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Mar 6, 2013

Mom says she didn’t give up ‘baby in bucket’ for adoption

On Tuesday night’s news, we featured a KBTV Fox Four report on a true life story of a ten week old baby found abandoned in a bucket in a village in Belize by a Beaumont couple. The report said that the child was not only an orphan, but also suffered from club foot. The couple brought the baby back to Texas and the child, now seven, was given over to a family. It has all the trappings of a fairytale story…but not quite so. Today, the mother and grandmother of Sarah travelled from the south in Sittee River to our studios. Diana McNab and Bernadette McKenzie say that at only eleven months, Sarah was taken to the United States for corrective surgery for her condition by a couple known to them as Sarah and Christopher Rogers. Because they were from the same Pentecostal Church in Sittee River, McKenzie willingly handed over baby Sarah, filled out medical forms and allowed their baby girl to travel to the U.S. for medical treatment. Both McNab and McKenzie say that despite countless pleas for the return of the child, they were given the runaround. But on Tuesday night, they were flabbergasted when they learnt for the first time that Sarah had been given away for adoption.


Diana McNab

Diana McNab, Mother of Sarah

“While I watched the news I see the feet of the child and I tell my neighbor, hey this baby look like my baby. And when I notice dah my whole baby ih show. Then dehn show the baby ina di lady hand weh she mi gone with and from how ih mi di grow up dehn show di baby. But then I say how dehn wah give away my baby to Chinese.  I call fi she pa and I tell ih pa yo have to come watch this but we wah watch this ten o’clock make we get a good sense of the news. When we watch it ten o’clock ih said that dehn find the baby ina Belize country ina wah village, ina wah bucket abandoned with club feet. So I wah know now, why dehn wah say dehn find my baby ina wah bucket and dah with my ma—cause my ma get my baby one week after ih born—and my ma di raise my baby fi me and dehn say dehn get my baby outta wah bucket. So that shock me. I not even sleep the whole night sake ah I di worry now weh I fi do.”


Duane Moody

“Did you guys give your baby away?”


Diana McNab

“No we doesn’t give our baby. We just signed a paper for medical treatment for her feet for one year and so in one year she can come back. But this is seven years now and every time dehn come dehn say di baby in medic. And now we find out that the baby is not in medic, the baby is going away further instead of dehn bring her back to Belize.”


Bernadette McKenzie

Bernadette McKenzie, Grandmother of Sarah

“I give Sarah for one year. I sign the paper one year to Miss Sarah Rogers. Ih born with a club feet and we noh have the money fi make ih fix di club feet so she make ih promise and so we agree fi make the child gone fi only one year. But not for her to stay and noh come back, we want ahn come back.  She wanted to be the godmother of the child, so we give the go-ahead fi ker di child and fix the club feet then after wah year time, bring ahn back. But instead ah ih bring ahn back, ih di give ahn to somebody else instead of bringing her back to wih.  Three to four months back and forth for the year, they come and every time dehn come Mister, I ask them about the child and all weh dehn tell me, “oh the child is alright. The child is alright.” Wah next time again dehn come and I ask them, “How di child? Paper expired; ih can’t come.”


Diana McNab

“I noh wah got wah lotta help, but I need my baby back. Dah my one and only daughter. I need my daughter back.”


The family says that the document for medical treatment was signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, but those documents went up in flames in a fire that gutted McKenzie’s house some time ago. The family is contemplating to seek assistance from authorities to get the child back to Belize.

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15 Responses for “Mom says she didn’t give up ‘baby in bucket’ for adoption”

  1. Xtasy says:

    Oh Wow! Signed papers for 1 year and seven (7) has passed and you’ve never tried doing anything before?? Going to the authorities???? Trying to seek the advice of a lawyer?? Nothing?? Come on people….this sounds as ridiculous as it makes you look.

  2. not again says:

    Do you think if these people stole the baby they will go on t.v? And come back to Belize 3 to 4 times a year? You bad mother now feel guilty that you gave her away now you see her healty and very well loved. You gave her to your mother when she was one week! Not even dogs give their puppies away. If it was not you it was your mama. If you love your daugther now leave her with her new family she looks very happy. Besides happyness you will never be able to give her what she has now.

  3. Eye in the Sky says:

    She gave the baby to the mother when it was 1 week old because she did not want a crippled baby.
    What kind of a mother gives away her baby at 1 week old.
    Then the grandmother gave away the baby since she did not want a crippled baby either.
    NOW the child is okay and they want her back.
    Fogetaboutit. She is better off in the USA where she can get a good education, make some money, live in a clean and healthy enviroment, and not have to worry about getting shot or raped by her male family members.

  4. Bear says:

    Sounds like an attempt by mom to get a pay off from the Americans.

    I have a young child, and I wouldn’t wait 7 days to report it if he was held from me.

    I’m extremely doubtful about mom’s story, but let’s get the US Embassy involved and have a rational investigation.

  5. Sandy says:

    This story sounds ridiculous!! how can you give up your baby for medical treatment for one year and its now seven years and your child still hasn’t been brought back nor were you ever on tv once to make a complaint that your child was never returned…..its only now that the news is reporting the story you will come forward! these people are as dumb as they come sorry to say…..

  6. Belizean Pride says:

    doesn’t sounds believable to me the way she portrays it.
    Now she sees the baby big, happy, well grown, and not the way the baby was born
    it seems that she’s not capable of growing that child even now.
    So my suggestion would be to leave that baby girl where she is and
    thanks God there were some people that had the heart to take over the
    disappointment you found when she was born. Which shows that you didn’t love the baby
    cause you gave away the baby as soon as she was born.

  7. Potter says:

    This is the norm, when they child is with them the child is not wanted, but the moment someone else has them and looks beautiful and doing good then they will want to fight for the custody back, I’m sorry but if I would be the authorities I wouldn’t waste my time listening to them, this child I believe has a far more better future where she is than being with them. To begin with she was already given away one time.

  8. xkacie says:

    I agree the story is very suspect….and more than likely what they are saying is not the truth or at least not the whole story….but for you EYE IN THE SKY to suggest that just because they are village ppl or worst belizeans the child would molested by her male family members is small minded and ignorant….there is no telling if she is being molested now…there are many instances where those same foster families and adoptive parents molest the children…pedophiles comes in all shapes and sizes….and ppl being molested by family members isnt only common to belize…damn it…oprah was molested

  9. Anonymous says:

    Its a funny situation when you know someone and become good friends with him/her and trust him/her. No one knows the situation that happen between these people and now your judging them by a story presented. Come one use your head and think wisely. Most of the time stories are given on news and not properly investigated.

  10. Eye in the Sky says:

    Oprah was raised by black people.

  11. By Stander says:

    Well I dont know the child is probably better off where she is sad to say. I parent who loves there child doesnt let 7yrs go by end of. simple as that.

  12. angel williams says:

    Everyone comes to Belize ,and as they please stealing kids bring the child back to her mother please.


    Hahahah all I have to do is laugh and ash out my cigarette quick to write this real quick to get off my chest. I read the news yesterday and did not comment…Yes I waited to see the comments. I am not the only one that thinks the same except for Anonymous, whom is probably from Sittee River, a close friend, or family member, but Anonymous your alone with the two ” So called” mothers, your name that you go by on this forum fits you well, wear it on your shoulder. Enough said about you!
    Now, I don’t have any kids, but ( that famous BUT) I have taken care of other peoples’ children and my own three younger sisters. I got them out of the slumps educated them, watered them and formed them. And BANG! As soon as they start to bloom, they were torn away from me abruptly without warning. Two times it happened, ehh! So when someone takes something you did not want and make it beautiful, we Belizeans act like crab inna bucket. Quick! Grab da one deh she look like she wah mek progress and if she get out, I get left behind. I have witness many things like these at first hand with my family and surroundings. When you have money, health, gas in your car, alcohol in your house and your pocket fat, hell yeah you have what seem to be friends and even family. Think of it the other way….I leave you here, but before I go I just want to honestly say they little girl is better off in the USA. Don’t bring her back to Sittee River…Too much short jacket!

  14. Bzygyal says:

    As hard as time may seem growing up in Sittee River, People don’t throw away their babies. THAT’S A FACT!!! I know the people who took little Sarah and they are not trustworthy people. For all of you who is quick to judge and put your NEGATIVE two cents in shame on you. You know nothing about these people. These damn americans come to our village and befriend those who are less fortunate and prey on them. In this case I bet you they’ll sell out and never return. (if they haven’t done that already) I hope some kinda of legal actions can help the McKenzie’s so they can get their child back.

  15. Johana says:

    I knew Sarah when she first arrived to the United States. I took care of her for 8 months, while she had surgery and after. THIS is hard to believe!

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