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Feb 22, 2013

100 machetes to clear border line faces resistance

There is another development in respect to the territorial claim by Guatemala. For the past few years, Punta Gorda’s activist Wil Maheia and a group called Belize Territorial Volunteers have raised the flag along the border with Guatemala. The celebratory and symbolic gesture has taken them as far as Gracias de Dios. The group feels there have been too many incursions and hardwood extractions in the area by Guatemalans. In the coming week, they have decided to take machetes to cut a line along the border with Guatemala. But Guatemala, we are told, is not happy about the event and has written to the Belize Government to have Maheia cease and desist from taking his hundred machetes to the border on March second. News Five spoke via phone to Maheia who says he will still swing his cutlass in Belize territory.


Voice of: Wil Maheia, taking 100 machetes to demarcate border

“What really started our group, the Belize Territorial Volunteers, was when the Guatemalans came in and started taking stuff from people’s farms and stealing their horses. So we started the Belize Territorial Volunteers. And it is basically like a watchdog group to watch over our borders because people continue to come in. And what we want to do right now is to go on the border line itself and demarcate it. We know that a borderline exists; that it is there, but it has been neglected. It hasn’t been clean over the years. So what we want to do right now is to go there with machetes—we have a hundred machetes—and with hand, we will open back up the border. When the British were here, I could remember from Gracias de Dios, you could probably walk all the way up to Cayo through like a survey line. It is not really possible right now because the border has been neglected. We want to demarcate starting in Toledo district and demarcate that border.”


Jose Sanchez

“There are several things that are happening. Have you been requested or summoned, what would be the appropriate word to describe the meeting that was to take place in the capital at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?”


Voice of: Wil Maheia

“Well I wouldn’t want to comment too much on that right now Jose because the person who spoke to me said that they would want to keep it down and I promised to keep it on the down low for right now. But if it is any talking or discussions about persuading us not to continue with our mission to keep an eye on the border or to clear the border line, I’ve checked with a couple attorneys and it is well in our rights as Belize to do that. So we will proceed to clear the border line.”


Jose Sanchez

“Mister Maheia, you’re in P.G. right now right? That meeting that you can’t speak of was supposed to occur in the capital today. So you haven’t gone to that meeting.”


Voice of: Wil Maheia

“No I have not gone to that meeting. Let me clarify. I guess it falls under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but it was people from the referendum committee who were basically requesting that?”


Jose Sanchez

“They don’t want you to do this clearing of Belizean soil.”


Voice of: Wil Maheia

“It didn’t go into too much details because it was supposed to be a person to person meeting and I decided after speaking with our attorney, they had advised to hold back from that meeting.”


Jose Sanchez

“Do you think; I am not sure if you are aware that Guatemala has dismantled the Comision de Belice. If you are aware of that, do you think that may have had some impact on the referendum committee’s rationale for not wanting you to go to border?”


Voice of: Wil Maheia

“I think it may have, although they would have to speak for themselves, but it may have. I would like to say that I am just overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of support that I am getting from across this nation.”


We contacted the Foreign Ministry as well as Belize’s Ambassador to Guatemala, but no one would give a comment. 

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13 Responses for “100 machetes to clear border line faces resistance”

  1. Storm says:

    Appeasement is no different from surrender, just slower.

    These Territorial Volunteers have the right idea. It’s a start to organize our people to defend our nation like patriots. I wish I had heard about their worthy effort sooner, but hopefully the idea can spread to every city, town, and village.

    Remember, GOB works for us, not the other way around. It is supposed to do our will, and I believe the consensus of the nation is to resist Guat aggression — yes, their diplomacy is aggression, just like Hitler before he invaded Poland.

  2. Nesher says:

    uno betta watch out, sedington don sey pan Chan 7 if uno get ina trouble he wa trow uno to di dogs….dis da how much he value Belizean territory, he’s willing to let the guatemalans take Belizean ppl out of OUR own territory, n he wont do anyting because he afraid to “UPSET” the guatemalans. mmmm i wonder if he isn’t one himself????

  3. Rebel says:

    Well…. land of the free? land of the afraid!!!!!!! Guatemalan’s come in and do what ever they feel like and if get caught doing wrong all they get is a slap on the wrist!!!! Ridiculous …….Belizeans stand up for your rights mek we stap talk big and rail up in silence!!!! do something bout it!!!

  4. Rebel says:

    land of the free? land of the afraid!!!!!!! Guatemalan’s come in and do what ever they feel like and if get caught doing wrong all they get is a slap on the wrist!!!! Ridiculous …….Belizeans stand up for your rights mek we stap talk big and rail up in silence!!!! do something bout it!!!

  5. blvnjah says:

    Good job Wil and the Belize Territorial Volunteers. i will continue to do my small part and help however i can.

  6. Joe says:

    Patriotism is a love and devotion to a country or homeland for no other reason than being a resident there.

    I hope that our people will stand by this guy and join him by the thousands and send a message that we do what is in the best interest of our borders. The Guatemalan President is a Terrorist
    for trying to control our God given rites.
    So I say, !@#% him.

  7. blackberry says:

    I am now convince that sedi is working for and on behalf of Guatemala. If we leave him there we will soon have to take out ` form proud Rio Hondo to old Sarstoon ` from our national anthem.

  8. ceo says:

    Good job Wil! Segregation in America was turned up side down all because 1 woman got mad enough and sat down where it was illegal for her to sit at the time. Wil you have a few hundred guys that are will to stand up for what is right! Carry on!

    Governments through out history are never known to do what was correct without pressure from the public! So Keep up the pressure!

  9. not again says:

    More of us should get together and join Wil. I am ready.

  10. Voice says:

    I have one great idea, its going to be very difficult but not impossible. Belizeans come togethere and we build a nice 20ft high 15ft wide wall to mark our border line. Yes its like copying china but hey thats one solutiong to stop all dis stealing of our rose wood and gold. Lets build the great wall of Belize people, someone come to lead it and we can do it.

  11. Eye in the Sky says:

    Cant trust Sedi just like George Price was caught trying to sell Belize to the Guatemalans and was locked up by the British.

  12. Concern says:

    I challenged the Government, Ministry of Works and all with the resources to come out and support this movement and helping with clearing demarcating our border lines! Hats off to Will! Patriotism and its highest.

  13. The world is watching says:

    Storm you are completely correct.

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