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Jun 3, 2013

Imer Hernandez gets contract for Belmopan Market Project

While that’s very likely the last we’ll hear about the San Antonio Road, it’s certainly not the last we’ll hear of the elusive Imer Hernandez. In fact, his name came up again today, this time in Belmopan. The Imer Hernandez Development Company Limited has been awarded a contract for the renovation of the Belmopan Market, a project which is funded by the European Union and supervised by the Ministry of Works. Today, News Five received very credible information that another company had bid for the project and had actually been approved by the Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Works. That approval, however, was allegedly overruled by the Ministry of Economic Development and the contract was given to Hernandez’s company. According to a source, Hernandez’s bid was for two million dollars, while the other company bid one point eight million which means that while Hernandez’s bid was highest by two hundred thousand dollars, he was awarded the contract. And if that was not enough good news for Hernandez, News Five also understands that Imer Hernandez Development Company Limited has been awarded a four million dollar contract for works at the Belize City Municipal Airstrip.

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14 Responses for “Imer Hernandez gets contract for Belmopan Market Project”

  1. caracol lane BVDC says:

    Belizean people, please think – is corruption in Belize socially acceptable? If not, is there one example of someone who has been socially outcast because he or she is corrupt?
    I think society has accepted corruption as a way of life and even though people crie about it, there is not social backlash against the so called “corrupt” individuals.
    Everyone wants to maximize their profits – in all sectors so there is no reason to berate the corrupt till such time that the societal values put the rich and powerful on a pedestal, irrespective of the means used, this will continue. The laws are written by the people who are direct beneficiaries of the system and so those cannot be expected to change.
    I propose an alternate – we all know that interaction of the public with the public services organizations are filled with examples of facilitation fees. Why not legitimize these facilitation fees?
    This is only an example of a job that years back was only done by the public works department. I understand the idea of privatizing these jobs but dew to the unfairness of the distribution it is vital for the government to keep them and create more jobs in this department. This will lead to better handling of resources and cut on the favoritism that is shown by the ministers in charge. The govt. machinery will be more efficient any time
    This only covers people who want to do things correctly, if someone wants to not follow the guidelines and do something illegal that would probably work in the same fashion as it does today, where illegal construction is rampant i.e. the recent cases of poorly done roads of not done at all.
    The other point that I will put to the group to think about is to enable the population with critical thinking. Our education system today is based upon rote learning. In addition, if we can give the kids critical thinking skills, as the population gets educated, they will realize that selling their votes for $100 Bz or a bottle of liquor is the main reason that they are remaining poor and the folks will stop selling their votes which will lead to good governance and common corruption will reduce.
    At the end of the day nothing can be done unless the government (Barrow and Vega) would agree to and international audit by a recognized nongovernmental organization. In fact, someday they will be taken to international courts for stealing money borrowed from other countries to use for the country.

  2. Rod says:

    The thieving continues the nerve of this pm and gov. Is overwhelming people they all need to be locked up now for thief and for murder.

  3. belizean first says:

    “While that’s very likely the last we’ll hear about the San Antonio Road, …” This is UNACCEPTABLE!! Channel 5 and 7 INSTEAD of wasting media time covering these darn CRIMINALS and their mother or sisters crying and lying to the public about police abuse SHOULD continue asking that question until it is answered. Each day ask about the 12 babies, kids being raped, …. where is the justice? CRIMINALS get MORE AIR TIME and law in their favor than the law abiding citizens!! I do not see the victims being interviewed and their side of the story highlighted as much as the criminal with the long rap sheet pledging their innonence (none are guilty), their mother, sister, brother…. claiming then di get chance and they were at home when they fully know they were the ones committin the crime. YET I AM SUBJECTED TO WATCH THEM LIE AND SAY CRAP ON THE NEWS? I do hope that the media WILL CONTINUE ASKING the questions that MUST be answered.

  4. Frustrated Belizean says:

    Ever wonder how comes the Gapi, his associates and the Ministry of Works has come up in the news together so much lately but no one has heard from the Minister of Works regarding all the questionable activity going on. I sell something fishy here. The Minister of Works should hold a press conference to answer questions about all the recent mistakes. Seems like Dean and Gapi are sheltering him from the media. This might be bigger than we can imagine.

  5. belizean first says:

    Media should investigate what other contracts have been awarded to the company that was responsible for tearing down NOH MUL. Is this company still being given government contracts? What is the update on that horrendous event?

  6. Jackie says:

    Vega d run d show and you wonder why bald head says he is being victimized? d two a dem ina d same boat thats y. one can’t open i mouth and talk about d other cuz he is doing d same thing.

    I say to the media- Bring it out to light and keep it there.

    When they are doing their rounds for voting time these shameful things will be brought out yet again. and then Gapi will not be running away from the press- NO- he will be smiling like a big big fool and THIEF that he is along with our infamous big mouthed leader of this country who is sooo silent all along..

  7. James says:

    Well, hmmm. this is not a “normal” contract.

  8. True Belizean says:

    Who is Hernandez? Seems that he just sprout from under a rock and became wealthy, take a look at your tax money when going to Arenal.

  9. Belizean Pride says:

    the abnormal family of vega that runs all this contracts now,lol
    seriously this is how our country is being run by this fools

  10. BelizeansNeedTransperancy says:

    It is sad but the Belizean reality is that our system is extremely currupted, the Governemt is the prime body of arrogant, ignorant,incompetent and thieves who only seek power to enrich themselves. All these happen infront of our eyes and we as a nation allow it to happen again and again. For instance Social Investment Funds which should be to aliviate poverty and better our living standards is just a mirror, because the ministers and his crooks are the ones who benefit and get rich. Projects presented to the public with a value are not exactly what they cost or invest in. Projects are bid with 20% of the money to the Minister who don’t do a heck, 10% to the SIF inspectors, 10% to the Town project inspector, 60% to the project itself where the contractor only gets 50% and 10% is retained. At the end of the day the project infrastructure is not liable to last because of poor quality of work. Ministers feel that they are not to give accounts to the Belizean people and they abuse of their power to do crime freely without being prosecuted. Belizeans have to put a stop to this system. Ministers support crime to divert the media and shadow their acts. On the west, Ministers are suddenly increasing their assets, that even with their 5 yrs payment cannot be possible to obtain. The constitution should make provsions for Minsters to be prosecuted for taking public funds, they need to give accounts on each and every penny that is being used.

  11. WOW says:

    come on media. ask the tough questions. don’t left Gapi off the hook. ask Alamilla about Crawl Caye. ask Pablo directly about the KHMH masacre. he is getting away without even saying a word to the media. ask the minista of Social how come the teenager in protective suctody get prgnant. ask Darrell for a current financial statement with regards to paving of streets.

  12. Storm says:

    Hernandez should be disqualified from bidding on or receiving any public contracts until he performs the one for which he was already paid, to pave San Antonio Road.

    The corruption in Barrow’s government is pretty open and obvious. The time is now for change.

  13. Bear says:

    Too bad the European Union contributes to and supports the corruption in Belmopan and especially Orange Walk.

    Belize has to rise up and break the chains of corruption that are enslaving us and will enslave our children into the future, as they pay taxes for money that was routinely stolen by people at the highest levels. And, of course, we NORMAL Belizeans will suffer forever with unpaved roads and broken promises until we FORCE change.

    It can happen fairly peacefully, with a “People Power” movement and national strikes, like it did in the Philippines, or it can happen violently, like it did in Romania and so many other places, if we are forced to use violence. But it must happen to protect our children from being exploited.

    Agree or disagree?

  14. Charl says:

    Belizean,need to get up standup and fight for your rights need to gather all evidence against Barrow ,Gapi and all the ministers and impeach all off them. Belizean need to start with fresh blood if not in a small country with a population less than half a million inhabitants will have a revolution.

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