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Apr 17, 2013

Second attempt on Horse’s life, this time in prison

Jermaine ‘Horse’ Garnett

A second attempt on the life of thirty year-old Jermaine ‘Horse’ Garnett, on pretrial detention for the murder of Raheem Requena, was made behind prison walls this morning.  Garnett, who is being held inside the Tango Ten cellblock, was stabbed once in the left side of the neck with a shiv.  It is unclear whether the incident succeeded an altercation with a fellow inmate.  What is known is that Garnett, through attorney Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley, has made a formal request to prison management regarding his safety.  According to wife Pamela Garnett, Horse fears for his life in jail and had asked for relocation to a secure holding cell away from his enemies.  Despite a transfer to Tango Ten, an inmate attacked Garnett and inflicted the injury.  Fortunately, says his wife, the wound to his neck was not life threatening.


Voice of: Pamela Garnett, Wife of Jermaine ‘Horse’ Garnett

“Yes, he got stabbed today, prison. About minutes to eleven, I was at home getting ready to do some more chores when somebody called and tell me, Miss Pam, anybody from the prison called you? Miss Taheera called you? I said no why? Ih say yo sure? I say no why? Ih say because yo husband di left di prison right now ina ambulance; ih just get stabbed. I then called Miss Taheera Ahmad and I tell ahn I get fi hear that my husband get stabbed. And she said yes. And she started to have a conversation on the phone with somebody else. She told me that she would have called me back. I waited ten to fifteen minutes and she never called back. I decided to call back. Miss Taheera, how bad my husband get stabbed? Ih say ih noh get stabbed bad and I noh must go dah hospital right now until she tell me when to go because I wah distraught the prisoner, which is my husband. I then decide that that is not right; I gwen go see what di happen to my husband. Twenty minutes to twenty-five minutes after the ambulance from prison reach and my husband stepped out and I see wah tape on the left side of his neck, I say weh happen B and he tell me I get stabbed by another prisoner. I went in and I observed the stab; I watch the stab wound—he get stabbed from the center of the neck and come out the left side. He get an x-ray; it neva touch no vein or anything. But the nurse tell me ih coudla mi ketch ih vein and he would have bled to death. This happened at Tango ten. I ask ahn, Jermaine weh part this happen? Ih say dah neva ina di visiting box, it was in Tango ten building I get stabbed. The reason I hurt because I have a letter that my attorney had wrote to Miss Taheera explaining to her that my husband’s life is in danger. I went and I held a meeting with her. She told me that ih wah have ahn dah Tango ten for three months fi observe her because she get fi understand—pure hearsay—that my husband is a leader of Kraal Road and South Side and with that she moved my husband from Tango nine to Tango ten. So I asked her, I tell her Miss why? Ih say because he have to deh under protective custody and that is the best place for him right now. If Tango ten was the best place for my husband, why ih get stabbed in Tango ten building? Nobody can’t answer me. If it wasn’t for a prison officer, I understand that man mi wah kill my husband. My husband fought for his life this morning. He explained to me in front of the prison officer and the prison officer admit that he fought for his life and even pull out the bora ihself.”


Jermaine Garnett, along with Cassian Bennett and Kenneth Barrow, is on remand for the shooting death of Raheem Requena on December nineteenth, 2012.  Garnett was also shot earlier that year while seated inside a vehicle on Freetown Road.

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9 Responses for “Second attempt on Horse’s life, this time in prison”

  1. no mercy for murderers says:

    ?????they do enough s–t to people out here.Karma.

  2. not again says:

    The horse is only geting what he deserves. Why protect him? Karma is a b…….

  3. Al says:

    I am amazed at the calm that these people protect their murderous relatives and husbands. Mr Requena wanted to live also, he had no protection, no special treatment, no attorney to write a letter to” horse” to not kill him. Now “horse” know what it is like to face the man who holds the weapon. He chose gang life, he chose to kill, so the sword he picked up will also be the sword that takes him out. If the government won’t give justice then people take it in anyway it is given to you.

  4. islandbwai says:

    Kill the horse, or mek he go eat grass…

  5. Alexjr says:

    “he fear for his life” !! absurd… wat abt raheem life.. send horse rite back weh dem murderers belong. no lota worries if dem kill he too. an eye for eye…..

  6. ShugaCityGirl says:

    The life we live in Belize is no different from those around the world, but as a human we should all be given a chance in life, and if you took another persons life, you forfeit your own. Its sad but its the plain truth.

  7. k.r.g. says:

    Raymond killa Gentle d only boss of kraalroad could never take is position no one no man killa gone but never forgotten RKG

  8. Storm says:

    Happy to hear that fear has come to the killer. Not so brave when someone has a chance to fight back, is he?

    Hopefully the next and third attempt will do the trick, and the Jewel will be rid of one more …. gangster.

  9. hawk eyes says:

    Da soh ih set, them fi dead slow, die slow mutha!***!@

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