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May 8, 2013

Burglar shot dead; mom says cop murdered him

Ryan Lozano

This Friday will make three weeks since twenty-one year old Ryan Lozano of Ladyville was shot and killed by a cop. That officer, believed to be a high ranking officer attached to the Ladyville Police Sub-formation, is said to have fatally wounded Lozano following a burglary in the Los Lagos Community. An internal police investigation is ongoing into what transpired in Los Lagos. But Lozano’s mother, Cynthia Usher, maintains that her son was murdered by the high ranking officer when he was shot three times in the back at close range. She also questions the results of a post mortem examination.


Cynthia Usher, Mother of Ryan Lozano

“Right now I really don’t know what is happening. I’m being pushed around back and forth. I’m still riled up; I’ve come to grips. And like I said before, this was a high ranking officer that killed my son almost three weeks ago. To me they are trying to cover everything up.   Dirk Sutherland did not kill my son. For all the people sending him nasty text please cut it out because he wasn’t the one who killed my son. It was a higher up than him who killed my son. As a matter of fact that officer sits right at this table here when he comes to eat. It hurts me bad because every day he is still in his uniform working.

Cynthia Usher

What I am trying to ask myself and I want to ask the department, why was it that that officer was on the scene in Los Lagos. From my understanding, two officers arrested my son; he was detained. He was already detained. They had to wait until this other officer comes. It hurts me because all the cases against officers get thrown out of court. This one is not going to get thrown out of court because I am going the extra mile. It might take me to grave, but I am going the extra mile. This was my son. I come to grips with his death, but I cannot come to grips the way he was murdered. He was executed to put it—three bullets in his back. This here in my hand is the autopsy report. This is what is holding back the case. People find fault with the D.P.P.  I don’t find any fault with her; she can only work with what she has. Somebody in the police department is holding back evidence. Evidence that needs to come out. This officer needs to be stop. My son is not the first, he is not the second and he is not going to be the last. The post mortem has nothing to say the shots were to his back. I am reading from the postmortem; I can’t identify two things here. It say multiple organ failure—this is the reason why he died—due to multiple organ failure, due to internal and external bleeding and multiple gunshot wound. Why did Estradabran didn’t put where those gunshot wounds were. In the morgue I had them take all the bandages off my son and the hole was here in his chest; almost the size of a tennis ball. That’s an exit wound. I am no forensic officer, I am no police, but common say you know entry wound and exist wound. Up to today day it still hurts me because I want to see this officer being arrested and charged.  I want this community come out and help because this noh di work. I noh know weh dehn wah do with dah officer because usually when he shits up, he is being transferred.  I am pleading to the minister, I am pleading to the department. Do your job. My son was shot in the back while already detained. The police department is not saying anything. They are being hush-hush about the case, but this needs to stop. I am pleading to the commissioner. You say you want transparency, this is the time for transparency because you cannot explain three bullets to a man’s back. This wasn’t front-on; this was to his back. How can you explain?”


Usher says that the other person who was detained along with her son during the burglary has contacted her with details on what transpired on the afternoon April eighteenth. Usher says that thirty-three year old Lenny Benguche, who is on remand, claims that because he is in fear of his life, has refrained from providing a statement to the authorities. 

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18 Responses for “Burglar shot dead; mom says cop murdered him”

  1. Storm says:

    The burglar wasn’t killed in church, he was killed when caught while committing a burglary. I’m good with that. That’s the life he chose.

  2. Tina says:

    Communities don’t support burglars and other rumored actions by this guy may he make peace with his maker.

  3. islander says:

    How long will Belizean mothers continue upholding their kids criminal acts?

    Thieves are the lowest scum on earth, a lot of times while stealing they murder in order to keep their victims from talking.

  4. Louisville,Ky says:

    Miss Usher, I feel your pain and your concern about your son whom you believe was executed. The fact that it allegedly came at the hands of the Police, there will be no end to your frustration on their behalf. But that’s the way it is Miss.
    I am not here trying to put salt in your wounds but, your boy had a reputation not exactly the same but similar to this close relative of mine that was killed. He too was walking away from a situation when he was hit in the back(of his head). He was ‘chanced’ and his life went just like that, because of his street reputation.
    My advice to you mom, is to let it go so that you may find closure and be at peace with yourself. Put it in God’s hands and leave it there, because at this point, there’s not a thing you can do but hurt and frustrate yourself.

  5. cg says:

    i feel sorry for her, it is her son….but what about the other victim in this crime, the owner of the house who’s sense of safety was also robbed? She never mentions them, its only about her..makes me wondering if she was profiting from his ill gains

  6. proud says:

    well she got to remember, her son choose it that way and there is no one to be blame for that!.

  7. OJ says:

    There are ways to deal with criminals and murder is not on the list. Murder is another crime. All crimes need to be processed through the court to give a fair trial.

    Our people are frustrated and get flustered and act irrational many times due to the frustration caused by the work they do, by the never ending flood of unsolved issues and the pressures exerted by the frustrated supervisors as well.

    Police department needs to screen people and better train these people to be very careful in decisions they make in times of pressure. (We are humans and humans hurt when family or friends are victims. Perpetrators as well as victims have feelings and something positive needs to happen to curb the issues that we are facing. The law must deal with these issues justly and also give an alternative life to crime which is not there. WE no build no schools anymore, all we build is prisons, (Lucky Dube) Schools in the valley are amalgamated to create more problems.

  8. Auntie says:

    women, keep your boys in school, single most important thing. keep them in school. no hanging out, give them chores. chop the yard, fix the fence. sell mango, teach them to be honest, live within your means,, if not this story will repeat itself many times over.


    Are you people for real about the kind of justice that was handed out.. i am ashame to call myself Belizean ,if we will settle for this kind of justice.. to ALL you out their that always have negative remarks about everything that occurs in this country and do absolutely zero to contribute but ,run your mouths, i say to you , “do something other than run your months” contribute and stop being a critic.. its clearly isn’t doing much…

  10. what goez around comez around says:

    Atleast she knows who kill and how her son died. What about little Kaylee mom? And Miss Usher who have time fi the call Mr Sutherland and the threathen him over your son maybe its ur other son and his boys who is calling and making the threaths AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

  11. John Doe says:

    It’s sad to see a young life end in this way. I also feel you pain mommy.

    But realistically, although not justified, every action has a reaction. You son was doing wrong…was caught committing a crime!!!

    You reap what you sow. If he choose that way of life, he must have weighed the consequences. As Loiuseville, Ky says, “Let it go”. He chose the wrong way of life. It was not your fault. May he rest in peace.

    If you have more kids, teach them the right way.

  12. TALK IS CHEAP says:

    JUSTICE like this only cause more problems.. we create these monsters and when they go too far, we call it police brutality……. we need change and quickly Belizeans…. stop being so sTuck on stupid…. so when the next execution happens ,it could be your love one….. we have a court system that needs to be modernize and a government on bout side that are sucking us dry..Wake up … we need to stop the trend off voting these people into office.. And it is imperative that we vote, but not for none of theSE parties…. it is time to create new ideas for our children…PERIOD…. WE ALL NEED TO BE ARRESTED FOR CONSPIRACY , WE ARE WITNESS TO THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR BELOVED COUNTRY

  13. issac says:

    No oeffence but society does not need these people

  14. officer says:

    If you as a law enforcement officer breaks the law to enforce the law then you are guilty of corruption!

  15. Belize Rural Resident says:

    Ms. Usher,
    I can feel your pain. It’s your son.
    But you knew all along that he was a career burglar – robbing innocent, hard-working people as they went to work. As WE went to work. Your son left Tidal waves of grief and sadness to innocent people.
    Oh, and we shall not forget that he was reportedly in the house with the Aunt when Baby Kaylee was killed.
    We will pray for his soul.

  16. The Realest says:


  17. Storm says:

    @Auntie, you can babysit my son anytime — you have the right idea on raising children up right!

  18. payback says:

    The world is a cycle n now it’s your turn…..

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