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May 23, 2013

Murder on island but body is missing

Jeremy Baptist

Twenty-five year old Jeremy Baptist went missing on Sunday night. He had been socializing at a party and never returned to this family. Something went awfully wrong on that night and this afternoon another resident was charged for his murder; but Baptist’s body has not been located. Police, have however, recovered a vessel which they believe was used to dispose of Baptist’s body. News Five’s Isani Cayetano was in San Pedro and spoke to family and other partygoers.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

A christening reception among family and friends in San Pedro on Sunday evening has ended in tragedy for a wife and toddler, who lost their loved one to gun violence.  Twenty-five year old Jeremy Baptist, a resident of Boca del Rio, along with his common law wife Danisha Valerio and their one year old son, attended a party that night when he went missing.


Danisha Valerio

Voice of: Danisha Valerio, Common Law Wife of Deceased

“Me and he went to di christening about 8:30 cause I tell he, well he tell me he neva wahn go no way cause he noh di feel good but after all, ih seh, like how we invite dehn people to our christening and all ah dehn attend it, yo know, a wah feel bad fi go round dehn tomaro and I know I noh gaan da di christening.  So I tell ahn aright then, hurry go, buy wahn gift then yo wrap it then wi gwein.  We wah tek wah hour to wah hour and a half then we ah come back cause ah di ker di baby.”


The family of three then proceeded to the gathering at Miguel’s Shop, where they socialized with other partygoers.  Jeremy, according to statements recorded by police, would later get into a heated argument with one of the attendees.  He took his wife and child home before returning to the party.


Luis Castellanos

Supt. Luis Castellanos, Officer Commanding San Pedro Police

“About 10:30 the night, he returned home with her and then returned to the christening and as such he did not return home and as a result she made her report.  Information then started to come into the station that this person by the name of Jeremy Baptist he had been murdered.  As such, we started to focus on an investigation and as such we found out from several witnesses that Jeremy was at this location, Moses Campos’ residence, and an altercation happened between himself and a gentleman by the name of Lucio Salazar.”


What transpired thereafter is, at this point, anyone’s guess.  It is believed that Baptist may have been murdered, his body disposed of in the area of the river and the nearby lagoon.  His wife woke up the following morning and found it rather strange that he had not returned from the party.


Voice of: Danisha Valerio

“Baptist neva did appear and I da like he da noh like this.  One ah my neighba cohn cohn tell me well she just hyah that how dehn shot Baptist three times eena ih head, dehn tek ih body and dehn ker it eena wah boat.  So now I sihdown and I seh this no sound right cause I noh think this wah happen da San Juan cause da San Juan he talk bout everyday.  So I jump pan ah bike, I jump pan wah bike and I seh well I gwein go sih weh I could hyah.  I gaan da San Juan and nobody couldn’t tell me nothing deh, I just ride to town and da so people di ask me weh gaan on with Baptist, you know.


Several searches, in an effort to recover his body, were conducted.  The vessel in which he was reportedly transported and dispensed with was later found; Baptist’s corpse, however, remains to be located.  In the absence of the stiff, instructions were given that Lucio Salazar be charged with murder.


Lucio Salazar

Supt. Luis Castellanos

“We consulted with the D.P.P.’s office and as such she has given us the directive to charge Lucio Salazar for the charge of murder.”


Isani Cayetano

“My understanding is that there were two other accessories or accomplices that helped him to dispose of the body.  Will there be any charges brought against these two individuals?”


Supt. Luis Castellanos

“Well, we are still under investigation as it relates to those two persons.  We have one of them in custody and that part is still under investigation.”


A lot of what has been gathered about the disappearance, the apparent murder and the dumping of Jeremy Baptist’s body is circumstantial.  While they have recovered the launch, it appears to have been thoroughly disinfected.  Despite statements providing an account of what happened, the whereabouts of Baptist’s remains is still a mystery.


Supt. Luis Castellanos

“We have a vessel where we have seen that it has what appears to be blood and we’ll be getting the forensic analyst to come and give us assistance to see if, to verify if it is blood.  From there on we’ll get further directives from the DPP’s office to see how to proceed.”


Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.


As the investigation continues, two other persons believe to have aided in the disposal of Baptist’s body are expected to be charged. One is already in police custody and the other is at large. 

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12 Responses for “Murder on island but body is missing”

  1. Rod says:

    Why hasn’t anybody found the people who murdered the boy zaldivar you don’t even hear anything about this years old murder it’s like it didn’t even happen this useless pm and gov. Worse in the history of this nation.

  2. Marie says:

    Another one gone- which one next?

  3. Islandbwai says:

    Police should not even investigate this murder, this man hurt a lot of innocent ppl in San Pedro. Now them want we feel sorry for him…. No man. Danisha uphold him with all the robbery he does, extortion to innocent ppl. I say cause i was one of them. I am a business owner and this guy took at least $6,000 in cash from me in order to not hut my family. But I left everything to GOD cause money is not every thing. Now it is his time let him be. He deserves this. The people of San Pedro are happy with this guys gone.

  4. S.P John Smith says:

    That is very true Islandbwai.. I agree with you, this guy like many more out there like to chance plp for NO reason.. NO MERCY ON HIS SOUL.. !@#$ him,KILL ALL HIS FRIENDS TOO.

  5. Islandguy says:

    Islandbwai i agree with you.
    This little @$$!@#$ chance many many men and women in san Pedro.
    i think the island will be a lot better now without him.. plp of San Pedro dont have mercy on his soul.
    !@#$ him he got what he diserved,
    Some one should kill his friends now cus they do the same shit.

  6. Bear says:

    Maybe he got what was coming to him, I don’t know. But even if that is true, you can’t let one bad man go because he killed another bad man.

    I hope police do a thorough job getting evidence from the boat, maybe send divers to look for the body, and do everything necessary to lock the killer away until he comes out of prison in a box.

  7. Corozaleño says:

    The guy Zaldivar was also a bad egg who sold drugs and who tried to extort money and attempt to kidnap & rape in the Corozal area.
    In San Pedro he pretended to be the best tour guide but it was all show.
    People in Corozal know him and his family very good.
    Was never busted in Corozal as far as I know, but one day he messed with the wrong person and another scum was removed from Belize.
    Zaldivar can never again visit Corozal and terrorize its citizens.

  8. Castillo says:

    Well, that is CARMA for you, this guy should have been in Jail from all the crimes he had commited, I am sorry for the innocent son he left behind, but I have not even a little sympathy for him. I hope a Crocodile had a good lunch with his meat, and I hope he is not the only one that will be dump in the lagoon… there is so many of this garbage, ruining our beautiful island. Maybe if the court would have done what they are supposed to do, and that is keeping these criminals in jail, his son would at least still have a father. I will have a few drinks and celebrate his death…. and hope some other thug will do the same to the rest of the scums in the island

  9. bzerebel says:

    Zaldivar cant terrorize nobody cuz he DEAD! All of them people here are a bunch of drug dealers and pushers. Chancing anybody they can. I say make police no waste time on him. He got what he deserves.

  10. Perry says:

    Maybe these guys got what they deserved but many others were killed innocently and their deaths and blood are waiting to be avenged. Yet this Pain and Sorrow Barrow cannot do anything about all the murders and rapes happening in this country. But without the people of Belize asking for it, the Barrow government can commission and order a policy that supports and protect sodomites and people with abominable sexual desires

  11. Castillo says:

    Condolances to his family, but am I glad he is some crocodiles lunch meat. This thug should had been in jail from all the crimes he has commited and maybe an innocent kid would still have a father. I wish the police and the court systems would not be so corrupt, and our island would be a much nicer and safer place. Going to have a drink and celebrate his murder

  12. Castillo says:

    I hope he was lunch meat for a hungry crocodile

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