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Jun 19, 2013

ComPol disappointed by cops in Mark King trial

Minister of State with responsibility for gangs Mark King may be a free man since the charges of aggravated assault, threatening words and disorderly conduct were dropped after the police officer involved in the matter decided not to press charges. One other officer could not identify the Minister of State either. The charges stemmed from a brawl which erupted outside a casino in Corozal in February of this year. But while King is in the legal clear, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie is upset at what has transpired because he says it betrays the public trust in the Police. The ComPol is very angry and adamant about seeking legal advice in the matter.


Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police

“My understanding having heard the news last night and speaking to the officer commanding, PC Ramos went to court and withdrew the charges saying he did not wish to proceed. Immediately last night, I called the assistant commissioner, Mister Leal, he is the commander of the Professional Standards Branch. I directed that he and a team proceed to Corozal this morning and to do an internal investigation and then he will be making recommendations to me. It is my view that that officer was a police officer when this incident occurred. He was not an ordinary citizen and he had no authority to withdraw that case or refuse to testify. It is a matter that I view very seriously and as soon as the investigation is concluded, we will take the appropriate action against him.”


Mike Rudon

Allen Whylie

“What I wanted to ask…just to follow up on that. How far are you prepared to go? Because be honest with you, people don’t expect this to go anywhere. Nobody was surprised that the charges were withdrawn and people listening to this would say nothing will happen, this is a done; this is a done deal. How far are you prepared to take this?”


Allen Whylie

“The charges were not withdrawn; they were dismissed by the magistrate because the police officer refused to proceed. In my view, what he did as I said was wrong, an investigation is ongoing, and we will do what we need to do. We have a trust and a service to provide to the community and when police officers do things that we believe breaches that trust, it erodes their trust and confidence in us and myself as the head will do all that is necessary to ensure that that breach is remedied.”


Mike Rudon

“In addition to what seems to be you are suggesting disciplinary action against the officer involved, will there be a view to maybe reinstating charges? Is that possible..reinstating charges against Mark King?”


Allen Whylie

“I don’t think charges are possible because the matter was at trial and the officer refused and it was dismissed. I will seek legal advice in terms of that issue, but I don’t believe that those charges can be brought back. I know that the prosecutor did proceed with the disorderly conduct, but due to the fact that he was hindered in terms of the main person who was involved had refused to testify that case was also I believe dismissed.”

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24 Responses for “ComPol disappointed by cops in Mark King trial”

  1. rico says:

    what bull?…Belize is funny!…lol

  2. nationview says:

    PC Ramos is a waste, and cannot hold the post of a Police Officer. He has made the entire Police department look as gang ring leaders. Furthermore, who is expected to abide by the Law and have respect for corrupt police officers?????????

  3. Jackie says:

    I like your approach Mr Wylie- I just hope this would be the mentality with all your officers and all those in public office- inclusive of our Government. Corruption stinks to high heaven yet, the leader of this country goes to bed with all of them. long forgotten are the promises he made to the Belizean populace about accountability and transparency….just another big-mouthed politician right…

    Good luck trying to remedy this situation..we know what exactly happened with that office but, again, at the end of the day, who is holding the card in their hands?

  4. Joe McGuire says:

    Everyone da Coro know PC Ramos will lick his own ass for a penny! The man accepts bribes and in exchange sees nada, should have him kicked off the force!

  5. venus says:

    Careful ComPOL in Belize once you go against the political tide you won`t be around very long. I am already seeing you sitting behind a desk near to Jeffries.

  6. No Room for Corruption says:

    “Evil is in their eyes,
    and evil is on the rise.” -Capleton

    It is time for the people to burn out this corruption,
    but first we must burn it out of our minds and personal lives!

    This corruption is selling of the soul and there is hell-fire to pay.

    Hell Fire is already burning, and fire will BURN this earth!! -Biblical Prophecy (2 Peter 3:10-13)

  7. Rod says:

    I am so disappointed in the belizean people you just sit back on your laurels and do nothing it’s pitiful you just keep taking and taking look at the brazilians they rose up for bus prices we the belizeans we have seen murders thieves rapist all coming out of this corrupt gov. And still you sit back and do nothing how sad .wake the hell up belizeans enough is enough

  8. Common Sense says:

    Comforted to see Compol make a stand for justice. However, to go against King dean….with all sincerity and respect – Compol watch unu back.


  9. JustBelize says:

    How can everyone fall for this. This is all politics. So the PC refuses to coperate, charges are dimissed, King walks. But now, the COMPOL needs to say he disagrees just so that it seems like he is doing his job.

    GET REAL people…”there is an ongoing investigation” so…since February they are investigating and nothing. Its always the same thing with the police “we are investigating”.

  10. JustBelize says:

    I amazed how quickly and easily we all fall for this. You see this works like this

    A. King makes a mistake
    B. He is taken to court
    c. PC does not cooperate so the King is free
    D. In order to make the PC look bad, the ComPol needs to give statement that he did wrong
    E. So now the PC looks bad, of course he probably got paid
    F. ComPol gets credit

    Seriously, you all thought that King would get charged. Com’on people.

  11. JustBelize says:

    I amazed how quickly and easily we all fall for this. You see this works like this

    A. King makes a mistake
    B. He is taken to court
    c. PC does not cooperate so the King is free
    D. In order to make the PC look bad and that king walks, the ComPol needs to give statement that PC did wrong
    E. So now the PC looks bad, of course he probably got paid
    F. ComPol gets credit

    Seriously, you all thought that King would get charged. Com’on people

  12. Corozaleño says:

    Everyone in Corozal knows that PC Ramos is a thug and a thief. He goes around rubbing down you people ans stealing money from their pockets. He should be removed from the police force.

  13. Skeleton Town Guy says:

    PC Ramos is well known for jacking anyone he searches for drugs. He is known for going after young kids in fancy rides and then will jack their smart phones or money. A disgrace to the Police.

  14. Ojo Buay says:

    PC Ramos is the most corrupt police man in Corozal Town next to the contraband gas police man. He will steal from old ladies if he has the chance. Remove him.

  15. Another Corozal Policeman says:

    I work with PC Ramos and can swear on the bible he is corrupt and a thief. He makes the Corozal Police hang their head in shame. All the people of Corozal who have been robbed by this man in uniform should come out and ask for his dismissal from the force.
    PC Ramos da 1 big thief.

  16. Sick & Tired says:

    That is why the crime level has gone through the roof in Corozal. It is because of corrupt police like PC Ramos. He works together with the burglars and gets a cut of their loot. The commisioner should give him a dishonorable discharge. Ramos thinks he is the law. He is just a cruffy fool.

  17. magadag says:

    PC Ramos and the one who works with the gas contranbaners go around Corozal and rob and pillage from the citizens. They eat and drink free from the Chineese for protection.

  18. Buju says:

    I was robbed by PC Ramos when he did a search of me.
    He will go down.
    He will be just another bum on the street like the big tall ex police who was caught stealing.

  19. Kindome come says:


    Cruffy police man Ramos think he is the law and can do as he wants.

    Well this time he step on the wrong shoes.

    He think he can do as he please and the inspoctor turns a blind eye.

    Lets hope the commisionare does his job now and sends theis cruffy policeman packing.

    He has broken the law one time too many. OFF with his head.

  20. Ling Yong Li says:

    I am Chinese and have been robbed by this policeman Ramos. He offers us protection or if we no pay he will rub us down and steal from us. This is a rough cop and needs to be remove.
    PC Ramos = THIEF

  21. Jimbo2 says:

    Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police.

    Lets see if you have the b0llas to do something against this rough policeman and all the other

    crooked cops you have terrorizing the town of Corozal

  22. Al says:

    Why is it that the commonwealth is not taking up the case. In most countries the government or the courts stand in proxy and continue with prosecution. Why are we different.

  23. moses EX PC says:

    Compol…how is your investigation going against McAfee. The compol’s actions and woofing is as is expected and planned. He is a part of this puppet show, of course, everyone knows he is involved in this show. I must say that to those who don’t see the smoke and mirrors,” He di fool unu”. Bloody good show old boy.

  24. Police says:

    I understand how the public is watching from outside and say a lot of things about the police officer who withdraw the case against minster king. I would like to enlighten you about something, as a police officer who was disrespected i think he would have like to see the case go trough I know. However if the case have gone trough and king was convicted the police officer would have been victimize from high ranking police officer and member of the UDP and you all know it true. I have seen a young police officer make a report on a lady and when the trial began the case was withdrawn by a high ranking police officer although the young police say he was the complainant and wanted the case to go trough. So what the different. This officer was put in a rack and a hard place, I would have done the same thing and withdraw the matter thinking about my further as a police officer.

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