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Apr 23, 2013

Murder Acquittal due to amnesia and missing link to crime

Triston Gordon

Twenty-nine year old Kenyon Plunkett, an auto mechanic of Belize City, was executed on April 28th, 2011, while returning to his jobsite from completing an errand.  The father of three was shot once to the back of his head in a dead-end off Lakeview Street by an assailant, who was later identified as Triston Gordon.  In the wake of the murder he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison where he awaited trial for two years.  During Gordon’s time behind bars Kyle Chaplin, a friend of his, who reportedly knew about the plot to kill Plunkett, offered to testify against him in court.  Chaplin is said to have signed several affidavits placing Gordon at the scene of the fatal shooting.  But, in court over the past week the crown witness, according to relatives of the deceased, suffered a bout of convenient amnesia, denying that he gave a sworn statement to police.   In handing down a decision Justice Adolph Lucas noted, quote, that it would be dangerous to convict the accused on the evidence of Kyle Chaplin because he has his own interest to serve since he was with the accused all the while, unquote.  Justice Lucas also mentioned that the crown failed to prove Gordon’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt, in view of the fact that the prosecutor was unable to link Gordon to Plunkett’s murder.  With that, Gordon was acquitted of the charge.  Following this morning’s verdict, News Five spoke with Romey Plunkett, who says that what transpired in court today was a miscarriage of justice.


Romey Plunkett

Romey Plunkett, Sister of Deceased

“Dis mawnin di judge mi fi give ih ruling pan di case.  Di case di go ahn like wah week and a half.  Di judge accept di statement from di witness as evidence cause di young man, di accused own friend turn wah hostile witness gainst ahn.  When he get eena court he decide dat he noh memba nothing, right, buut di judge still accept it as evidence because he sign it six times, yoh know.  And then when dehn ask ahn fi read di statement he seh dat he cyant read so di judge geh di CIB weh mi tek di statement fi read di statement and di statement place he pan di crime scene and everything, you know.  Ahn nobody couldn’t tell me dat today dehn neva mi wah convict dis bwai fi my bredda murda because da statement states from weh time he get up.  Like he plan fi kill my bredda, fahn eight o’clock he gaan da ih friend house, yo know, show ahn di gun, tell ahn my bredda violate ahn and ih gwein go put wah end to ahn, you know. 

Kenyon Plunkett

According to the judge this morning, fi he ruling weh mek di young man come out not guilty is because dehn neva have wah witness fi seh who ker my bredda da hospital.  I noh think dehn mi need dat because my bredda godmother gaan identify ahn when time ih dead, yo know, and di man weh do di post mortem even seh dat.  So I noh sih how you wahn no convict somebody pan wah simple reason dat dehn no seh who pick up mi bredda.  According to the judge, he mussi mi wahn my bredda dead down deh fi seh well, yo know, ih dead and dat dis person kill ahn.  Di statement, three pages ah statement seh everything, from when time dehn lay wait ahn when dehn kill my bredda and dis morning ah mean nobody coulda tell me dat dehn no mi wah find ahn guilty.  We noh happy bout it, my whole family noh happy bout it because my bredda work weh paat ih get killed fi fifteen years.  Ih dead left ih three pickney dehn and he da neva wah trouble person.  Ah mean he noh have no problem wid di law and fi mek ih life just go like dat ih noh fair and I noh undastand why Adolph Lucas mek da ruling dis mawnin weh ih mek.”


Gordon’s trial was the third to be held in the absence of a jury.

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7 Responses for “Murder Acquittal due to amnesia and missing link to crime”

  1. Al says:

    Such travesty of justice, another killer free, the sad part is this, this guy will kill someone else or he will be killed. I will not be surprised if the forgetful witness finds himself dead at the hands of his so called friend whom he was willing to betray.

    The laws in this country needs to be overhauled. These laws are old laws and needs to be changed to match the times we are currently living in. While the government sleeps, the country lives in terrorist grasp of these killers. Time for a change, the time is now.

  2. me says:

    Someone should hire the GSU to give him HIS “Columbian necktie”.

  3. Buju says:

    Indeed this is a travesty – these fools are walking around here with immunity

    This is the reason why they are not afraid of killing…. Then they go and relax at the Hattieville prison for two years and get fat…….

    Put them to work!!!!!!!!!! HARD LABOR IS THE KEY!!!!!!

    I am a fan of Ms Plunkett and i say this from the bottom of my heart i am sorry the justice system failed you and your family. No matter what you can’t bring your love ones back but at least the family would have gotten some closure!

    Street justice will prevail sooner or later!

    I would like to tell Mr. Gordon you may think you got away with it but the Good Lord is definately not asleep!
    Get ready for judgement day!!!!!!!

  4. Louisville,Ky says:

    It is because of cases like these, why madness and mayhem are the order of the day in the Jewel anymore. It is for sure that there was a miscarriage of justice and in view of the foregoing, it’s going to get even worst.
    See, when people cannot get justice through our criminal JUST US, system, then they get it by any means necessary.
    It is written!

  5. Storm says:


    A hundred INEXPENSIVE digital recorders in the hands of police detectives and inspectors could keep murderers behind bars, and justice would be much better served. And the security of the nation would be greatly enhanced!

    The only rational excuse I can see for Saldivar’s perpetual failure to equip the police is chilling: he WANTS the murderers to go free. Can that be true?

  6. Bear says:

    CHAPLIN MUST BE PROSECUTED FOR PERJURY. To sign affidavits to win some benefit, then to claim he doesn’t remember them, IS A CRIME.

    I believe the punishment for perjury should be the same as for the crime for which they lied — in this case, he lied about murder, he should be punished as a murderer.

    A question for DPP: you filed the murder charges long BEFORE Chaplin gave you evidence. WHERE WAS THE EVIDENCE THAT CAUSED YOU TO FILE CHARGES IN THE FIRST PLACE, did you forget or lose it? Or did you just lose interest in convicting the killer for some reason?

  7. Simone says:

    How did her brother violate him? if its what I’m thinking-then this was not murder it was justice?

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