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May 17, 2013

Moved to different city, but hitman finds his target

Richard Russell

Notorious Belize City bad man Richard Russell may have been running from his past when he relocated to Belmopan, but he couldn’t run far or fast enough and on Thursday night one bullet fired into his face through the window of his house in the Salvapan area of Belmopan ended his life. A check of our crime archives reveals that Russell has been no stranger to the law, with arrests for rape, robbery and drugs. In August of 2008 Russell was shot multiple times and only survived because he played dead, and just a couple months after he had to run for his life when gunmen opened fire on him. That is apparently when he decided to move west with his common-law wife and children. Mike Rudon was in Salvapan this morning and has the story. We warn you that the images are graphic, and not suitable for viewing by all audiences.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Early this morning nine year old Richard Jr. and seven year old Urick sat quietly watching cartoons, less than ten feet from where just hours before they held their bleeding father in their arms as he took his last breath. They sit on a floor which is covered in their father’s blood, in a house which reeks of that blood. The family could not have known that when Richard Russell Sr. sent a text to say he was coming home, he would be dead just two hours after.


Diane Lamb, Common-law Wife

“Last night, seven o’clock, Richard went out and approximately like 9:25 he text me and when he text me, I saw the text and he said for me to make his food. So I told my son that your father text me and ih want ih food. So I make fry jack, I warm the food and get a pot of water to boil.”


The food she prepared for Richard is still left on the table. He didn’t get a chance to eat before fate came calling at his window.


Diane Lamb

“As he take out his beans, he heard a person holla “Ritche Rich” dah the window. So he told me babe somebody deh dah the window go see dah who. So I told him, you go see dah who because dah your name dehn di holla right. So he told them to go to the corner window over there and when he went over there and as he opened the window, the shot fired; one shot.”


Diane says that when the shot rang out her eldest son ran and hid in the ceiling of the house. Her seven year old crawled under the bed and the youngest, three year old Chadrick, just stood there trembling and vomiting. Then she noticed that Richard had been shot in the face.


Diane Lamb

“I saw him hold his mouth and I said Richard weh happen? Ih said babe, and he hold his mouth. When he let it go [I see] blood. I tell ahn babe yo get shot; yo get shot. And he said Di, Di. He calls me Di and he was Di, Di. And I hold him and the blood was just gushing, gushing. I went for a towel and put it on his mouth. And I said babe who did it. Ih say babe deh mi wah do it long time.”


Diane Lamb

The house is covered in blood…which poured from Richard as he walked around mortally wounded but still fully conscious.


Diane Lamb

“Richard was so strong that he got his phone—he was dialing 911, I was dialing 911. Eventually he dropped the phone and he run to the bathroom and put on the pipe. And the pipe was pouring on him and he ran back outside while I was talking to the police. And I told the police where my area is and I put down the phone and I hold him and I hugged him. And when I hugged him, I said babes I love you. Just remember I love you and I’ll love you always. And ih just looked up and ih noh say anything else; just looked up at me. He went back to the bathroom and put on the pipe and he just collapsed on the floor. And he hold my leg so tight; he hold me so tight.”


Already fearing the worst, Diane grabbed three year old Chadrick and ran half-naked out of the home to try and find the Police and direct them to the home. She wouldn’t see Richard alive again.


Diane Lamb

“When I came back, my sons dehn said mommy he already died. My nine year old was the one that hold him; that lift his head up and said daddy breath while the blood was coming out of his mouth. And what hurt most of all is that my baby dehn saw it. My son dehn saw everything; my son saw when he gave his last breath.”


But did Richard’s past catch up with him, or was he still living a gangster’s life in Belmopan which led to his date with death?


Supt. Sinquest Martinez, Officer Commanding, Belmopan

“He was known to us here in Belmopan. Like you mention he has his past in Belize City. He came to Belmopan and he was somebody of importance to us and we needed to keep him on a close check. He was living here for the past four years within Belmopan City; he was working at one of the ministries. About two weeks ago, he was locked up.”


Diane Lamb

Sinquest Martinez

“Really and truly, Richard left from City four years ago and never had no problem with anyone. Belmopan, everybody was grieving; they couldn’t believe it because Richard noh mess with anyone. Ih totally different; he don’t mess with anyone up here.”


Supt. Sinquest Martinez

“What the investigation is showing us is that he had a couple threats about two or three weeks ago and more information is coming in pertaining to the threat and we have one person detained of questionable character that can assist us in our investigation.”


Diane Lamb

“I have my family, I have his family who will be there for me and my sons. And wherever he is, he knows that I am well taken care of. So they took away a piece of my heart but they didn’t take away my soul. They didn’t take away my soul. Me and my sons will keep on fighting. We will always remember him and we just want him to rest in peace.”


As we left Salvapan today, Lamb was cleaning out the home and burning the bloodstained sheets and towels. She says that she will continue living here, in this home and yard full of trees planted by Richard Russell.


According to Diane Lamb, Richard Russell Sr. was working for Minister Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez at the time of his death and for the past five years. The decomposed body of Richard’s brother, Randy Coye, was found in the Lord Ridge Cemetery in 2009, shot to the head, neck, chest and back. It was believed at the time that the real target was in fact Richard Russell.

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25 Responses for “Moved to different city, but hitman finds his target”

  1. Rod says:

    How can this pm sleep at night now almost 2000 people dead and nothing has been done nothing but thief thief thief people people this pm and his gov needs to be locked up this whole gov is one big gang that needs to be locked up.

  2. joseph says:

    so many gangsters work for boots.

  3. Initiate says:

    wow!! what a (movie) ( and hopefully moving) story!!

  4. Storm says:

    Too bad for the children. Women shouldn’t have children with gangsters. It usually ends badly.

    As for Russell, this end was long overdue.

  5. Simone says:

    once you have !@#$%^ over someone, it doesnt matter if you change. You deserve it even though I never heard of the guy. One less. Next former gang member.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    With the violent prone behavio rthat Belizean brothers and sisters has these days,everyone shoud be taught First Aid.

  7. Orlando says:

    Dumb and Dumber perfect match! They say show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. The one thing I wish for is the rest of the socall bad boys end up the same way AND REMEMBER HE MIGHT have been a strong punk, but not strong or fast enough to duck a bullet.

  8. Orlando says:

    Happy Riddance and too bad it could not happen sooner.

  9. GrigaMan says:

    It’s such a shame to see that so many are delighted at the murder of Richard Russell. I never knew him, and by all accounts he used to be a ‘bad man’, and hurt many in the past; however, he was trying to change his life. All of us have done things in the past that we wish we hadn’t done. What if his sons who witnessed his murder, one day decide to avenge him? We must find a way to stop this deadly cycle. It hurts my heart to see the young black Belizean men killing each other.

  10. ceo says:

    Not many will regret his death and this says much. Her recounting of the story sounds sad but the fact is if you live by the sword you will die by the sword! What about those he caused much suffering?

  11. OriginalWoman says:

    GrigaMan, i agree with you. So many times I see the same kind of cold-blooded comments made on this blog, by fellow Belizeans. The general mentality seems to be, “an eye, for an eye,” even IF the victim has made a positive change. This kind of thinking will definitely not help the problem. If there is NO HOPE in Belize, in trying to rehabillitate oneself into a better, solid sober citizen of society, then what’s the sense in ANY CRIMINAL trying to change his/her ways….seems like once you are labeled a “bad seed” any efforts to change is useless in Belize, most of the comments on this blog, on past news stories and on this one, reflect that this is so true.

  12. Bear says:

    @GrigaMan, in the real world you can’t be a one-man crime spree — serious crimes: robberies, shootings, crack trafficking, rape — and then decide you’ve had enough and expect to walk away with no consequences. If you hurt people and never atone, you can expect someone, someday is will get revenge.

    I don’t know that is what happened here, maybe Russell was still secretly living on the wrong side of the law, certainly Minister Boots has hired plenty of other active criminals in his ministry, for unknown reasons. I notice the story reports Russell was arrested just 2 weeks, ago, but the reporter didn’t follow up and ask what that was about. Don’t you want to know?

    He was charged 5 years back with kidnapping and raping a 16 year old girl — maybe the father decided to take justice into his own hands, a sentiment I agree with.

    Live by the gun, die by the gun. There’s no statute of limitations on that natural law.

  13. Belizean Pride says:

    he was playing with a boomerang he flung it very far but forgot about it not thinking the boomerang would hit him later. such it life when we don’t take granted that this world never forgives but with catch up with our own deeds. sorry for the kids who have no fault but ladies please rethink before you join a scum it has consequences for you and your kids in the after math.

  14. bigs says:

    u will be sadly missed, whether good or bad everybody have their turn, maybe he was really changing who knows. we will meet one day, gonna miss you. hope Ur family strong, rest in peace rich kid.

  15. unknown says:

    Just reading all the comments, it seems none of you knew the man. I agree live by the gun die by the gun. However or society has thrown a lot of our young men to the streets and gangs. Before anyone pass comment try to get to know the person or his life. I agree what if his kids grows up and avenge his killer, what if his kids becomes rebellious because of these comments, we don’t know that he was not a loving father a father that wanted better for his kids, for Christ sake he moved from the City because of his family. By the way Bear before you believe anything do your research the rape charge was thrown out and a false report just to get him in prison, you see they could not get him on the streets, they tried but her survived. Bad and all he still had people he loved and who loved him back.

  16. OriginalWoman says:

    @Joseph “so many gangsters work for Boots.” I did not know gangsters have legal employment. The last I heard, they work the streets stealing from, and killing people. They do not have the time todo a normal work shift, unless they ARE TRYING TO MAKE A GOOD CHANGE!!!

  17. OriginalWoman says:

    @Joseph “so many gangsters work for Boots.” I did not know gangsters have legal employment. The last I heard, they work the streets stealing from, and killing people. They do not have the time to do a normal work shift, unless they ARE TRYING TO MAKE A GOOD CHANGE!!!

  18. fi real says:

    good riddance to bad rubbish

  19. no mercy for murderers says:

    Judge as you want to be judged,you are all flip floppe’s look in the mirror when you point a finger all the other’s are pointing back at you.Let the good Lord judge the man,many of you don’t know how you will end up or your children or grand children.That family have feelings too.Have mercy and let them mourn in peace… are all attacking animals like vultures .

  20. no mercy for murderers says:

    I wonder if the police is right to THIEF the money from their home? there is no comment about that Belize is full of evil and dirty people that are like vultures on the web site.

  21. lamb family says:

    jst want to say tanks to who show support and to hell with the haters who have notin but horrible wrds to say. he was a good man, took care of his kids and lved them and diane through everything.

  22. lambfamily says:

    tanks to those who grieve with us. and to hell to all the haters, he was a good man who did anything for his kids and stayed by them and diane through everything

  23. lamb family says:

    this is wat he would have told u.
    who are you to judge the life I live? I know I am not perfect, and I don’t live to be but before u start pointing fingers make sure ur hands are clean!

    RIP Richard Alexander Russell

  24. The Lamb Family says:

    Thanks for all he comments. However the Theme for Richard Russel Funeral’s was…..
    “Who are you to judge the life I live?
    I know I’m not perfect
    -and I don’t live to be-
    but before you start pointing fingers…
    make sure your hands are clean!”
    SO TO ALL WHO HAD MADE A AWFUL COMMENT there will be a day when you may go through the worst… To the haterz Diane still moving Strong!!!

  25. prettylady. says:

    why is the sister of diane lamb write the things she wrote about Richard family on this web site,then try to change her mouth and say something else?she know who she is.I hope the mother of Richard Would copy this and show his kids just how wicked their aunt on their mother side really are.poor children,and the life they might live .Rich Kid loved his wife and children dearly.and his mother worked hard whenever we see her ,she was working and support her children,and her family helped also.they might not be the best family buy Rich Kid mother was a hard working woman.stay strong miss Ter for you and your family we know you are a very strong person.don’t let these stupid people bring you down.They didn’t know you or Richie.

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