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Apr 5, 2013

8 Chinese nationals are released on orders of the ComPol

At around four-thirty Thursday afternoon, eight Chinese nationals, seven men and one woman arrived in Belize on a TACA flight. They proceeded through Immigration on the travel documents they held, but as they stepped out through the departure doors at the airport, they were greeted not by their compatriots who were waiting for them, but by the welcoming arms of the Gang Suppression Unit, and escorted away. The arrivals of the Chinese nationals sent off alarm bells because there is a very active smuggling ring in Belize. Freelance reporter Mike Rudon picked up the story on Thursday night and has this report.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

The eight Chinese nationals who were picked up at the Phillip Goldson International Airport were packed into the back of this red pickup truck and brought here, to the Ladyville Police Station. There they were taken into a detention area in the rear by Immigration and Special Branch personnel. Outside, those who had gone to pick them up at the airport sat in vigil, some quietly, others chatting and still others talking frantically into cell phones. Their vehicles were parked inside the Police Station compound. We were told that those standing vigil were the alleged sponsors of the nationals detained inside, and periodically and in groups, they were taken inside and interrogated to attempt to verify the claim that they were family and friends and had issued invitations to the detained nationals. We left the scene just before ten, and we are told that not long after we left, the compound was cleared of vehicles and persons, the detained Chinese nationals were loaded back into the red pickup, and then taken to the Eastern Division Police Station on Queen Street. Mike Rudon for News Five.


News Five has learnt from a reliable source that at the Eastern Division, Head of the GSU and Special Branch, Marco Vidal, was informed that the detained men would not be accepted there, as an order had been issued for their release by the Commissioner of Police. Reliable sources tell us that Vidal would still not release the men, but instead took them to the Fonseca Building behind the main building, allegedly for profiling. A little after two, the eight Chinese nationals were finally released and allowed to leave with their sponsors. 

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13 Responses for “8 Chinese nationals are released on orders of the ComPol”

  1. Rod says:

    Someone made some big money again belizeans when will you get enough of bending over for this pm and gov. It looks like unu like it so damm.

  2. belize_guy says:

    HMM, sound real fishy..somebody di get $$$

  3. Eye in the Sky says:

    Be careful Belizeans. They will now spit in your fry chicken before serving it.

  4. Belize Belize says:

    I recommend someone in Belize to open a website and maintain a database of alleged corruption in Belize and the response of Government. Hence, we will clearly keep track of what is happening and what has been the Government sanctions, if any.

    I would like to here the big mouth of Minister of National Security, Johnny Salviper; and know-all Minister of Immigration, Hulse.

    We Belizeans need to understand that nothing will happen but just a noise by PUP…but we have to remember that they were in power but never placed laws to prevent such treason…not will UDP do it because they are in government….but will make noise when they become in opposition…..

    A simple law should be that no visa is accepble is if it is issued in Belize and the protocol should be to get the visa in a British Embassy,….

    I encourage Immigration Officers or Customs to make anyonimous reports to the news agencies in Belize….i belize all news outlets should promote their contact numbers where Belizeans can make reports so the reporters follow it….

  5. c-19 says:

    Welcome to belize china brothers nothing wrong with immigrating.wish you the best in belize

  6. Al says:

    People of Belize there you go more Chinese who will open more stores for you to help them get rich while you remain poor. Wake up and smell what is going on with your future. Soon you will be the minority and slaves in your own country, complements of the government.

  7. eric says:

    You see who runs your country now? Our whores in power cannot do anything when it comes to the Chinese mafia because they have them so deeply buried in their pockets they cannot even see the light of day to come out and say no more. Our country has been prostituted out by the pimps you vote for every election. We are all worried about Guatemala taking over Belize; well I have news for Guatemala… You can’t take what has already been taken. We are not Belize or Belizeans anymore we are BelizeTaiwanChinesezean . We are a country that has been sold out by the money hungry, luxury SUV driving, Seashore Drive and Barrack Road living with their dynasty inheriting private school elitist monarch bastard children of traitors disguised as politicians. We worry about crime and criminals in this country while the vilest and most repugnant murderers, thugs, drug dealers and pimps gather at the House of Representatives to fight over the prime pieces of meat that makes up our national budget. The only thing that these criminals represent is themselves and their political dogs that suckle at their teats from udders engorged with misappropriated public funds. I think my dog’s sh@t on my front lawn has more humanity in it than these low lives. This commissioner of police though acting on orders from his dog handlers who pull the choke chain around his neck should be ashamed of himself for being a traitor to his country, you make me sick you disgusting ……………

  8. Bear says:

    Waiting for the final word on this incident — if Compol Whylie has immersed himself in the crooked side of an immigration scandal, it will be a black, black day for the Jewel, and probably signifies that there can be no peaceful change of the national cancer of corruption.

    I hope there’s a legitimate reason for his apparent interference, but I’m very doubtful.

  9. Bear says:

    Serious question: if a Compol commits a crime, who will arrest him?

  10. Orlando says:

    This could be slavery in Belize and the commisioner of police got paid. Onyone ever think why and who they were calling? this happen all over the U.S.A. but who cares when the person who could stop it getting paid. The promise of good job and when they arrive, it’s a life changing experience and the only way out is more money, by way of prostitution houses inside nail salon and other living headquarters. Treats to their family back in China if thousands of dollars are not delivered within certain time.

  11. BmpResident says:

    Bear, it will have to be a civilian arrest as allowed by The Constitution of Belize.

  12. REALITY CHECK says:

    a litlle more investigation to this story , who are the passport operatives, expose them ..only like that it will stop. only after exposing the Rutgers coach was he fired. that is the power of media..

  13. Storm says:

    Lots of good ideas, lots of appropriate outrage.

    Concerned citizens should investigate the procedure by which the Governor General in the Caymans recently “overthrew” the corrupt PM there. I’m sure the law laws and protocols apply here. Law and order imposed from London may be the only way to avoid civil war or other violence here now.

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