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May 21, 2013

P.U.P. demands resignation of Minister of Health

The People’s United Party, in the wake of the ongoing K.H.M.H. fiasco, has issued a release demanding the resignation of Pablo Marin as Minister of Health.  The opposition is also calling for the immediate dissolution of the Board of Governors of the hospital.  The deaths of twelve newborns at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, since the beginning of the month, have been described as both horrendous and deplorable.  The facility, designed to house only eight babies, has been stretched beyond capacity, prompting several questions from the party.  Among them is the most relevant, if there were frequent overcrowded conditions increasing the vulnerability of the babies to infection, why was there no response sooner?  This, according to the P.U.P., comes on the heels of public outcry a few months ago during which the thoughtlessness and disregard shown by officials at the Northern Regional Hospital succeeded nine instances involving severe injury or death of babies and mothers.

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15 Responses for “P.U.P. demands resignation of Minister of Health”

  1. star bwoy says:

    wel mr. pm you better do something about this ……..

  2. Rod says:

    This whole gov should be locked up enough is enough every aspect of life in Belize is in the toilet due to this pm and gov.

  3. sam dow says:

    The bottom line is that Barrow, brings his family to the USA for quality heath care and so showing he gives a !@#$ about your hospital problems. What makes it a disaster is the one who need it more the, new born the future of our nation. Help the babies and demand change, Minister,CEO
    as they are ultimately responsible, having a dun @$$ uneducated MOH and a Dentist as CEO, the blind, lending the capable .

  4. 316 says:

    Where is the PM? When 4 criminals were slaughtered he responded fast with a press conference.

    A dozen babies have died at the KHMH over the past weeks. Where is your press conference PM to address Belizeans? WHere is the minister of health?

    Are criminals more important than babies who are the future of our country?

  5. Storm says:

    Great comment, @316.

    Marin should never have been appointed to the life-and-death position of Minister of Health. He might be a loyal political hack but he has no qualification for the job. Lf course, he should resign now, before more people die — he already has the blood of many mothers and babies on his hands from the Northern Regional Slaughterhouse, where he sat mute and watched as many humans were butchered.

    I modestly recommend that the law should be changed — or the custom — that Cabinet members must be elected members of Parliament. Getting elected is totally unrelated to the ability to run ANY department of the government. A PM should be able to find the best person to appoint and run the departments, and not be limited to the “best” representative from the PM’s party.

    We need either a physician or an experienced public health administrator to be Minister of Health.

  6. sue29 says:

    Marin should have never been appointed minister of Health, because he has no knowledge of health care and his CEO who should advise him is doing other wise, and bringing back colonialism in Belize , MOH is on the verge of collapse, and the PM refuses to intervene, the speech of the chief nursing officer at the annual nursing conference last Friday speaks clearly of the mismanagement and issues at MOH the media needs to publicize this message, the health system is just deteriorating under this administration.
    Urgent Action must be taken.

  7. Jackie says:

    This is the WORST administration to ever head our country. Our past leaders may not have had the Education or exposure, worldliness that this so called PM blatantly loves to show-off BUT THEY HAD HEART, they were hands-on with the people who put them there and LOVED OUR COUNTRY AND PEOPLE.

    How ironic indeed, he is taking care of his family with the best medical attention abroad; nothing wrong with that. But just proves to all of us and to the bigger world where exactly your heart and intentions for this country lies.

    We are waiting for that press conference or at least “hearing” from our leaders. NOT another press release!

  8. 316 says:

    @ Storm

    Right, we need an experienced health administrator as Minister of Health, not an electrician.

  9. TALK IS CHEAP says:


  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    .Belizeans are afraid to ask the hard questions and if they do they’re victimized by the politicians as a result this trend will continue.

  11. Bear says:

    GOB thinks we can have medical tourism, with hospitals that kill their patients? Delusions!

  12. Rod says:

    People people they don’t care this pm and gov has the lives of over 2000 people dead since they have been in office and they still sleep like babies at night what makes you think they will care about a few babies I’ve been telling you all warning you all for years now that this is the worse pm and gov in the history of this nation they should all be locked up fu thief and murder.

  13. Retired CEO says:

    Babies are people too! This is unthinkable. unacceptable and a downright shame on our leaders.

    Where are the human rights group? The pseudo religious group? Where is the outcry? Most of all where are the so-called God squad, who are supposedly fighting to follow their so-called imaginery laws of God. Babies have rights too.

    Very sadly so, We are experiencing a very serious leadership crisis in the jewel.

    Clearly, the Minister should resign and the CEO should be replaced coupled with some firings of some direct care staff if they are found negligent in their day to day tasks and responsibilities.

    Imagine the possibilities? It is clearly time for a change. Finally, some murder/manslaughter charges should be levied.

  14. Storm says:

    Even though I freely confess to being part of the “God squad,” I’m with @Retired CEO regarding filing criminal homicide charges. Let’s hang a doctor or two to show we are serious.

    I followed the recent trial in the states of Dr. Kermit Gosnell [sometimes spelled Gosnall in the news], who was found guilty of killing 2 babies in his care, and he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. I’d like to see any negligent medical professionals in the defendant’s dock in this case.

  15. HELLO says:

    all you righteous churchgoers, where is your voice now, there was marching and prayers against Caleb, now let us see it for the dead babies,

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