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Apr 16, 2013

Government to appeal loss to OCEANA

Audrey Matura-Shepherd

The forty-five page judgment this morning knocks the government for allowing oil exploration before any assessment of its effects on the environment. The judge described it as not only irresponsible, but reckless, especially in a situation where “Belize may not be fully capable of handling effectively an oil spill.” A release from the Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities following the judgment states that the agreements that were declared invalid, were all signed by the Musa Administration.  The Production Sharing Agreement awarded to Island Oil Belize Limited on May twenty-fifth, 2004, expired in May of last year.  The ministry also says that contracts awarded to Miles Tropical Energy, Petro Belize and Sol Oil were canceled last Friday for breach of a number of requirements under the Petroleum Act.  Therefore, the injunction to restrain the execution of provisions of the PSAs will only apply to Princess Petroleum and Providence Energy Belize.  The verdict, says Matura-Shepherd, also justifies the people’s position, following the referendum on offshore drilling.


Audrey Matura-Shepherd, V.P., OCEANA Belize

“This decision also vindicates the position of the people when we had our people’s referendum when ninety-six percent of the population said they don’t want artificial oil.  Well here we have it.  It’s a written decision of a first instance court, the government can take it if they want and appeal it but the thing is we’ve been exonerated today and Belizeans celebrate, celebrate because you are people of the reef.”


Isani Cayetano

“What’s to happen next?”


Audrey Matura-Shepherd

“Well, what’s interesting if you all were in there you have to hear the declarations that were issued.  The court has said that these contracts are null and void so what happens next [is that] every one of those oil companies cannot do anything.  None of them can continue any seismic testing, none of them can continue anything under that contract.  So they stopped, we were given an injunction and injunction means that it stops and let me tell you, we will be one of those organizations that will guard and if we have to come to this courtroom everyday to bring another ruling against those people we will make sure that this law will be obeyed.  Let me tell you what happens in this country, many times the court gives ruling and people in government and authority think that they can undermine the court system and the people sit back.  That’s not going to happen and I am calling on Belizeans that if they make an attempt to do that this country will go on mass protest because if we are in a democracy the legislature made a law.  You saw that the ruling was based on the Environmental Act.  It is saying that there was an intent and that the environment should be protected and if you are to do anything, any development, it doesn’t mean that you can’t develop, there are processes in place and these processes must be followed.”


Government has indicated that it will appeal the decision rendered by Justice Legall. OCEANA also points out, however; that there are still oil concessions in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. 

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17 Responses for “Government to appeal loss to OCEANA”

  1. junito says:

    Yeah and more TAX PAYER monies to go paying these lawyers. I would like to see a annual total of how many money the government spends on paying its lawyers every year. Its like they love to lose so they can appeal and continue to milk the cow.

  2. blackberry says:

    Not oppose to the drilling of oil off shore. What I oppose is the outright corruption of the process which the issuing of drilling blocks was given out. GOB is telling us they will appeal because they know that these holders of concessions will sue them in US courts for breach of contracts. No doubt the holders of these concessions will win and more of our tax dollars will be paid out in compensation. I wonder if these companies will demand back their $250,000. each in bribe from the former DPM who issued the contract.

  3. Jackie says:

    Stop wasting our hard earned money!!

  4. Oscar965 says:

    Blackberry…how can you not be opposed to oil drilling in our waters???? None of those companies have proven that they can effectively control an oil spill…not even the united states and those great big international oil companies were able to control the spill in the golf of mexico. You think these shell oil companies in belize that no one has heard from can do any better. Most of those companies are shadow companies for current and x poleticians or thier families….

  5. issac says:

    No victory here! These companies that had these concessions only had them because they could get them and in reality lack finance to even start, so there PSA would have expired before they even intend to start, which is highly unlikely that they would…..the real threats and the ones already beggining the process for drilling are still there….Oceana simply took out company registered in paper. When they stop US capitol then they can sing voctory, because Govt had already struck out companies mentioned, before this judgement was made.

  6. issac says:

    Oscar, You and others with this statement simply dont know what you are talking about. Shell is international and one of the leading petro companies in the world, no confuse it with just gas stations. And and oil spill in the US is by far more worst and occurs uncontrollably because of high pressures in there oil feild, of which that amount of pressure is not recorded here. but i wont continue because sometimes its pointless educatng dumb people…Oceana make money on these matter thats why they jump….if they dont the dont get funding…..what are you getting?????????????

  7. junkyhustla says:

    i think this is bad decision. princess would of done a great job off shore and they have experts on this. i hope this is appealed and princess wins.
    i like oil all over geo we need oil in belize!

  8. Darius Martinez says:

    Stop wasting tax payers money on appeal.

  9. makinamistake says:

    Belize is in need of revenue and any company that proves it is capable of drilling responsibly should be permitted to do so.

    I would love better schools and hospitals for our pepple.

  10. Imposter Buster says:

    The comments by TDBOWIEKNIFE and junkyhustla are made buy imposters that are in support of the oil company Treaty Energy that made a fake claim of a oil strike last yea in Belizer. Treaty Energy also has some regulatory issues it the US that are not being complied with. If you would like to see what this company is really about see what is said on this board:

  11. Imposter Buster says:

    A link to Channel News 5 reporting Treaty Energy’s fake oil strike:

    “PM says Treaty Oil lied about oil find”

  12. TDBOWIEKNIFE says:

    how do you know i was fired from TREATY ,i never worked for them they refused to interview me…apparently background check issues. i WISH i worked for treaty but now i sit at home and post on massage boards all day.
    myself, junky, and trader are having a session as we speak, im catching today.

    go TECO!

  13. BRAINLESSBOY says:

    I sold my shares for a penny a few weeks back. Boy I think it was a mistake but I’m now going to now do my best to drive the pps down even further. Hey, why should I be the only loser when there are so many investors that have held there shares. I’m not selfish. Not me

  14. Brainless Boy says:

    I’m a former Teco Shareholder. I got scared when it went sub penny and sold all of my shares. I know now I made a mistake and am doing everything I can do make everyone else suffer like I am. I do believe Teco found the oil but I just so mad at myself fir doing what I did all doing my best tot bring them down. Hey why should anyone benfefit here. I’m not selfish

  15. Teco pumpers exposed says:

    Sad you all have to put up with these people from TECO. It’s all about manipulation from the company hacks. The sooner you kick these clowns out the better all of Belize will be. TECO is currently suspended from drilling in Texas for not plugging wells. The clowns reside here:

    Take note!

  16. Mack Maxcey says:

    The rig ($1000 000 ) Treaty is using is stolen from the states. I own it 100% lien free and dam sure want it back. The GOB and ANDRE CHO have the title copy and legal documentation to prove that fact. Maybe they prefer to send me $2.25 000 000 to buy a new one?

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