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Apr 11, 2013

Guatemala buys combat planes to patrol reserve that borders Belize

Hopefully, rosewood extraction will not cause decades of dialogues and explanations as Guatemala’s unfounded claim against Belize. For years negotiations and discussions have failed. Earlier in the year, while both countries should have been preparing for an October sixth referendum on whether or not to forward the claim to the International Court of Justice, Guatemala has stepped up a media offensive. Recommendations have been forwarded to the Ministry of Education in that country to use maps that include Belize as a part of Guatemala; at O.A.S. meetings, Guatemala has also kept a similar tactic.  The most recent move appeared to be the inclusion by way of a dotted line, Belize as part of Guatemala on that country’s passport. But while offensive, it has never been threatening. But reports have surfaced that Guatemala has purchased six military aircrafts to patrol an area that covers half of the border with Belize. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve covers a total area of twenty one thousand square kilometers or eight thousand one hundred and eight square miles. The threats to the area include illegal logging, farming, as well as drug trafficking. The reserve covers close to half of the area that borders neighboring Belize. And that is the cause of a new development. Guatemala intends to protect the reserve. But whether you employ the term ‘adjacency zone’ or border, the biosphere will come protected by highly efficient attack planes. It will use six A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircrafts over the designated area. A retired US Airforce commander gave the plane high marks when he tested it in 2012.


Chuck Wald

Gen. Chuck Wald, USAF (Ret.)

“It stayed asymmetric all the way; it powered out and came through the loop at four-G’s no sweat. Didn’t have any problem in the top. Did quite a few curve and linear attacks and they all turned out great. It is not for a high threat environment, but Afghanistan isn’t and it’s for close air support—staying close to the target. A lot of endurance, a lot of different weapons; good weapons displays. I would take this out of a fairly rough runway in Afghanistan; a short runway in a heartbeat. I think if we had this airplane in the inventory in the beginning of Afghanistan it would gone all the way for the things we’re doing.”


It has been successfully used to shoot down drug traffickers and to destroy clandestine airstrips.


{Images of drug planes being shot out of midair and clandestine airstrips being destroyed…}


It’s possible that Guatemala is using it as a scare tactic to deter groups such as the territorial volunteers from their border clearing activities. But with such efficiency in patrolling dense areas, the only question remains is “Why isn’t Belize buying the A-29 Super Tucanos?” Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.


The plane has been used in a broad range of missions including light attack, surveillance, air-to-air interception and counter-insurgency. Guatemala is also purchasing a command and control system and three primary three-dimensional radars from the Brazilian company. 

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18 Responses for “Guatemala buys combat planes to patrol reserve that borders Belize”

  1. Storm says:

    Sure, let’s use the rosewood money and money from selling visas in China to buy these attack planes. I feel safer knowing our friendly neighbor has them in its arsenal.

    After PUP and UDP running our national treasury below the ground, we have not a penny to defend our nation.

  2. NO TOICJ says:

    They are preparing for war… but of course there will be no declaration of war. They are too coward and sneaky for that. They will invade Belize undercover and at night. Those in power will be the first targets.

  3. cayo gyal says:

    Why can Bze by airplanes to patrol our boarder PM? Protect our country and not ur company. Where is the $$$$$$$ of the country? U think people r sleeping?

  4. Orlando says:

    Yeah…calculate all past and current collection for passports and receipts for work visas, permanent residencies and even citizenships issued to Guatemalans and let’s go on record that it is these same monies we will use to by us a couple A-29′s and carry out other border protection and clearing activities. Let’s go on record to say too that we will not hesitate to bomb out any Guatemalan shatero, gold digger, wood-cutter, makaw hunter, etc. found on our side of the border.

    We need politicians with “cojones” to come out and stand out for us.

  5. Orlando says:


  6. Belizean says:

    This is what Guatemala is using their money for, the money gotten for public education of the issues regarding border..Buying war planes? Obvious that they are people that are impatient, and unwilling to be diplomatic. Rather they wanna act out of force and military might..Nonesense

  7. not again says:

    Why will Belize buy the A-29 super tucanos? Guatemala is thinking of buying six two at the time I am not sure but I think it will have the six of them in 2016. They are very expensive. Read the prensa libre the news was two days ago. Dont worry Guatemala is NOT going to invade Belize. They are not stupid, as soon as this happens IF it ever happens a lot of other countrys will also. The guats are invading Belize there own way by crossing the river sending all the prostitutes and a lot of men with very bad police record. Our goverment made them legal in the country. Just for votes. Now we have a problem. Will they be send back home? Thats the question.

  8. Islandgirl says:

    Hey folks lets face it Guatemala is better that Belize they are well prepare because its a bigger country, they waste money in whatever they want but at the end of the day they spent it in something that their people can see not like us we just pay taxes over taxes for what? just to fill the pockets of PM and his people and for us?not even a fart.

  9. sandra azancot says:

    Guat also gets a lot more money from the US for things like airplanes etc. Does Belize even have an Airforce? Guatemala currently has 64 in-service aircraft in it’s air force. Most of these are US-made. They also have several out-of-service aircraft.. They are just a bigger country with a lot more people (14 million people). Even if the GOB wasn’t corrupt, there just isn’t enough of a tax base for buying airplanes

  10. O. Walk observer says:

    Here it goes, Guatemala buying military hadware under the guise that it shall be used to protect it’s forest reserve; will they bomb anybody encroaching in the reserves or shoot them with machine guns and missiles?? Because that’s the capability of the Super Tucano that they are buying; besides being an excellent Trainer, it is also used for counter insurgency. What Belize should do is procure at least a dozen Stinger Missiles to nuetralize this threat because no matter how this situation is painted, sooner or later it will come to haunt us. Straight!!

  11. Gone fishing says:

    “Why isn’t Belize buying the A-29 Super Tucanos?”

    for what reason?
    the police can’t afford gasoline for their vehicles, their gear stolen or moved by Belmopan to parts unknown.

    a head on war with Guatemala would last 20 minutes, 30 if Belize had planes.

    it is all about leadership and the will of the people, that is where planes are not going to make a difference.

    good work running off the British & US military cooperation.
    keep up the bad decision making, and find you have no country takng Belize serious or willing to help when the chips are down. Keep up the attitude arrogance is power and a strong negotiating position. it wins a lot of friends in the world. who got your back.

  12. Gone fishing says:

    and how big is Costa Rica’s military and air force? they might be a role model.

    if you want those kind of toys and play cards at those kinds of games, consider merging with Mexico or Guatemala to stand a chance of winning a military war.

    the way the corruption works in Belize, they would used to bring in illegals with visas, hauling drugs, and when broken down for not being maintained, parts stolen and sold to the Hezbollah.

  13. brian says:

    i’m totally i favor with “gone fishing” n “not again”,but i hv to ask…”islandgirl”… R U EVEN BELIZEAN??? where is ur patrotism??? it is true that guatemala is way bigger than belize n its army as well…we wouldnt last a war with them…bt that sure as hell DOES NOT make it a better country than us. the reason guatemala wants belize is for the seaside…if they had that they wudnt make more money by import n exports…the reef would be gone for sure…com on gyal…

  14. Jill says:

    this, to me is definately a diplomaic way to intimidate Belizeans once again, first making maps which includes Belize then talking about printing passports which shows Belize in it’s territory,now purchasing war crafts which will be flying too near for comfort to suddenly protect their forest reserve, If they have so much forest reserve why are those scavengers coming into our reserve?

  15. Storm says:

    Defending the Jewel against Guat military aggression may be difficult, but not nearly impossible.

    Israel defeated every Arab country in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 [with some US help in that one].

    Finland fought Russia to a stalemate in 1939.

    We don’t need to be bigger to win, but we will need to fight smarter. We really should start training militia groups today, just in case it comes to defending our land. The Territorial Volunteers could be a good start, but itwould have to expand its mission.

  16. Tarasbulba says:

    Thanks very much Storm, you always say a positive and intelligent mouthful Sir. Nuff said.

  17. russb1990 says:

    I feel that Guatemala is moving on to something that will be unexpected.

  18. SweetL says:

    Y not just give Guatemala what they want which is the Oil on that land…. Guatemala can care less about the land….Realistically Belize will Not become that much richer off of this. The document treaty clearly states & years & years of notes states that there was NO knowledge that oil existed on this land. Besides BZE didn’t pay for the land completely during time of “indepence”.. Although I completely agree that BZE is independent & I do understand that there have been payment agreement lets be realistic BZE cant afford it. Even if we were get a loan the facts on the table is Guatemala did not know oil was there… But now they do. So it doesn’t matter if BZE pay in full or not. I say SETTLE voluntarily give GUA the oil & don’t touch it. & BZE stay with the land. Really what difference does it make to u. Both parties should be happy with that settlement.

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