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Mar 19, 2013

Random killing on Caesar Ridge Road

Ardon Belgrave

Just after eleven this morning shots rang out on Caesar Ridge Road in the Port Loyola area. Witnesses say that at least eight shots were heard and when the gunfire subsided, a Belize City youth lay lifeless on the pavement. Minutes earlier he was standing under a tree along with others, when the shooter rode up and opened fire. Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Around eleven twenty-five this morning, shots rang out on Caesar Ridge Road leaving another Belize City youth dead  in the streets. The reverberating sound of the gunshots travelled distances and many persons in close proximity to the scene went scurrying for cover. The commotion caught the attention of one woman who was shocked by the tragic event.


Voice of: Witness

“I just passed about six guys sitting underneath that ‘hammands’ tree and I passed and went around the lane. I didn’t see the shooting or anything like that, but then I heard the gunshots and I continue to keep on going. When I saw the people start running out, then I figured out that somebody get shot and it was then that I came on the scene and saw the body on the ground.”


Duane Moody

“How many gunshots did you hear?”


Voice of: Witness

“About six to eight gunshots.”


The victim was twenty-seven year old Ardon Belgrave, an employee of the City Council who was working the streets in the Port Loyola Area. Belgrave it appears was standing along with at least five other persons under this almond tree near the corner of Caesar Ridge Road and Reggae Street. A lone gunman, it is said, rode up from the direction of the Cumberbatch Field firing several shots at the crowd. The group scattered but a wounded Belgrave was left on the pavement. The gunman is said to have then got over him and fired several more shots.


Wallace Belgrave, Father of Murder Victim

“The boss weh ih di work with fi City Council, he was in the traffic there and a cousin of mine was sitting on the step here with me. He said Belgrave dead. So I tell my cousin the bally di talk to yo; not knowing that it was me he was talking to. Then he gone park and come and say Ardon dead. And I said I noh believe it because it noh supposed to happen.  Ih say wah lee one mi di come from school ina Michael’s uniform. The lee bwai sight wah other one di come and he run. And di lee bwai weh mi di come, fired shot—some lee teenager, fifteen sixteen or what—fired shot and everybody start to run. But when ih fired the shot, it catch my son somewhere; I don’t know. But he was on the ground. And ih fired shots at the next lee bwai again and ih could catch ahn and soh ih stop and ih shot my son; finish it. that’s what the friend told me.”


Duane Moody

Wallace Belgrave

“So your son was not the intended target?”


Wallace Belgrave

“No my son was not the intended target. He was working there and he was waiting for transport to come from behind there. He was not the intended target.”


The incident occurred just a couple blocks away from the Yabra Community Policing Station and police response was quick. Ardon’s father, Wallace Belgrave says that this is the fourth loss to the family in the past eight years.


Wallace Belgrave

“Ih dah wah hard working young man, ih noh give no trouble. Ih like ih partying and ih lee drink and soh, but ih noh give no trouble. So it come to wah shock to me.  It’s a shock, but I guess I won’t feel it until tonight in my bed. I noh see no sense in it. I had lost a son about seven years ago when he got stabbed with a knife and the guy get some time. So it is a shock. Two boys gone, a sister gone a little while ago and their mother gone—that’s all in about eight years; three kids and a mother so it is a shock.”


No one else was injured in the shooting. If you have any information to assist in solving this latest homicide, please contact the nearest police station or contact Crime Stoppers Belize at 0-800-922-TIPS. Duane Moody for News Five.

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11 Responses for “Random killing on Caesar Ridge Road”

  1. Storm says:

    There’s a useless animal on the street who needs to be hunted down and pay the price with his blood. Death to murderers, no mercy, no exceptions.

    This killer is too dangerous to try to take him alive, in my view.

  2. NY says:

    The MEDIA is the only entity that can hold the GOB accountable for the carnage in the country. The PM and his Ministers; the DPP and some obese police officers are getting paid a hefty sum to do NOTHING for the country. This why the people from the differernt media houses are the only ones who can expose these people to the country and the WORLD for their ineptness, and total failure.

  3. His Majesty says:

    @ NY Belize has many people who own cellphones with camera’s why don’t we call on these people to become the media. The GOB tells the media what they can or can’t show, People need to see how graphic the state is of our country so post your videos on you tube and set our country free….

  4. egghead says:

    Damn, AGAIN? These youths have no regard for life and why in such a small city these holligans continued to roam the streets disturbing people lives? The police and GOB are clueless….We need to bring back Charlie Good and Keith Hamilton and suspend all human rights until we get this problem under control. Put these thugs on a chain gang building highways and the city infrastructure while feeding them bread and water….this might be a good start. Peace

  5. Tan says:

    They need Marshall Law in this county!!!! Shut everything down

  6. SUMMER says:


  7. Al says:

    Teenagers, killing with no regard for the law or human life. I know we have an incompetent government, but where are the parents. There is a mother or some family member knows that there is a murderer in their house and they are hiding it.

    As a country we have to stop just giving birth and abandoning our children emotionally and personally. Children need to be nurtured and taught how to care for other people. The norm that I see are parents who look to the children to be the supporter of the family. The kids are robbed of their childhood, and that makes it so easy for them to become killers. Our children needs help, much help.

  8. Big Ben says:

    Why not take all the known gang members to the border so that they can clear some of it. Oh maybe human rights activists might stop that from happening

  9. No nonsense says:

    People of this country need to stop with all the bs and pointing the fingers at the Government and the Police Departmnet, they are not the parents of these ….. running the street firing shots like this is Gaza strip or something. Parents need to be held accountable for their children’s behaviors, parents need to stop harboring these criminals hiding them under beds and selling their souls to hire some criminal attorney to go to court and lie for their kids – the same way the father of this young man came on the news and gave his interview it’s the same way the mother, father, brother, sister someone that’s related to this …. should come on the TV call out his name and tell the police I have him tied to the steps after I gave him a proper whipping with a piece of electrical wire you can come for him and let the law deal with him. People want the problem of crime to be solved – this is the way to solve it!

  10. BzBones says:

    Gov’t needs to put an HD camera on every corner in Belize city. The city is small, the money that would be small compared to securing a large is peanuts & well worth it.

  11. Deron says:

    Makes it that much more hurtful when you think of the taxpayer monies that went to pay gangs for over a year.

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