rights while they fight for their own? Well just call me a fool that thinking that you cannot take from another what you yourself demand…your rights and equality.

  5. Initiate says:

    Nice picture!

  6. Orlando says:

    San Ignacio will be 5,000. I can bet on dat. We are 100% anti-homosexuality and the gender policy. If you want to be gay and you feel that you are not free in Belize then go to the US or Costa Rica who are the most recent to become safe heavens.

  7. ceo says:

    I would like to see Belizeans turn out in droves against things that really affects the country to force a change where it is really needed, instead of being sucked into this gender policy side show. The country is not a church and should not be run like one. It is for this reason the president of Egypt was just forcibly removed from office because he was starting to run the country of the order of Islam. There are many different people in every country with many different beliefs and practices and any law that descriminates against any group should be removed from the books. I do not support gay activities just the same way I do not support the consumption of alcohol. There are those who drink but not because I do not drink I will protest to have liquor removed from all store shelves; in spite of the countless damage that the consumption of alchohol has brought to every society. I do not subscribe to catholicism but they should have the right to worship as they choose. Let us live together in peace or we will die like fools. The GOB likes when the masses start demonstrating against unimportant things like gay rights because it moves peoples attention away from the crap they are doing that is messing up our lives and our country. Think!

  8. ray says:

    i dont understad what up with all this issues with this gay thing and these people protesting and all and can i ask a question where do gay babies come from, because the last time i check gay couple cannot have babies. an di can tell you a majority of people that protest this issue r gay but ther r doing it because they want people to believe they r good . but what puzzle me most of these people r using god words to fight this and i know that some of them molest children, they have man or woman with their wives or husband. so one thing to tell them god never sleep and u should leave sleeping dog alone, see i don’t get it what is the problem with being gay they r humans just like me and you with different sexual need but they don’t bother no one they live their lives happy i have about 3 friends who are lesbians and a couple gay guys as friends and they all behave just like regular humans being. they r no different. so people just stop the hate and stop following those who r ignorant to this if you really study this a.ll of us have someone either in our family or a friend who is gay or as they love to call it different

  9. moses EX PC says:

    Birth defects are not only physical, they are also mental and psychological. Being Being gay is a birth defect of gender confusion. When a man looks at another man and is aroused sexually and a woman with a woman, same thing, the order of nature is displaced. This is what is known as birth defect. On the morality side, gay supporters claim homos don’t harm anyone. Well, many are attracted to straight young men and seduce them with gifts money and liquor, they don’t stay within their group , in addition they are promiscuous and polygamous. They have parties like the Romans; orgies and deviant sexual behavior. I don’t discriminate against you all because of your defect. It is what it is. Come on defend yourselves, tell me if I lie. The problem is that you all get vex when we don’t accept your behavior as normal. It is a defect whether you like it or not. (+-)

  10. May says:

    Ray said “because the last time i check gay couple cannot have babies.”

    You make a good point Ray but some countries allow gay couples to adopt and also with the progress of technology there may be a point in the next 20 to 30 years where artificial means could be used to produce a baby from the genetic material of two (or more) people of the same sex.

    Just saying that the children will be effected one way or the other.

  11. May says:

    People are focusing on the Homosexual/Bisexual part which is understandable. But I feel that the transgendered part has the potential to change society even more than the Homosexual/Bisexual part.

    Transgendered people expect you to treat for example someone who is biologically male as if the person is a female. Which means the male can go in the same bathroom as the female, I assume the same schools, etc. Do you want your mother, your wife, your daughter to be in the same bathroom with someone with the same “equipment” as a male. Perhaps you do. It’s up for your society to decide, but you should decide without the undue influence of foreign forces and hopefully with full understanding of all the implications.

    I know it sounds insane. If someone 20 years ago would tell me all this stuff was going on in my society I would think them insane too. It would never happen here I would tell them, but now it is and it could be Belize’s future as well. And again perhaps that’s what you want. Just don’t let foreigners like people from the United States force you one direction or the other.

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