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Feb 28, 2013

B.D.F. does not support actions by Territorial Volunteers

David Jones

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has gone on record to say that it does not support the initiative. Foreign Affairs Minister Sedi Elrington recited the incident in 2000, when four soldiers were taken by the Guatemalans military which claimed they were trespassing on Guatemalan soil. It took great measures to get the soldiers and he advised the group of the risk they are about to take.  And today, Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones, warned the territorial volunteers to discontinue their mission. Jones says that their actions could cause an international incident.


Brigadier General David Jones, Commander, B.D.F.

“Unfortunately we are not going to provide any support to these people. The ministry of foreign affairs has expressed, the ministry of national security has expressed that it is not a wise idea. We concur with that stance. As a solider being along the border for many years, it is very easy to walk over to Guatemala—be it an inch, a yard, two feet or sometimes even a half a mile. It is very easy to walk over to Guatemala and not knowing that you are there.  It is not like just looking at a map and see the many miles of border and say okay this is where you walk because even with the Global Positioning System, depends on which one you have, has different variations. It is not a situation where you can just take a compass and point a direction and say okay that is where the border is because you can be very mistaken and be on the wrong side of the border. And that is very easy to do because the border between Belize and Guatemala for the most part is thick jungle. Of course there are border markers from Gracias A Dios to Garbutt Falls, but those are many miles away and over challenging terrain. And it is very easy; it is guaranteed you will wonder over the border easily. And if they get caught over the Guatemalan side, then it is under their jurisdiction and we don’t want to make it appear as though there is a military standoff between Belize and Guatemala because we have a friendly relation with the Guatemalan military. We have expressed to them that this is not an activity sanctioned by the government and we are not going to show a military force along there and they are going to reciprocate. But they can decide if they wish, if their national sovereignty has been disturbed, they can take actions whichever they want. And as long as they are caught under Guatemalan soil, they are under Guatemalan jurisdiction.”


Duane Moody

“Would you say it would be best that there is a defined line to ensure that even your soldiers don’t cross that line?”


Brigadier General David Jones

“Of course it would be best. It would be the ideal solution; it would be the ideal situation. However, when you go and clear a boundary, even if it is between two neighbors, you need to consult your neighbor and say okay we intend to clear this line, we intend to determine exactly where this line is and you consult your neighbor. So in this case, if we are to do a joint exercise or an exercise to define exactly where our border is, it is wise to consult with our neighbors and say okay let’s do this jointly and let’s clear and have a defined line to say okay it is easy to determine whether you are in Belize or Guatemala. But you don’t just do it unilaterally like this and offend your neighbor and cause an international incident which very much likely could happen.”


On Saturday News Five will follow the Belize Territorial Volunteers as they carve out a place in Belize’s history.

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22 Responses for “B.D.F. does not support actions by Territorial Volunteers”

  1. Bear says:

    Brigadier, these heroes are doing the job your leader is too afraid to do, or too compromised to do.

    It’s a sad day when our DEFENSE force REFUSES TO DEFEND Belizean lives inside Belize.

  2. alex says:

    can someone buy a map of belize and give it to the minister of foreign affairs and to the Brigadier General David Jones, Commander, B.D.F. Both of you should be the first ones to stand up to Guatemala ant tell them this is our border and this is our country. This is not about politics this is about love for Belize. I challenge our Minister of Foreign Affairs to come out in national Television and show us where is our border line.

  3. belizean rebel says:

    It is a big shame for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Brigadier General David Jones, Commander, B.D.F. to come out on national television and pretend not to know where our border line is. You both should be the first ones to stand up to Guatemala and tell them – this is our border line and this our country. I challenge the Minister of Foreign affairs to come out on national television and show us where our border line is. This is not about politics this is about love for belize.

  4. Tiad says:

    Cowardly actions shown by our Government and by the so called “Belize Defense Force”. Are they not to protect our borders and our people? It seems that they are afraid of Guatemalan civilians. Scared to keep their own back yard in check. Our Prime Minister is silent on these issues. I bet if some millions were involved he’d be at the forefront trying to skim some from off the top.

  5. islandboy70 says:

    If Belizeans step across Guatemalan territory, they can or may be taken by Guatemala military according to our General. Shouldn’t our country be doing the same thing? How many Guatemalans have come across our borders and squatted, stolen precious wood and much more. What is our country doing about that? Is our General afraid of the Guatemalans? I would tend to agree with the General and the Minister of Foreign affairs that if the Guatemalans would respect our country and territory then we must do the same. But if they don’t and we sit back and be polite and complacent, they will continue to ride us. Even if we win the case in the International Courts, Do you think that the Guatemalans will respect our borders and us Belizeans? It may even get worse! My point is that we have to make a stand and although the actions demonstrated by Will Mejia and his followers may not be the most popular, it may be sending a strong message to Guatemala and the rest of the world.

  6. subKonshus says:

    Ok, so if the main reason for not supporting the event is the uncertainty of the border, then all the more there is the need for the exercise. It sounds as if only Guatemalans can prove where the border is, and once they say Belizeans have crossed over, our dumb $$$ authorities will just throw their hands up in the air and agree with them instead of trying to ascertain the truth. If we are uncertain where the border is, then so should Guatemala. We can be uncertain, and they are certain. What kind of elementary bull is that. Our entire Ministry of National Security is damn lazy and dumb to the bone. That ministry should be dismantled and turn over all their resources to Ministry of Education. Disband the entire BDF because if their is no border, then there is no country to defend. Stop wasting tax payers money on paralised ministries and virtual defence services!

  7. border liner says:

    agreed with subkonshus. What happen to our goverment mein, we need to let the guats know we know our borders, our land. This General makes me feel as if he is a guatemalan. All that he says is crap, they shud support Mr. Wil and be there to guide them and ensure then that they don’t go off track. Seems they are afraid of the nieghbors and the neighbors aren’t afaid of them.

  8. Karl says:

    As someone who spent two tour in South Korea and is somewhat familiar with a part of the DMZ. Civilians should not be involved in this kind of endeavor. This should be a joint governmental effort between the BDF, the OAS and the Guatemalan military if they chose to participate. A road or a simple clearing extending down the entire length of the border is needed. If this is done, no one caught on either side of the border could use the excuse that they were not aware of where they were.
    This would also be great for our military, in patrolling, to use, looking for disturb foliage.
    Our military could use a Bulldozer or other earth clearing vehicle to do this quickly. I believe that this is all these people are asking for, and it sounds logical to me. While we are on this subject, how about the BDF having small cheap drones to aid in their surveillance from above. Police Departments are using them in the US, why not us. If the Government was to guarantee this group with this idea, we might not have in international incident.

  9. Nimbo says:

    So in street slang u mean u fraida or they have fed that into your press release?

    Govnt should be ashamed for saying such things- they should be the first ones to declare our borders- make them visible so we know anytime somebody goes into our country to rob us. SHAME ON YOU LEADERS! Diplomacy – yeah right! Tell me if the Guats have any diplomacy? And don’t mention about the OAS- they are just selling us to the Guats!

  10. Nimbo says:

    Our sovereignty has been comprised many many times and are our Leaders standing up for us Belizeans? HELL NO! they are cowering behind diplomacy- the whole lot of them.

    As the late Hon Georg Price said- WE ARE NOT GIVING THEM EVEN AN INCH OF OUR COUNTRY- AND HE STOOD UP TO THAT THROUGHOUT OUR SHORT HISTORY YOU WILL SEE THAT. Too bad our present leaders do not have an inch of that in their minds- big mouth but no action…no B…$$ as Cenaida said no- her words still ringing true to today..mein that phrase should be engraved somewhere..

  11. Ishmael says:

    We know our country leaders are chickens! we need to stand firm and defend our country. No talking here just actions. Show those Guats we are not afraid of them. We need true leaders with courage not this bunch of parrots.

  12. lizzie says:

    thats because those low life are afraid and too damm lazy.

  13. BMNJ says:

    How about inviting foreign journalists to part take in the recording and airing of this inevitable event? Maybe with the world watching, the Guatemalan authorities will think twice before trying to harm or illegally detain our patriotic brothers and sisters.

  14. Seletar says:

    I can’t believe it, the head of our defense forces is telling the Guats IN ADVANCE that they are free to invade our territory and kidnap our citizens, AND HE WILL NOT DO ANYTHING TO STOP THEM!

    I think it borders on treason, because General Jones’s words are nothing but an invitation for the Guat military to raid our country, knowing our soldiers will do nothing more than sit and watch them.


  15. Barry says:

    Alex, I imagine General Jones is using a Guat map, and that is what confuses him, since there is no country of Belize at all on those maps.

  16. Genotu Rembiuos says:


  17. Storm says:

    Great idea, BMNJ. Get a reporter from CNN or someone like that to observe and record, then let the world know the truth.

    Belize is to the Guat government what Poland was to Hitler — a target for aggression. I agree with everyone who is ready to fight.

  18. roy says:

    di amount a ppl who are talking big and pointing fingers dat the PM,MINISTER and COMMANDANT coward..wanda if unu gwein wit will mejia go clear di border..or if unu even kno were di border is located..i doubt u guys kno or would atempt to find out..unu jus talk caz unu gat mouth lik lady..unu da hypocrite..unu jus tak jus lik di politicion..shut up ppl..or do sumtng..i belive u shouldnt tak if u cant or wount do any tng bout shut up or join will mejia..wat will it b girls

  19. .roy says:

    all unu who di tak and call name..hav u guys seen di border before..are u guyz going wit will mejia go clear it..wat unu di do fi unu country..hypocrites..typical belizean..dis deh we gud pan,tak,tak,critsize,and beg,we are not known fi wrking together and getting tngz don..unu giv unu mouth a break mek lady tak, wak up n do sum tng

  20. Alexjr says:

    these leaders are cowards. why is bze in independent nation den? dismantle d DBF caz dem d do nutn ina dis country except w8 fu payday. shame on elrington and jones for saying that they will not defend bze citizens inside bze soil.. shame n disgrace..

  21. Starbros Intel says:

    It is time to kick our leaders out. Is this the type of leaders we want? surely not. Our own army is not ready, and I know this for a fact but people like you and me, we can make this happen, we can defend our country.

  22. Emmanuel says:

    I guess I should pay my stamp duty and tax to Guatemala they are in charge we are talking to the wrong people.

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