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May 14, 2013

Kareem Hamilton guilty of sodomizing 15 year old boy

In court this morning, twenty-six year old Kareem Hamilton pleaded guilty to sodomizing a fifteen year old mentally challenged minor in April of 2011. Hamilton’s trial began with the selection of jury and he soon changed his plea from not guilty to guilty in the court of Justice Troadio Gonzalez.  Hamilton showed no remorse and the justice pointed out that the accused had not apologized for what he had done to the student.  With that, he was imposed a sentence of four years having served two years on remand for the unnatural act.  In April of 2011, the student first met Hamilton in an area near the Lopez Mateos Park in the King’s Park area of Belize City. Hamilton told the boy he had something for him and later that day, the minor went to Hamilton’s house on Morter’s Lane, where the unnatural act occurred.  Two days after the incident, the boy’s stepmother noticed a change in his walking and the boy complained of pain. A doctor subsequently certified that the boy was carnally known. He was able to identify Hamilton from an I.D. parade since he was no stranger to the boy or his family. Prosecutor in the case was Leeroy Banner of the D.P.P.’s office.

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8 Responses for “Kareem Hamilton guilty of sodomizing 15 year old boy”

  1. OriginalWoman says:

    And the polls show that more Belizeams, than not, want SODOMY DECRIMIMALIZED. wrong!!!! This SODOMITE should spend the rest of his years behind bars for violating.this young man!!!!

  2. Storm says:

    @OriginalWoman, that poll was voted on by homosexuals AROUND THE WORLD, it was a big cause on their websites, trying to influence public opinion here in the Jewel.

    I’m sure things are not that bad here YET. But God-loving Belizeans need to arm themselves to win the battle of good versus evil, because it has been brought to our nation by the international homosexual movement, led by “Human Dignity Trust”, an organization pledged and well-funded to legalize sodomy throughout the world. If you check their website, it will curl your hair!

    As for this pervert, the sentence is too mild — CASTRATION SHOULD BE MANDATORY FOR CONVICTED SEXUAL PREDATORS.

    We need church leaders to be more vocal and active in rallying Belize to defend its moral values and address social and political issues.

  3. John Doe says:

    Why did he get a DISCOUNTED sentence? Section 53 clearly states 10 years imprisonment and worst it being rape of an underaged kid and to top it off a mentally-challenged child?

    I say give him 20 years and let him pay for his deeds at Ramada. I’m sure the party has started for him already.

  4. Louisville,Ky says:

    This, my people, is the crux of the matter why section 53 of the criminal code MUST, remain and, be enforced. This is the reason why homosexuals are clamoring that the laws be revised. They want to be able to have their way with little boys. I can’t put it any simpler than that, and that’s the clean version of my opinion.
    They are talking about RIGHTS? What about the rights of that child? His life is ruined, forever!
    By the way, is not the penalty for sodomy 10 years imprisonment? How come he only got 4?
    Oh boy….the criminal justice system has failed us again.

  5. moses EX PC says:

    As I said before there are many factions of homosexuals. This one obviously could not control his urges and committed a rape. The 74 year old man in Hattieville who was arrested for doping a neighbor then buggering him is another example. Their sodomite tendency is so severe that they will break the law to have anal sex. Could they have sought others like themselves for consensual nastiness? Obviously not. That’s why there should be legal protection against predator homos or as they refer to them in kriol “………” .

  6. Initiate says:

    Proud 2b Belizean says:
    May 10, 2013 at 10:19 am
    I believe Ravi Zacharias has a great response to the being born gay comments earlier.

  7. moses EX PC says:

    All humans are made of cells. These cells and membranes are the conduit of messages to our brain for thousands of messages. The receptors read messages and our brain reacts in a certain ways. In homosexuals for unknown reasons their receptors send messages which are different from the norm. I, as a heterosexual, look at a beautiful naked woman and bingo my brain send out pleasure erotic neurons. The homosexual, on the other hand, does not receive any such stimuli. Show him a naked boy and the results are different. Thousands of studies have tried to understand why this happens. The answer is simple, the cells are firing on the wrong cylinder sending all sorts of weird messages. So when homos say they cant help how they feel, I believe them..Babies born with Downs syndrome cannot help their condition. It is what it is. Homos should not be discriminated against. Its their nastiness that people abhor. I’ve worked in vice and homicide. I’ve seen a lot. Jerbels (little mice creatures) up the anus and thousands of objects needing emergency room service to remove from anusues. One murder victim was found to have a quart of semen in his stomach. There are many other perversions that I won’t gross you all out with. Damn nastiness.

  8. anewvoice says:

    Whoa, Whoa. Some of the comments are PURE ignorance. Some of the commentors make it seem like there was a boat/plane that delivered these homosexuals to the Jewel. When if they had COMMON SENSE (which seems like most are lacking), they would know that homosexuality dates back to the Biblical days. Sorry, it didn’t just happen. And more to the point I want to make is that me personally, I would rather know whose homosexual then to have them roaming around like predators trying to see who they can devour.

    Basically, look at the church. Most of the members are homosexual in hiding because it’s illegal to be out. However whether you legalize or keep it illegal, those who prey will continue to prey. And just because you didn’t hear about it growing up doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. People are just more vocal about it now than then.

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