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Jul 1, 2013

Security guard kills cousins and stops robbery

Aaron & Esvin Hoil

It was a violent weekend in the Cayo and Belize districts. We start with this story of two cousins from Santa Elena in the Cayo District who were shot and killed on Saturday night during a failed attempt to rob a Chinese supermarket. Police say the men approached a security guard stationed outside the store, pointed a firearm at him and told him to hand over his gun. The guard fought back and in the ensuing altercation he was shot and wounded before he managed to fatally wound his attackers. Today he is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital while two families prepare to bury their loved ones. Mike Rudon was in Cayo today and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Cousins Aaron and Esvin Hoil were shot and killed at around 8:30pm on Saturday night here in front of Anna’s Supermarket on George Price Avenue. Police say the two men intended to rob the establishment, but were fatally wounded by the security guard they tried to disarm.


According to the official police report, the men, who wore masks, attempted to take away the guard’s gun, but he resisted and that’s when he was shot in his left arm. Even wounded, he managed to draw his point thirty-eight caliber revolver and shoot one of his attackers in the chin and neck. The other robber then came after him with a machete and was shot in the head.


A third man, who remains unidentified, then also attacked the security guard with a machete, and that’s when he ran away, jumped into a passing taxi and fled to the San Ignacio Hospital leaving the bodies of Aaron and Esvin Hoil on the ground in front of the store. Today when we visited Esvin’s home, there was shock and grief but little outrage from his aunt, who got the news by telephone Saturday night.


Carolina Gomez, Aunt of Esvin

“I was at home because I live in San Ignacio. My next sister she called me on my phone and she give me the news. This was a shock for us because we didn’t have no idea that this was going to happen.”


Carolina Gomez


“What type of person was your nephew?”


Carolina Gomez

“Well for us as a family, he was a kind person and he didn’t find trouble or nothing like that. But you know, we as parents sometimes our children are something in front of us and behind our backs we don’t know what kind of children they are.”


Gomez says Esvin had a steady job, so she can’t understand why he would do something like that.


Carolina Gomez

“We don’t know what had take him to do this because he was working at Caracol. He had came in one day before and he was going to leave on Sunday to go back at Caracol and work.”


San Ignacio Police say both men were no strangers to the law so the robbery attempt does not come as a surprise. We understand that the security guard has been moved to the K.H.M.H. and is under Police guard for his own protection, which is why they have also refused to provide his name.While they refused official comment today, the impression we got from Police was that as far as they are concerned the case is closed and the shooting was justified. Mike Rudon for News Five.

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36 Responses for “Security guard kills cousins and stops robbery”

  1. James says:

    Great job! Sympathies to the family, but a thief is a murderer. I hope this serves as a example to those intending the same.

  2. lift up your head says:

    I agree that that security guard was justified in his shooting/killing of those robbers. Afterall, that is what he is getting paid for. To protect the business. It is sad that he also got hurt. I wish him the best n a speedy recovery.

  3. melinda says:

    Excellent job by the security officer

  4. Carla says:

    Two dead young punks. GIve the guard a medal and a raise for doing his job. “he didnt find trouble or nothing like that…” the family always look stupider than the foolish kids. Close the file police.

  5. XMON says:


  6. Nina says:

    Honestly the security guard didnt have to shoot to kill. he should have shot them somewhere else where he knw they wudnt die. I knw he was to shoot to injure not kill….. n he killed who person.. I knw that them guys did was wrong but the guard did wrong n he shud be charged.. n i knw he wudnt becuz dem police men do the same shit.. this guy must be bragging about wat he did…..

  7. Punk says:

    Hey Nina, get a grip of yourself, a thief is a murderer, the security guard has been injured too, how could he be bragging when he is in the hospital. Kudos to the Officer, wish him a speedy recovery. CASE CLOSED.

  8. cat says:

    Great Job Security Guard! If you didn’t kill, you would have been the one killed!

  9. dan says:

    Nina, Maybe the robbers should of had blank shells in their gun, and a protective shelled on their machete so they wouldn’t hurt anyone either, GET REAL…….

  10. datjustgudfudem says:

    @ Nina u knock ur head hard? what would you do if they were to rob you……wake up these thieves are waste in our society……

  11. Initiate says:

    Congrats to all who are willing to die for what they believe!

  12. John Doe says:

    Nina…he didn’t shoot to kill, they just happened to die.

    What do you expect? He was attacked by two and then a third one. He was injured….he has a right to defend himself and do his job!

    Job well done! I fully agree with “lift up your head”, give the security an HERO AWARD.

  13. Heather says:

    “Nina”..back in time yes it was aim for the foot and not the head, but for the past few years our country have become over populated with ignorant, dumb and cold hearted young wanna-be’s. Innocent lives gets taken away everyday simple b/c these boys of today are too lazy to work and want everything to be handed down to them free by any means whatsoever. I feel pain for innocent people who’s lives were taken away and for their family BUT for fools like these I can’t find it in my heart to feel any pain or say “the security should have shot them in the foot”. I believe when everything was unfolding that night he had to make a conscious decision and say its either my life or theirs. the security made the right choice, maybe if he didn’t do what he did more innocent lives could have been lost that night. As James said ” I hope this serves as a example to those intending the same.

  14. nigel says:

    @ Nina people like you makes me lose all faith in humanity as it shows the de-evolution of human intelect. Killing another humanbeing is wrong and the only exception to that rule is when one kills in defence of his or her life. These two waste of humanity went to rob this establishment with deadly intent… So what you are saying is the security gaurd after being shot should have reasoned with them and tell them not to do it again? Come on Nina don’t be so f@%#ing gullible. I don’t know what fantasy world you are living in but people like you need to be a vicitm of a violent crime to know what life is really like. I commened the security officer for the great service he did for his community and his country.

  15. Belizean Pride says:

    come on NINA be realistic in a situation where by you’re posted as a security with a license gun and you’re being threaten to kill by an thief and behind comes a next scum flinging a machete, would you shoot his foot or defend your life by killing the scum?
    you should be happy and being accusing the security to be charged, remorse is left to the dead scums who should have thought before they went to rob.
    while the community applause the bravery and good act by the security you bring the lame accusation. he should be proud of cleaning to two scums in case you’re talking about bragging rights.

  16. Jungle says:

    We are happy that they get shot and killed, how stupid young people think to go and Robb people, these parent are still complaining, what a shame, that is what we need to do, they Robb, you kill them one time, because they are lazy to work

  17. ceo says:

    Nina save that story for heaven! These are the type of people that are messing up our country. I wish all security guards could and would be able to shoot and hit their target like this guy!

  18. Love says:

    Damn what with this generation.

    THey were asking for trouble and it seems they got it. The Security Guard know that they got to either surrender and be killed or fight and protect the establishement as they are paid to do.

    Remember people they are not trained as police office, that they try to disarm a situation, but to protect the place and themselves.

    My hat goes out to him for trying to do his job. As for the some of the comments abt charging him PLEASE, if someone comes into your home and try the same thing you would either fight back at all cost or surrender and leave them to do what they please to your home and you as well.

    They are not kids anymore, they have enough common sense to know that if they get caught they will be jailed or the worse could happen as it did here.

  19. Namewitheld says:

    Nina, you realized how stupid (you’re) you sound, the security guard didn’t have to shoot to kill…you stupid idiot the thief shot him first, once the had disarmed him they could have kill him. You stupid idiot, after he shot one of the thief the other came after him, what does that tell you? and a third person came after him; it a pity he didn’t KILL that third would be robber too!!! I bet that the third would be robber is connected to an influential family, that is the reason the police isn’t releasing his name to the public.



  21. Buju says:

    Great job Mr. Security!

    The best thing i hear on the news what that it is an open and shut case…

    They lived by the gun and they died by the gun – da no me say so


  22. king says:

    ppl always say that “they no have to killa,shoulda shoot them on the foo” but i think the person who say that is a fool! Imagin you da the security guard, we just human been not superman,when things like that happen you think it allow the security guard to have time to aim ? to kill or be killed. Because when them robbers shoot they won’t aim to the foot neighter. when the security guard was hurt or killed nobody sorrry for them neighter. So Nina you must be the family with the robber or you will do the same too.

  23. Charl says:

    What happen to the third man that ran and jumped into a passing taxi and fled to the hospital? He got injured and was seeking medical attention so hospital and taxi man could identify this third man an police could start an extensive investigation to what transpire in what happen.

  24. Paco Smith says:

    The security guard did what he had to do and, indeed, he deserves accolades.

    When you are under fire, the last thing one is trying to do is rationalize where you can possibly shoot someone, to cause only injury, when you are being threatened with lethal force.

    I hope the business owner, as well as his employer and for that matter, the community rewards him for his actions.

  25. Yohnny says:

    Congratulation to the Aunt for not saying they were good kids never gave any trouble ….. at Nina … honestly the security guard had to kill them, to much go in jail stay there for a little while on remand and then come out back up to their same old dirty deeds, and i no what im talking about caz i have 1 just like that……….

  26. Al says:

    @Nina, until you are at the end of a gun or facing someone whose intent is to kill you, please tell me, would you take the time to decide where you are going to shoot them? I would guess the answer is no. While this man was trying to decide where to shoot the robber, there was still the other one with the machete, that could have killed him.

    Nina I can’t decide if you are a friend or family, but if the shoe was on the other foot you would be glad that the two cousins would have killed their attackers.

    It is time to be real about these people who want to take from hard working people and kill them in the process. It is people who think like you Nina that is keeping Belize in the horrible mess it is in right now. I say good for the security guard, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

  27. Belizean Pride says:

    must be trying to bury her head today in the sand like an ostrich for bringing out that comment that really makes her either be a family or someone who encourages the ruthless acts of scums of our society, when we are trying to make a stand against scums she turns tables and stand for them, how she dare, fu real

  28. Initiate says:

    Nina, are you getting the point?? I hope so…. :)

  29. only in BZE says:

    I think @ nina is the third thieve hiding as @nina. Too bad the security didnt get you @ nina. The security gard is a hero.

  30. sickntired says:

    I hope the police catch the third thief soon. The police should also make available some psychological counseling for the security guard cause something like this, while necessary to defend his life, must surely affect this poor guard. I hope he recovers soon.

  31. Real says:

    Dean Barrow set this up ….tell them ROD

  32. moses EX PC says:

    Hmmm!! No property is worth a life. Banks and places of businesses where I do security consultation along with retired federal agencies, our advice is always, let the robber take whatever; they/he will be caught eventually. Why risk your life or take their lives for property. The only defense for taking a life is when one’s life or others are in jeopardy. Possessions/property are insured and can be replaced.

  33. Eye in the Sky says:

    I wish I had the money.

    I would give that security guard a check for 10 thousand dollars.

  34. Gone fishing says:

    Nina = nut case

  35. ProtectnServe says:

    Nina???? SERIOUSLY!!! WOW!!!! Hmmmm even back in Jesus times people mi get killed fih thief. Now I mus goh shoot your rass pan your foot wen u d look fih come kill me. U mussy crazy. I wah out your lights b4 u out mines. The security mi outnumbered 3 to 1 n u wah talk rass like that gial try fih noh. N Moses all dat u jus seh noh relevant to this situation them mi wah kill d security guard his life was threthen so he acted accordingly.

  36. Anonymous 1 says:

    i like the comments of most of these people… where is the like button on this page!!! JEJE

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