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May 9, 2013

UNIBAM’s Orozco receives threats and his vehicle violated

Caleb Orozco

The highly publicized case of Caleb Orozco versus the Attorney-General of Belize continued before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. This morning CJ Benjamin informed the Court that the claimant, Caleb Orozco, has been granted permission to be absent from the proceedings for some time. Shortly after, reports circulated that persons unknown had targeted Orozco’s vehicle, and he had gone to the Police to deal with the matter. With his attorneys claiming that he has been receiving a lot of hate mail and very specific and serious threats of violence and death, speculation was that Orozco had been the victim of a hate crime. This evening after the trial he told us what happened, and also sent a message to the churches, telling them that they can’t only talk the talk of not condoning violence, they also have to walk the walk.


Caleb Orozco, Claimant

“Between three and four last night, my security arrangement were circling and they found some problem. Later on at around eight-thirty when I was preparing to come to court, they found the right side of my car door stripped. The upper part of the car door glass broken. They found the back part of my car opened and later on I found out through a neighbor that the police had checked for a report that there were two masked guys that had jumped my iron gate, got into my yard while I was sleeping. I knew nothing of the men, I knew nothing of the police report until eight-thirty this morning. I was asked to go make a formal report to the police station and I did that this morning. This has happened on top of a lot of Facebook threats and one persons saying that this case could easily be dismissed if I die. So it’s things like that that have been accumulating over the past few weeks.”


Mike Rudon

“Now according to your own affidavit, your own accounts, you have lived a life under threat because of your homosexuality. Do you feel that recently in the last week or two that these threats have gotten more serious; that your life is in danger at this point?”


Caleb Orozco

“Yes, simply put. What has happened here is that while the church put out a press release that they condemn violence, they have insisted by omission or indifference, to accept or support in silence the attack ads that have been in the media. They put out misleading, false, misrepresentation of the facts of this case to the public is cultivating not only an atmosphere of fear for my community or cultivating an atmosphere of personally insecurity that I am experiencing or that I have experienced for quite some time. If they are serious about condemning acts of violence, I want them to take those ads down.”

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43 Responses for “UNIBAM’s Orozco receives threats and his vehicle violated”

  1. Teacher says:

    As far I can see there is no misrepresentation in any ads, pure truth! You just can’t handle the truth.
    Caleb I just feel sorry for you, you’re such a bright handsome young man whom is wasting time on this abomination. There are plenty of young beautiful ladies, why can’t you just get one to marry and have beautiful babies.

  2. Karen says:

    This is directed to the teacher that posted the comment. Caleb did not choose to be gay. No-one chooses to have that much obstacles in life. He was born that way. My advice to him is to try to move to another country where he can live his life. Life is too short and he will never be happy in Belize.

  3. Storm says:

    I’m confident that nobody connected with any church was involved in the apparent vandalism and reported threats.

    I read about similar incidents in US news, and time after time it turns out that the damage is done and the threats are made by the radicals themselves, trying to paint the “enemy” — Christians and conservatives — as dangerous people. A year or two back, one black female California college professor painted her own car with racist threats, then reported it to police as if white supremacists had done it. It happened again just last week, when a Democrat woman reported receiving email threats, and investigation showed she sent them to herself.

    With radicals “incidents” like these are very often a “false flag” ruse, perfected in the past by Nazis and Communists alike, and just a page out of the radicals’ training manual.

    In fact, World War II began after the Nazis staged an “attack” on one of their own border outposts, left a few dead prisoners around it dressed in Polish uniforms — and then invaded Poland within hours! The Nazis also burned their own parliament, and blamed it on Communists so they could rule by decree.

    “Sexual revolution” activists are as radical as the Nazis or anyone in the world, and are capable of any such deceit, in my observation. The end result is what is all-important to them, not how they get there.

    I’m sure we all agree that threats and violence should have no place in this contest, but let’s all reserve judgment on who did it until the facts are in.

  4. Teacher II says:

    Message to Caleb- you are a brave, courageous, intelligent and dedicated person. There are many closeted gays and bisexuals in Belize: a few of them members of the same church that are condemning you. I can easily see you as an international activist fighting for respect in a country full of prejudices..

  5. BMNJ says:

    I think a lot of so called ‘Christians’ don’t really understand the meaning of this commandment: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” By harming someone or just by even thinking about harming someone undermines the values of a true Christian.

  6. FAIR JUSTICE says:


  7. Anony-mouse says:

    This is directed to Karen. People like you are running this country into destruction. Just like the Government, they support Gangs and now our country is in a mayhem of senseless blood bathes. We simply cannot afford further ruining of country. God’s law is supreme to man’s law.

  8. ohjeeeeeez says:

    i completely agree with Karen…..TEACHER needs to understand that people cant just wake up one day and change who they naturally are. Im sure TEACHER

  9. Belizean says:

    @Karen..Oh yes Caleb chose to be this way..Oh you are so very very wrong. The obstacles that they encounter are because that kind of behaviour is abnormal. Didnt you read the law “against the order of nature”..?? And if the problems he encounters are from humans now, and if that will stop, God wont! There is a very hot place for people that condone and act in homosexuality.

  10. Initiate says:

    I actually like and agree with ‘Teacher’ so true, so sweet, so life.
    You don’t have to fight this battle Caleb. You can be set free! Surrender, and you will win!

  11. ooohjeeeeez says:

    I totally agree with Karen. TEACHER should realize that a person cant simply wake up one day and change who they naturally are just to make society happy. He is who he is!! No one is perfect and for sure TEACHER…ur not because im sure there may be things big or small, important or not imprtant that you do in YOUR LIFE that in your eyes is what u consider right and others might not. If people would ask you to change some of those things more than likely you wouldl not because they are things that make you WHO YOU ARE and what makes you happy.!!!

  12. Bzean2dbone says:

    I knew Caleb in college and he has never hurt a fly. So called Christians who say they love God have called for his death on Facebook. Jesus says love thy neighbor as thy self. Leave that young man alone. He is a human being who deserves to be protected from violence under the law just like me and you.


    Belize is already a violent country, people die for absolutely nothing. Caleb cant go against a whole nation and expect no kind of retaliation. Not everybody will fight the UNIBAM case peacefully like the church will, remember there is the secular population that is against it as well and like I said, Belize is a violent country. On a next note, I posted a “hate” comment regarding Caleb on Pastor Louis Wade’s facebook status regarding the UNIBAM case, within minutes he inboxed me asking me to please remove my comment regarding Caleb. So his statement saying that the churches are silently accepting the attack ads against him is FALSE!

  14. Concerned says:

    Caleb, all that you are doing son, is calling the wrath of God over this beautiful country of Belize. If you want to practice your demonic and evil behavior then go to the US. That is why the US is as it is, because they have completely removed the Lord out of their schools, their public places and their lives. Belize does not need anymore of this, what we need is God fearing men that will stand up and intercede for this country, that will pray for our leaders, our people, and promote development that will not hinder the children. You know very well what is the agenda of your organization but let me tell you the Bible says that there will be a judgement and whether you like or not, you will be judged and the way you are living your life you will go to hell unless you turn your life to GOD. I feel pity for you and would like you to know that will I don’t support what you are doing I love you in the Lord.

  15. Belizean Pride says:

    “This evening after the trial he told us what happened, and also sent a message to the churches, telling them that they can’t only talk the talk of not condoning violence, they also have to walk the walk.”
    to my understanding it’s not the church people who went after him with his vehicle being vandalized, it’s regular people that are not christian, would you expect a pastor with mask doing it come on, caleb, it’s regular people that don’t believe in what your fighting for, simple as that.

  16. Steel says:

    Karen, no one is born gay. That is simply a choice. We were faithfully and wonderfully made in the image of God and his likeness. Do you think God would create a gay person after he calls it out by name as an abomination?? People who think like you should keep quiet and just observe because it sounds very ridiculous to say some one was born gay. SMH

  17. Twinkle says:

    WTF!!!! Are u ppl even real, u cant choose to be gay. If u can choose to be gay…let’s see any straight ppl “choose” to be gay even for one day. U are born that way, something caused it, something triggered it. And its not a disease for crying out loud. What belizeans need to fight against is crime..all the !###!@# rape, murders, theft that are happening. Not people trying to be happy and just live their lives. What the hell are they doing to u all, NOTHING. They just want to be happy. Belize alone is a waste of time, from the Government down to every civilian. Wake up, leave people alone, worry and try to do something about the bigger fishes there are to fry.

  18. concern says says:

    We are all born in sin what all comes along when we are born in sin?
    seems like really is one of those
    so how important it is to be born again!!!!

  19. Proud 2b Belizean says:

    I believe Ravi Zacharias has a great response to the being born gay comments earlier.

  20. jahana says:

    My Belizean people, leave Caleb alone. Live and let live, there are more important issues to be seen to in our beautiful jewel. I am not a religious person but seeing that most of you are bible thumping hypocrites, then maybe you should do what the bible teaches. “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” With this we should start with the religious leaders.
    What should the people do to the priests that violate innocent young alter boys?

  21. belizeangirl says:

    Whatever Caleb does behind closed doors is his business and should be kept there! do not try to impose on others, and the laws should remain as is! I have nothing against someone being gay but do not force others to accept your lifestyle!! and for all others who are bashing this guy and talking about God please take a look in the mirror before you start throwing stone at someone.

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    This case is bigger than Caleb, the GOB is a part of the equation.Why was this case even taken to Court?What about spending the Belizean tax-dollars on fighting crimes?

  23. ceo says:

    For the Bible beaters the very Bible you preach and teach from says “we are all born in sin a shapen in iniquity” so then if you believe this and you belive that homosexuality is a sin then connect the dots! I guess killing, hating and hurting another human being comes natural or is this a choice you are making. Check how ignorant we as humans can be!

    Some years ago and still today there are those who kill another person simply because he/she does not look like them. I guess based on all the ignorance I have read above this is ok.

  24. John Doe says:

    I told you all yesterday. We so focused on this case that we no see the human smuggling, drug trafficking, rape, abuse, robbery at UB etc.

    Open your eyes and focus on the real issues happening around us.

  25. Neanderthalensis says:

    Totally agree with Storm that the “assaults” could have been self-inflicted. There is a long historical precedent of just this kind of tactic on the part of groups wanting to claim victim status for their own ends, to suggest at least the possibility of the aforementioned.

    That said, seek the answer to the existence of homosexuality in Scripture; you’ll find it in the first chapter of the letter to the Romans. But who can deliver homosexuals and lesbians from this curse? ONLY He who came “…to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed…” We all know well who this Liberator is.

    Do not trust in your own understanding, feelings or human proclivities, for “the heart is deceitful above all things, and…exceedingly corrupt: who can (understand) it?” To Caleb Orozco, I say: The value of your life is beyond measure, amigo, since it cost God the life of his own son. That risen Son can now be your Savior, your Liberator, or one day, your implacable Judge. The Adversary is now using you to help spread an insidious lifestyle that is aimed at destroying as many priceless human lives as possible.

    But it is better to be used by your Friend Yeshua Hamashiach to spread the Message of Life and Deliverance to all captives of a doomed life-course as is homosexuality. I shall be praying and fasting for you, Caleb, and how I will rejoice when I see you with a Bible under one arm and a worthy young lady, as your life’s companion, under the other. There is Hope!

  26. matty says:

    The Bible consistently tells us that homosexual activity is a sin (Genesis 19:1-13; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). Romans 1:26-27 teaches specifically that homosexuality is a result of denying and disobeying God. When people continue in sin and unbelief, God “gives them over” to even more wicked and depraved sin in order to show them the futility and hopelessness of life apart from God. 1 Corinthians 6:9 proclaims that homosexual “offenders” will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    God does not create a person with homosexual desires. The Bible tells us that people become homosexuals because of sin (Romans 1:24-27) and ultimately because of their own choice. A person may be born with a greater susceptibility to homosexuality, just as some people are born with a tendency to violence and other sins. That does not excuse the person’s choosing to sin by giving in to sinful desires. If a person is born with a greater susceptibility to anger/rage, does that make it right for him to give into those desires? Of course not! The same is true with homosexuality.

    However, the Bible does not describe homosexuality as a “greater” sin than any other. All sin is offensive to God. Homosexuality is just one of the many things listed in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 that will keep a person from the kingdom of God. According to the Bible, God’s forgiveness is just as available to a homosexual as it is to an adulterer, idol worshipper, murderer, thief, etc. God also promises the strength for victory over sin, including homosexuality, to all those who will believe in Jesus Christ for their salvation (1 Corinthians 6:11; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Philippians 4:13).

  27. matty says:

    We do love you, but we do not love the act of homosexuality. God wants us to love what He loves and hate what He hates. I am against homosexuality and anything else that is abomination before the eyes of God, Almighty.

  28. upset with GOB says:

    GOB, how about spending our tax dollars on fighting poverty, crime and sending the less priviledge to school. Be wise and do good, don’t fall into evils’ trap, or you will be responsible to condemn this nation.

  29. ConsciousBelizean says:

    Belize really have some ignorant and backward people!!!! After reading some of your comments spewing hate….why in the hell would anyone want to be gay???? People are BORN gay…..a few might choose to be gay….but for the most part, most people are born gay!!!! Get that through your narrow minded skulls!!!! You should be putting your energy into all the crime, poverty, corruption etc.. happening in the country!!!! The majority of men raping our girls, women and boys are not homosexuals they are heterosexuals!!!! Get it straight!!!!!

  30. HMMMM! says:

    BE STRONG CALEB ! fight for equality and human right someday the people of Belize will let go of the shroud of ignorance set upon them by some of the archaic teachings of religion. I respect people who choose to live by the principles of Christianity: benevolence, love, faith and respect and it is hard for me to understand why their is so much hate being spewed by clerics and pastors. Let homosexual love freely and if it bothers you that much then don’t get involved in homosexual practices as easy as that.

  31. nurses says:

    we do not support homosexuality activity. what Mr. orosco is doing is a sin and should be a shame of himself trying to impose his life style to others. may GOD bless your soul

  32. real says:

    gay people say dear born gay.have you ever seen or heard of a gay baby? gay people need to make up their mind if you don’t like a female why are you trying to look like one talk like one and walk like one.they need to stop trying to make everyone welcome them for what they became some people don’t like sugar in their coffee

  33. Neville says:

    I don’t know whether people can be “born gay,” but I know that they can be MADE gay.

    Throughout my childhood I had a close friend and close neighbor who was BY FAR the best athlete in our area — fastest runner, could throw a ball farther, harder, and straighter than anyone, etc. You know the type, every school has one.

    Then at age 12 he was sodomized by the father of another friend [who later ran off to Spain to live with a bullfighter, but that's another story for another day].

    After he was raped by an adult homosexual his life became hell, he tried for years to live like a man, but he couldn’t. He dated girls but had nightmares about being sodomized, couldn’t get it out of his mind. He even married briefly and had a son. Eventually he moved to the States and now lives in San Francisco as a woman.

    Was he “born gay’? HELL, NO! He was victim of a violent sexual attack at puberty, and he BECAME homosexual.

    Every word of that example is true.

    I think if you ask homosexuals about their first sexual encounter, and if they are honest with you, the gerat majority will tell you it was with someone of their own sex, and that it made such a powerful impression it changed their lives.

  34. Righteousness in Belize says:

    Conciousbelizean – please, shut up. You sound like an ignorant person talking about something that you plainly don’t know about. Didn’t you see the documentary where the scientists have admitted that they can’t find a ‘gay’ gene in homosexuals? God doesn’t make mistakes! He couldn’t make a homo and then say in His Word that He will judge them. God loves Caleb more than anyone else in this world will ever love him. HE sent His Son to die for him. Caleb chose to be gay or else he would be straight. He can still choose to be straight. He can repent and God is more than happy to accept him. Maybe some people hate Caleb for his choice, but that is not the Church. He wants to accuse the Church so that people can feel sorry for him. I do feel sorry for him. I am sorry he is going to hell if he keeps sinning against God. I hope he reads this too!!!

  35. Not Surprised says:

    I can understand why Belizeans would like to hold up s. 53 of the Criminal Code. They have been sodomized by their governments for so long, they must be worn out.

    The issue here is less about homosexuality and more about a small country full of small minded people.

    Belizeans often wonder why the country hasn’t progressed. Why we live in a truly Third World country while others our size and smaller flourish. It’s the “crabs in a bucket” syndrome that is entrenched in our country. We are always ready to band together to pull someone down but never to support ourselves towards growth and development.

    Hate homosexuals. It is your personal right to think as you wish. But don’t be such a Pharisee as to blame homosexuals for the present and future ills of our society. Blame yourselves. Don’t forget the high incidence of adultery in Belize. Adultery is against the purported law of God. Should we criminalise adultery as well? Does the Bible support that?

    Many here are quoting the Bible, so here is a quote for you:

    He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth. (Isaiah 53:7)

    Beware Pharisees and Sheep, in the end all are judged by the Great Shepherd. I hope your hate and persecution get you through the eye of that needle.

  36. demo1850 says:

    To those who say being gay is a choice, when in life did you choose to be heterosexual???

  37. Righteous in Belize says:

    Conciousbelizean – please shut up. You plainly don’t know what you are talking about and sound like the ignorant you are critizing. Didn’t you see the documentary that was published where the scientists have stated that they cannnot find any ‘gay’ genes in a homosexual? You actually think God made mistakes in creating those gays and then will turn around and say in His Word that He will judge them? God is perfect and cannot tolerate sin; not from the gays nor the straight who continue to sin. Caleb keeps blaming the church cause he wants people to feel sorry for him and think he is the victim here. We do feel sorry for Caleb; sorry he chose to be gay and sorry that if he continues in it, he will spend eternity in hell. God loves Caleb more than anyone on this earth will ever love him, and He wants him to walk uprightly like He wants the rest of humanity to do. However, God is a just God and will deal with and punish sin. Whoever doen’t want that final judgment and punishment, should repent and do God’s will. Caleb has rights too (like everyone does). He has the right to chose to be straight, a right to repent from his sins, and the right to choose God above all else.

  38. California says:

    I’m a belizean living abroad and the freedom, I have is so much more than they way it is in Belize. Yes I grow up in Belize but the life, I have now I would not go to Belize if it was given to me , its not everyone it’s those few who called themsef they understand when they really don, t bigitry is a way of life and some people are just comfortable living that way, and care less about who is who while you have those in sheep clothing hiding behind religon, as well as gang and politics. I dont know what that teacher is talking about cause my first encounter was with a teacher who rape me physically as well as mentally. You all sit back and rape us over and over again who come to our rescue no one unless they are a part of your family then they really dont matter Belizean should remember one thing before we are gay people we are also HUMAN with the same red Blood Cells in our body I guess people belive that GAY people are blue and green blood and have no feelings so let abuse them cause no one will miss them, they are a bourden to the communithy but do you see us killing each other or raping child after child. We would just like to be left to live our life. when someone kill in Belize you can count the time they are convicted but a gay person get convicted before entering the courtroom and you said we feel sorry what part when you piss on us or when we are redicure by the community. Who in Gods Living hell does not have a damage good in their family if you look deep you just might find what you are really not looking for REALITY try it sometime it could make a difference in being HUMAN.

  39. Tee says:

    Come on Belize.There are way more serious situations going on in the country.
    As long as there is life, the will be death. as long as there is wrong, there will be right. Rich and poor. Black and white. Gay and straight. I can go on and on…..Get over it.

  40. Jill says:

    I don’t see in any way the churches are responsible for the problems Caleb orozco is facing, he clearly hates the church and it is in the reverse order, he’s the one that is always throwing direct jabs at the church anytime he has the spotlight on him, i believe he has a face of brass to ask the church to take down their ads and remain silent , while it is ok to air your ads. how can the churches bee silent and indifferent when this is something the bible clearly speak against as something very want to flaunt your opinions in our faces and when the churches expresses their opinions, it’s not okay in your eyes.all these gay people are playing victims, anytime you hear them speak you hear anger. All i am saying is alot of people not associated with churches is also against your lifestyle, so stop blaming the church they cant control how others act.

  41. Ian Anderson says:

    seldom does a day go by without hearing in the news about children, both young boys AND girls being raped and molested, sexually assaulted and even killed. According to Belize Action and other religious organizations, Gays are pedophiles.. but do your own research .. educate yourself and identify how many of these crimes against children are committed by Gays.. go ahead and research it.. the answere is ZERO. now research how many of them have been christian pastors, Baptist ministers and straight marrried men with families and go to church.. go ahead.. research it.. christian pastors sodomizing young boys.. convicted and fined.. then returning to the US to continue sodomizing your boys.. INCREDIBLE.. but this has been sanctioned by the church for two thousand years.. and still today in Belize.. All of you backward ignorant people.. do the research yourself. educate yourself as to who is really assaulting your children.. rather than listening to the lies of the evangelists.

  42. Felix Stanwood says:

    FAIR JUSTICE, you think sexuality is a choice, huh?

    When did you choose to be heterosexual??

  43. Initiate says:

    Proud 2b Belizean says:
    May 10, 2013 at 10:19 am
    I believe Ravi Zacharias has a great response to the being born gay comments earlier.

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