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Jul 1, 2013

Missionary comatose after crashing to avoid shooters

Dan & Vicky Weaver

There is other crime news from the Cayo district. A U.S Missionary is in coma tonight at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after a armed attack on Saturday night. Vicky Weaver and her husband were returning to the Valley of Peace over the weekend when armed men fired at their vehicle. Pastor Dan Weaver was behind the steering wheel of the vehicle; he lost control and landed into a creek. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

American missionary Pastor Dan Weaver, head of the local Baptist church in the Valley of Peace community, and his wife, fifty-six year old Vicky Weaver, are the victims of a near fatal armed assault on Friday.  The couple, it is reported, was returning home that night when driving along the Banana Bank Road en route to the village, a pair of men emerged unto the scene and allegedly tried waving them down.  The Weavers did not stop and that’s when the duo produced firearms and took aim at the vehicle.  News Five understands that several shots were fired, extensively damaging the windshield of the Toyota Tacoma.  In an attempt to flee the assailants the pastor sped off but soon after lost control of the vehicle, careening off the road and into a nearby creek.  His wife, we are told, was badly injured during the impact and tonight she remains in a coma.  The couple moved to Belize in 2002 and relocated to Valley of Peace two years later, where they both continued to spread their faith and carry out social work in the community.  The terribly shaken up preacher declined an interview, stating only that his entire family is traumatized by the unfortunate experience.  An investigation into the incident is currently being conducted by the Crimes Investigation Branch of the police department in Belmopan.  Thus far, there have been no arrests made. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

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16 Responses for “Missionary comatose after crashing to avoid shooters”

  1. Rod says:

    All you tourist go home you’ll all be killed robbed or raped thei is no law in Belize with this useless incompetent pm and corrupt gov.

  2. loveyravatar...not says:

    @Rod? @Storm? Rod, Storm, don’t come to Belize? Go to St. Lucia instead?

  3. Lorena says:

    Investigate this case but most of all investigate Pastor Dan I sure you will discover some interesting facts.

  4. Lorena says:

    Investigate this case but most of all investigate Pastor Dan I am sure you will discover some interesting facts.

  5. ceo says:

    Hey Rod your comment is a bit ignorant! Tourists and visitors die every day in other countries including America and there is no cry that visitors should stop visiting. The problem is we are lacking in enforcement. If your comment was to beef up security you would have and should have the support of the people.

  6. Proud 2b Belizean says:

    Rod, please do us all a favor and leave your ignorant, brainless comments to yourself !!

  7. moses EX PC says:

    The work of the Lord Jesus Christ is not easy. I am sure all the possibilities of spreading the gospel in a foreign land was considered. Perhaps , perhaps, you should have stayed home or ask God for his protection in your mission.

  8. Utanga says:

    what are you trying to imply “Lorena” ??
    What a atrocious thing to say of someone who was attacked and is awaiting news on his poor wife who may not make it.. how could you even post such things? you either are a godless person, or you have some serious issues in regards to how you view people.. to post TWICE that the husband should be investigated as if to say he had something to do with this tragic event is just incredibly disturbing..

  9. Alyssa says:

    Dan and Vicki are amazing people with a passion for God and bringing the peace of Jesus into the valley. They’ve worked tirelessly to show love to the people in the valley, regardless of the safety risks and poorly policed area. Lorena, Dan is a genuine man with nothing but love in his heart for those in the valley. They are family to him. You speak ignorance.

  10. Andy says:

    Hey Lorena – so what do you base your comment on? Do you live in the Valley of Peace? Do you even live in Belize? Have you seen the children Pastor Dan has fed? Have you seen the people that have received free dental care because of Pastor Dan? Do you know the young lady from Belize he sent to the US at his expense for reconstructive surgery? Or are you just someone who has had a bad experience with false religions and is just negative? Pastor Dan and his wife gave up a lot of comforts and money to help the people in Belize. They pledged the rest of their lives to help the people in Belize. They have very little to show for it in wealth and possessions. The world needs more men and women like the Weavers

  11. Andy says:

    Hey moses EX PC. Man, I don’t know where you’re coming from. Your first 2 statements are right on, then you go bonkers. The pastor and his wife have just suffered a tragic event, and you get super-spiritual smug? Would you tell the Apostle Paul the same thing? What would you tell Silas? And Peter, James, John, and Stephen? What would you counsel those of Hebrews 11:35-39? What makes you think they and others haven’t prayed for protection? Do you think James 1:2 was written just because James was wanting filler? And was Revelation 2:8-10 just a one-time event? And do you think Jesus was mistaken in John 16:33? And why is it that you attempt to add condemnation to their grief?

  12. Andy says:

    @Lorena Maybe I owe you an apology. Maybe the interesting facts you want investigated are the kinds of ones I listed – the many ways that Pastor Dan has helped not only the Valley of Peace but other areas of Belize. Here are some facts:

    They have a feeding center in the Valley of Peace for school age children. They feed 70 for lunch each day. At the end of each month, they have cupcakes after the meal to celebrate the children that had birthdays that month. The first time they did this the children asked, “Are we going to do this each month?” When they were told yes, the children cheered.

    They have established three other works in Belize. Bullet Tree Falls, which is on the western border of Belize. Camelote Village which is on the road to the Valley, and Arenal, which is just over the western border into Guatemala

  13. moses EX PC says:

    Andy…I am not versed in the bible as you obviously are. I’ve been to war and expect the possibility of death. I suspect that giving up ones life for something they truly believe in is an accepted risk. Check mate, Mark 3-14.

  14. jeff says:

    Hey Lorena ! Put up or shut up. If you have info, come out from behind the shadow of stupidity and state your case. God keeps score for all of us. What score do you have to settle by making these remarks?

  15. jeff says:

    Hey Lorena. Put up or shut up. If you have info that is relevant to your remarks, then come out from behind the shadows and spill the beans. Otherwise, God keeps score for all of us. What score are you trying to announce here?

  16. Jana Cox says:

    II am nearly fifty years old and interested in missionary in orphanages

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