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May 8, 2013

UNIBAMer feels threatened because he’s gay

In a release from the Belize Council of Churches issued on May sixth, they reiterate their intention to stand against, “Any and all changes in the Constitution of Belize that will not promote the sanctity of human sexual relations as established by God.” But in that same release, the churches condemn any act of violence, intimidation and discrimination against homosexuals. And that message is particularly important, as Orozco’s attorneys claim that he has been the subject of an increasing amount of threats on his life. Mike Rudon has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

There is growing concern within certain parties involved in what is being dubbed the UNIBAM case that threats have escalated against Caleb Orozco and members of the homosexual community close to him. One of the attorneys representing Orozco is Lisa Shoman, and she stressed today that there is no need for that.


Lisa Shoman, Attorney for Caleb Orozco

Lisa Shoman

“There has been a visible increase of threats and violence against Mister Orozco and against all homosexuals in Belize. There are threats for killing, burning, shooting; you name it. It has to stop. We are all Belizeans. We can agree to disagree without getting violent about it. So I really would like to appeal and particularly to the media, handle this with the sensitivity that it deserves. I have to say kudos to a lot of my media friends. I think this is being handled in a good sensitive way and we hope it keeps up because there is absolutely no reason why in seeking to establish rights for Belizeans, the rights of other Belizeans should be trampled.”


And that sentiment has been echoed by the Belize Council of Churches, while Anglican Bishop Phillip Wright did the same today.


Phillip Wright, Anglican Bishop

“We do not support any form of violence against persons of a homosexual orientation and we distance ourselves from any such action or tendency in the wider population. After all, the church has to find a way to bring people together and to encourage hatred and that form of bigotry really is not acceptable in our book at all.”


Phillip Wright

But not everyone is reading out of the same book apparently. Wright acknowledged that, and we observed it while asking other involved parties about their concern over threats against Orozco and the homosexual community.


Phillip Wright

“Much like how with the wider Anglican Communion, the truth is not everybody sees the issue exactly the same way. I think we are unified in not seeing the homosexual behavior as consistent with the witness of scripture. But also what you are seeing out here too is some differences in how we move forward with that issue. So it is never a good thing to just lump everybody into one pack. If you talk to individual church leaders, you may also begin to understand that they see certain aspects of the issue differently.”


Ian Taylor, Catholic Priest, Trinidad

Ian Taylor

“First of all we need to know if that is true. Why I say that is because globally it has been determined by states that violence against homosexuals is highest within in the homosexual communities itself. First of all the victim syndrome that they tend to portray is actually within the community itself—they are aggressive against each other. And less from those who are considered heterosexual.”


Mike Rudon

“So at this point, you are not giving credibility to what they are saying are serious threats from outside the homosexual community towards Mister Orozco and homosexuals?”


Ian Taylor

“It would have to be substantiated by evidence.”


Louis Wade

Louis Wade, Pastor

“I am aware that the media and those who are pro-UNIBAM paint a picture as if it is the church that is the only opposition. That is not true. Members of the public are fully aware that this is an issue of national importance and many different groupings of people—whether they attend church or not—are very concerned about this issue. This is why we have said it belongs in parliament and not in the courts. I want to add that Christians, god-fearing people, are not violent. And we represent though vocal, we represent the most peaceful parties on either side of this issue. And therefore we do not tolerate or encourage anyone to directly or indirectly insight violence to anyone on either side of this particular issue.”


And there is no doubt that tensions are rising and certain sectors take the homosexual issue very seriously.


Louis Wade

“Those who have launched an attack against the constitution and against section fifty-three of the constitution and the morality of this nation cannot have their cake and eat it. They cannot get into the boxing ring, call a match on this particular issue and then also perform the duty of referee. They need to choose a side. We need a neutral referee if that is the issue. None of the statements or comments that have been issued either by advertising or through press release have in any way spoken about hate. They have always spoken on issue. Now what you need to ask yourself is if speaking on this issue is in itself hate speech; that is what you need to ask.”


Mike Rudon

“Mister Wade, I am a little confused with your analogy with the boxing ring. Are you saying, “unu di ask for trouble. When you get trouble, you can’t di run out of the kitchen the scream. Is that what you are saying?”


Louis Wade

“I will speak only on my own behalf for this. The answer is yes because I believe that UNIBAM through their legal representative made various comments that over five years, they have desperately tried to lobby government, the legislative arm of this country to change the laws. Why do the laws remain the same? Very simple. The nation of Belize is vehemently opposed to the removal of section fifty-three from the constitution.”


Mike Rudon for News Five.

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18 Responses for “UNIBAMer feels threatened because he’s gay”

  1. Skywalker says:

    Fr Wright sounds like the only rational person there

  2. Neville says:

    If Orozco feels threatened, I think he has created it himself, because he enjoys being flamboyant and flaunting his deviant sexuality for all, including children who should be spared seeing it. I believe almost every Belizean parent wants to spare exposing their children to bad things until they are old enough to understand better what they see and what it means. Orozco has contempt for such people and their children and decency, and seems to crave the spotlight and forcing everyone in the Jewel to acknowledge he is homosexual and proud of it. He’s a really twisted, totally narcissistic being.

    If anything, he is probably the worst person in Belize to “represent” homosexuals because he totally lacks discretion and respect for the rights and sensibilities of anyone else.

  3. Karen says:

    Let the minister without sin cast the first stone. Everyone knows that most of the ministers in Belize have extra marital affairs so how is that a different sin from sex in a gay couple. If they want to uphold the Bible start with the men in the church that have mistresses. I am just saying…..

  4. sickntired says:

    Man this guy need to realise plenty people no like …….. inna the whole region. He no de da di usa. I no like violence against nobody but i cant speak on behalf of everybody and he run plenty risk coming out so public. He had to mi know this wouldda happen.

  5. Jess says:

    With all the respect to Orozca if he want to get married why the hell he don`t go somewhere where they have that law aprrove why he wants to come and change our Belizean law i don`t think he is even a belizean. if he doesn`t want to get Discriminated get the hell out of here.I don`t want our children seeing that nasty things in our street our whole country will born in hell if its approve its not just our law its God Law if he wants to burn in hell well make it just be he not our whole country.Our goverment should do a whole country wide election becuase people from the out side can`t come and chane our law.

  6. Belizean says:

    Amen @Jess…Orozco should feel threatened..You know, its his OWN conscience that makes him feel this way..It is the fear of God, he just defines it this way cuz to him the existence of God is relative..Caleb, we have rights too! We will not be over run by your self righteous evil intentions and corrupt mindset

  7. Brian says:

    Our children have more to fear on the streets than Mr Orozca’s flamboyant hair. Mr Orozca harms no one. He is Belizean – why should he leave?

    I will protect my children from kidnappers and child molesters. I will protect my children from pastors and teachers who are supposed to be protecting them but use them for their own gratification.

    There is no need to protect them from Mr Orozca.

  8. Harridan says:

    “Those who have launched an attack against the constitution… and the morality of this nation…” – Simply asking for equality under the law, and privacy for consenting ADULT behavior is an ATTACK on the nation, the constitution, and morality? Belize needs to come into the 21st century, and discard Colonial-era hold-overs… ALL people are equal, and should be considered so under the law… I would think that followers of Jesus would be first in line to protect any group from hate crimes. Jesus was the one who intervened against religious violence aimed at the woman caught in the act of adultery. Religious leaders who are concerned about hate crimes should separate out their views on homosexuality from what life is like for gays and lesbians. They don’t have to agree with someone’s way of life in order to acknowledge that there are real threats to people that need to be addressed.

  9. FYI says:

    Don’t get it why so much hate! IGNORANCE!

  10. Pancho says:

    I attended prayer services at courthouse the first nights and at NO time did anyone speak negatively or hateful on the issue. On the contrary it was stressed that we love and pray everyone.

  11. ceo says:

    Louis Wade you seem to be ignorant about issues. This is not a boxing match! Don’t continue to make statements like this! The point is these laws should have been struck out some time ago voluntarily if the proper review and revision of the laws of Belize would be done periodically.

  12. Storm says:

    We don’t need to lower our moral standards to conform to the behavior of heathens in the rest of the world. Leave Belize alone, and in turn we will not convert USA and Europe to conform to our more conservative Christian values.

    They say we must “live and let live,” yet they will not let us live according to our own values in our own land. Don’t we Belizeans have a human right to live morally?

  13. yvonne says:

    Louis, if God be fore you who can be against you?

  14. Belizean says:

    Is it hate when Christians say that we need to keep in line with God’s will? Is it hate when they say that homosexuality is sin? I dont get it!! These left threaded people want us to hate them so they can claim it that way

  15. Initiate says:

    I’m glad all the religions are on the same page on this, the Anglicans (in Belize at least), the Catholics, and the comments above on pro-morality are all great and quite convincing! Belize is not giving much room for gays – gays get go and be gone from Belize!

  16. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Just another stunt by Caleb’s attorney’s to get publicity for him. We all need to pray for Caleb and his attorneys. We also need to pray for the judge – one tough job no matter how this case goes. Calleb has every right to live in Belize. It is a matter of choice, like his sexual preference. I do not approve of his lifestyle or his use of outsiders to argue his case. We as Belizeans are a Christian stronghold in the Caribbean, amongst all our faults. Thank goodness God is merciful. If you believe in the Bible, it is an abomination to practice sodomy.

  17. Evy says:

    Whatever has happened to the people of the Christian nation of Belize? This issue has really served to reveal how ignorant of God’s truth as revealed in the Bible, the people of Belize are.Don’t people understand that it is righteousness that exalts a nation, and that sin is a reproach to any people? God’s laws were given because He loves His creation and knows what is best for us to enjoy an abundant life here on earth and fulfill the purpose for our being. Man thinks he knows better and has chosen to disregard God’s existence and has made himself a little god unto himself. As a result, he does as he pleases and seeks after more and more base pleasures to satisfy the emptiness of a life without God. Churches, Pastors, this is a wake up call to everyone who names the name of Christ, to arise and go and preach and teach and educate our people with the truth and liberating power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  18. Maria says:

    @ Brian
    @ Karen

    You are the only realistic people amongst these comments.
    My husband and I run a large tour operating, and were seriously considering to include Belize in our program. However, after reading these medieval articles and comments, we have shelved the plans.
    We might have a few ‘flamboyant’ people amongst our 2500 annual tourists, and we don’t want them to be subject to homophobic discrimination.

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