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Mar 19, 2013

Salvadoran national trafficking minors through Belize


Hilda Alas Azmitia

There are few convictions for human trafficking even though there is a well established network but tonight the face of human trafficking is that of a fifty two year old Salvadoran national, Hilda Alas Azmitia.  On Sunday, at nine forty-five a.m., Azmitia was escorting children at the Philip Goldson International Airport where they intended to take a US Airway flight.  But the five persons were found to be traveling with fake Guatemalan passports and equally fraudulent U.S. visas.  The group comprised of two females’ ages fourteen and eighteen and three males’ ages nine, ten and thirteen. The five human trafficking victims were taken in by the Department of Social Services. Prior to taking the youths to the airport Azmitia was staying at the Siesta Inn Hotel in Ladyville. She was expected to return to Salvador once her cargo made it safely on the plane, but instead, Azmitia was detained pending charges.

Abbas Ahmed Khan

In other related news, the police department has released a photo of Abbas Ahmed Khan, the Pakistani national of Corozal Town who was busted with passports belonging to five Indian nationals. Since he could not explain why he had the passports he was detained by officers but he mysteriously escaped from custody at the Orange Walk Police formation a week ago. It took an entire week before the department confirmed Khan’s escape. According to sources close to News Five, Khan is believed to be in Chetumal, Mexico.

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13 Responses for “Salvadoran national trafficking minors through Belize”

  1. Rod says:

    Why is it that only the Spanish get caught and deported in this country all the illegal Jamaicans , Kenyans , Nigerians, Haitians never get deported that’s because of this bigot judas barrow wake up Spanish before you wake up a slave .

  2. Al says:

    Every criminal who needs to use a central american country as a route for their illegal activity is using Belize, what does that tell you. If I were in this government I would be very ashamed that the country that I am leading is seen as weak and incompetent by every criminal mind both domestic and foreign.
    Self government under the wrong leaders is not a good thing. This was the only mistake Mr Price made. When he was in the leadership it worked, under these new we for ourselves and god for us all leaders the country is in deep trouble. I pray for this country so much, please join me in asking God to raise up Godly men and women, with the right heart to lead in the right way. The Bible says that when the right person is governing a country the people are happy, Belize was once that way. Let us go back to those days.

  3. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    Abbas Ahmed Khan HAD MONEY TO FAKE AN ESCAPE !!!!!

  4. nigel says:

    Oct 5, 2012
    Visas, Visas, Visas! Hezbollah, Nepal and China
    Rod says:
    October 6, 2012 at 5:21 am
    Man this pm and gov. Need to go to jail jail why is no one in jail they are giving away our country left and right I guess no one cares about their country anymore only about the almighty dollar this to me is worse than committing murder this is plain treason unu damm belizeans Betta wake the f up and see what’s going on in this country this pm and gov. The thief outright in your face thief and then tell unu they no k if unu know its time now for the revolution to start. Great job. Channel five now you have to press the minister of national security and the pm on this matter and why is their is no one in jail why . Also you must press this pm on all these murders in the country what is he doing for it also while your at it tell him the good citizens of this country is calling for his resignation resign barrow resign you are a total total failure at your job.

    Sep 13, 2012
    Immigration Officer, person of interest in Hezbollah passport case
    Rod says:
    September 14, 2012 at 5:49 am
    What is this guy talking about his he a total idiot. How can he say that they will have to see if somebody did something wrong is he joking maybe he got paid for doing this who will investigate him I hope the FBI and CIA investigate s this first it was perdomo now we have the brother of a drug king pin in charge of national security this corrupt pm and gov. Are so corrupt that they can’t even trust each other everybody in this gov. The thief people should be put in jail for treason and the head of national security should be fired for incompetence but it won’t happen because we have the most corrupt and incompetent pm in the history of this country and he still has his job their is no help for Belize we are sunk then we have belizeans who only want to march for stupidness instead of marching for their future and the future of their children sad sad sad.

    So Rod the racist are you telling me that you are outraged when Blacks, Chinese, Arabs and other non-Hispanic people break the LAW but nothing should be done when a Hispanic person breaks the LAW? I do agree that it is one sided but the law is the law and no one should ever be exempted for circumventing it. This is exactly why people in this government and your PUP government think they are above the law and thus they can break it without worrying about the consequences. You and Genotu Rembiuos (well Genotu Rembiuos almost got it) really don’t get it do you? This is not about the colour of anyone’s skin more than it being the colour of money. Also Rod the racist you live in a little cage from which you sling your faeces out of (speaking of which I thought you were dead when I read the story about the kids killing the howler monkey for slinging his faeces at their teacher) and I can’t blame you for not knowing much about the outside world so let me enlighten you… sometimes when these minors are sent to the U.S they send them under the pretence of uniting them with their parents and or other family members that are already there but often times they end up as slaves working to pay off their debts or working as sex slaves. So you see my simple minded friend this may just be a case that worked in the favour of these minors. But alas you are far too simple minded to see the forest for the trees.
    What I find even more sobering is the one thing I dreaded the most which personified itself in the form of Genotu Rembiuos. It seems that the pile of sh@t that is Rod the racist got so big that they had to make another pile. This is a sad day for our country and we can only hope that Rod the racist and Genotu Rembiuos aren’t male and female and by some sad stroke of luck akin to the type that created Hitler and Nathan Bedford Forrest (the first Grand Wizard of the KKK) makes these two idiots meet up and reproduce thus creating another generation of mindless primates that mascaraed as humans.

  5. Not necessary says:

    Do any of you comprehend what this woman was doing?? Trafficking minors.

  6. Rod says:

    Nigel. You must be related to barrow I don’t think their is no one in Belize as dumb as you and it’s because of people like you that this country is in the state it’s in a failed state murders by the dozen every week and still you praise this useless impotent pm and gov you see your brothers and sisters being killed every day and you care not you are worse than judas barrow himself like I said before to me you are just the desease sperm of a syphiletic camel nothing else period.

  7. nigel says:

    Rod the racist your attempt at logic and common sense baffles me. Where in my statement above do I praise this government? You talk about “murders by the dozen every week” how many of these murders have you spoken against but I guess you need not concern yourself as the statistic shows that most of the victims are young black men. Talk about dumb you can’t even be classified as dumb for you have no intellectual faculties to even begin to be classed at the least as brain dead. Tell me how are things any different now than when your handlers were in power? Crime was still rampant corruption was still the order of the day and the only difference was that you were let out of your cage more often than now and they made you feel like the prized primate.
    But maybe there is still hope for you as before you said “decease sperm of a syphilitic camel”, and now you got it right (hurray for rod the racist) by using desease (but boo for still getting the spelling wrong, spell check rod the racist) and the word is syphilitic rod not syphiletic. Ask your handlers to show you how to use spell check but it all maybe too much for you to take in so don’t beat yourself up for not learning it by Christmas. But anyway at least now the statement holds some credence as I stated before the concept of a decease sperm holds no logical credence in the annals of proper thought as being a “decease sperm” denotes that life is absent and thus if I was truly a deceased sperm I would not be verbally handing you’re a$$ to you as I would no longer be capable of thought or bio-motion but no I am capable of the said bio-motion and your statement is still but a festering pustule on the face of English composition. I can just imagine you rod feeling so good about yourself for putting words together and patting yourself on your back for not getting brain damaged before your thought process was complete.

  8. Belizean says:

    @Rod…You fail to realize that what Nigel is trying to show you is that you are contradicting yourself from one articles’ comment to another..You are very inconsistent with your arguments..Therefore you are proving yourself to be writing comments out of impulse

  9. ANEWVOICE says:

    Genotu Rembiuos stated “The Spanish will always be caught!!!…..The Spanish people had no money!!!!” How can you state they had no money when apparently they had money to travel to Belize and purchase a plane ticket. I’m also sure the fake visas and passports also cost money so what do you mean they had no money. Please explain this statement.

    @Nigel – good points and its funny (not really) how Rod response was to say you are a supporter of the PM. It (that’s Rod) didn’t address some of the valid points you made such as the bigger issue is trafficking minors into the US were more than likely they will end up in some type of sex trade.

  10. bmp chic says:

    wow rod you really asking for it

  11. moses EX PC says:

    Rod, damn, I could have been your father if the primate hadn’t beaten me up the stairs. What a difference that could have been.

  12. Storm says:

    Whatever the issue is, I think we lose the argument when we resort to accusations of racism. How can anyone defend a person trafficking human CHILDREN just because the criminal happens to be “Spanish”?

    It’s a vile crime, no different than selling slaves, and whoever does it should die in prison. Slavery was crushed 150 years ago when the “civilized” nations decided to stop buying them and hang the slave-traders. If it worked before, let’s do it again.

  13. Deray says:

    Hate to say this but your wrong, the statistics on slavery say the’re more slaves in the USA and the rest of the world than ever in past history. It never was crushed, not really even in the USA it just went underground in some place, other places it never did disappear some countries still have slave markets. Go to and enter slavery and learn, it will supprise you.

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