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May 9, 2013

3 foreign entities in gay case

On Wednesday, Day two of the trial, Queen’s Counsel Lord Peter Goldsmith made his submission to the Court. Goldsmith is representing the foreign interested parties in the case, namely the Human Dignity Trust, the International Commission of Jurists and the Commonwealth Lawyers Association, renowned international legal bodies with a focus on human rights who have joined with the claimant in the case. Goldsmith, a former British Attorney-General and eminent jurist, spoke to the very vocal voices, both inside and outside the courtroom, who have been condemning the involvement of foreign parties with a foreign agenda. Mike Rudon has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

The presence of Lord Peter Goldsmith has attracted quite a bit of attention to the case of Caleb Orozco versus the Attorney-General of Belize, and a realization that this is a very important legal proceeding which is taking place in our small nation, but is being played out on a regional and international stage. Lord Goldsmith today told us about his clients, and why he is here representing them.


Peter Goldsmith

Peter Goldsmith, Counsel for Foreign Interested Parties

“Three distinguished international organizations who are concerned about the rule of law. The Commonwealth Lawyers Association which has members from all over the world, the international Commission of Jurists which is one of the most distinguished legal organizations and the Human Dignity Trust which has patrons such as the former Chief Justice of South Africa, the former Chief Justice of England and Wales and many other distinguished patrons. They believe that this is an important question about the rule of law, the rights of individuals and we’ve therefore come to assist the court to reach a decision.”


Rowland Parks, Reporter Press

“What are the internal implications of this?”


Peter Goldsmith

“Well in all cases which raise questions like this will be looked at in other parts of the world to study and see what the experience in Belize is and to draw from the decision that the learned judge will make


Rowland Parks

“So in a sense this is a test case so to speak?

Peter Goldsmith

“I don’t know if it is a test case. It is certainly a test case for Belize and people will study as they’ve studied decisions in other parts of the world with interest.”


In the courtroom, Goldsmith has made repeated references to comments by their opposition condemning the presence of foreign interests, and theorizing about a foreign agenda led conspiracy, and today he did so again.


Peter Goldsmith

“I thought it was a very unfair suggestion to make because we are here to help the court reach its decision. And actually it is very ironic because the law that is being attacked here, the law which people are trying to preserve, is not a Belizean law. Ti was a law which was brought by the British colonizers. It is a legacy of the imperial past. So it seems very ironic in those circumstances to keep it as something which Belize has to keep. Belize doesn’t want it, it is another matter.”


And he also dismissed out of hand speculation that this is a big money case being funded by those with the alleged foreign agenda.


Peter Goldsmith

“Let me make this clear. I am glad you asked me this question. I am doing this case for free. I am not being paid anything for doing this case. We are here because we believe that it is an important case. I am a member of the bar of Belize and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to assist the learned Chief Justice to reach a decision in this case. Nothing to do with financing or anything of the sort; we are doing it for free.”


Goldsmith is joined by local attorney Godfrey Smith in his representation of the foreign interested parties in the case. Mike Rudon for News Five.

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11 Responses for “3 foreign entities in gay case”

  1. Neville says:

    The foreign gay groups that have invaded Belize want to impose foreign practices and acceptance of deviant behavior here, saying that we have no right to have our own values that are different from those in Europe and San Francisco. They refer to the “human right” to practice sodomy, but it doesn’t exist in our law, which we have a right to follow, and it doesn’t even exist in any recognized international law.

    I just found and read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a UN-sponsored manifesto that almost every nation has signed [but not Belize, by the way]. Here is a link where you can read it:

    Interestingly, it prohibits discrimination based on SEX, but not on SEXUAL ORIENTATION or SEXUAL BEHAVIOR.

    More important, here is Human Right # 16.3, which applies to us and OUR rights:

    “The family is the NATURAL and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.” We should all tattoo that right in our memories! It’s the essence of what we want.

    The entire gay movement and gay agenda is UNNATURAL by definition, sexual organs exist so we can reproduce humankind. I’m sure there are unnatural ways to use them I cannot even imagine, but that was not God’s purpose, and it’s not entitled to legal protection.

    We’re in a fight for the future course of our nation, and it’s a battle we must win.

  2. Initiate says:

    Free…..WOW!! All done for free!

  3. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Neville deserves great praise for his indepth analysis of the “free foreign counsels”. The gay and lesbian agenda and playbook continues to push their lifestyle as a “human right”. It is a choice, not a right. You choose to be a thief, you are not born that way. Does a thief have a human right to be a thief? His/her rights are that of choice and consequences. The consequences of the gay/homosexual choice is AIDS. The United Nations is a God-less organization that wants to be the One World Government. Belize needs to identify it’s position in the world as a country that defends human rights and God’s laws. This country affords freedom to everyone. We have a right to freedom; we also have a right to reject the UN initiative of promoting sodomy.

  4. Louisville,Ky says:

    Peter,as a member of the Human Dignity Trust of South Africa, your services would be much more appreciated and glorified, if you were fighting for the basic human rights and dignity of Black South Africans.
    We would applaud you, if you expended the same energies and legal expertise in exposing the inhumane treatment that is a way of life as meted out by that ruthless apartheid regime on the Sub- Continent.
    That’s where you need to be, Peter. Your services are not welcomed here in the Jewel.
    You are, Persona non grata!

  5. ceo says:

    Belizeans there is a bigger world out there. This case should have been a no brainer and spoke of as a footnote but instead the powers that be decided to make it a big issue. The world is watching how we deal with this. The end result can also affect how we do business with the rest of the world: human rights violations is a serious matter.

  6. Storm says:

    All you need to know about the “Human Dignity Trust” are the very first words on its website:


    What is it called when foreigners invade a country to impose their will on it? IMPERIALISM.

    What is the invaded country called? A COLONY.

    Thanks to Caleb Orozco, who invited them in, we have been invaded by foreigners homosexual imperialists whose purpose is to establish Belize as a homosexual colony.


    This is war between good and evil, and for the sake of our children we must triumph.

  7. Righteous in Belize says:

    I agree with Storm. In case Caleb reads the comments, I wanted him to see this. He and others think that the ‘poor’ gay people are borned that way. . You plainly don’t know what you are talking about . Didn’t you see the documentary that was published where the scientists have stated that they cannnot find any ‘gay’ genes in a homosexual? You actually think God made mistakes in creating those gays and then will turn around and say in His Word that He will judge them? God is perfect and cannot tolerate sin; not from the gays nor the straight who continue to sin. Caleb keeps blaming the church cause he wants people to feel sorry for him and think he is the victim here. We do feel sorry for Caleb; sorry he chose to be gay and sorry that if he continues in it, he will spend eternity in hell. God loves Caleb more than anyone on this earth will ever love him, and He wants him to walk uprightly like He wants the rest of humanity to do. However, God is a just God and will deal with and punish sin. Whoever doen’t want that final judgment and punishment, should repent and do God’s will. Caleb has rights too (like everyone does). He has the right to chose to be straight, a right to repent from his sins, and the right to choose God above all else.

  8. Seletar says:


    Attributed to Edmund Burke

  9. Pancho says:

    If as our constitution says “we acknowledge the supremacy of GOD”, and we are a Christian nation, then I ask, should we not strive to, and are we not obligated to follow his laws? Humans are not perfect and GOD knew this, that is why he inspired the authors of the Bible to set in writing GODS laws. That is why he sent his SON to die for us, to teach us about love for one another and forgiveness.
    Also, how can the courts even entertain people trying to go against the Book of truth,the very same book I might add that we use in our courts when asked to swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth? As a Christian nation, we should love and pray for for those that go against Gods laws! We pray the courts will, as our constitution does, acknowledge the SUPREMACY of GOD in BELIZE.

  10. Felix Stanwood says:

    Neville, you unfortunately have no idea what you’re talking about. The United Nations Human Committee ruled in Toonen v Australia that ‘sex’, as included in a list of non-discriminatory categories of people, should be interpreted as including ‘sexual orientation’.

    You can educate yourself here:

    Why is nobody talking about the foreign entities from the USA who are supporting the church in trying to stop the law from being overturned? Why are foreigners bad for one side, but not for the other?

  11. Initiate says:

    Proud 2b Belizean says:
    May 10, 2013 at 10:19 am
    I believe Ravi Zacharias has a great response to the being born gay comments earlier.

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