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Feb 22, 2013

Youth allegedly kills woman for insulting him

Corina Coh

Punta Gorda police have recorded the first murder for this year in that municipality.  A UB student, Corina Coh, was murdered on Thursday evening about a mile from her house in the village of Laguna and a minor has been charged for her murder. Coh was found bleeding by a B.D.F. soldier who was travelling to the village; the twenty-four year old woman was lying on the ground suffering from multiple chop wounds to the upper part of her body. Coh was rushed to the Punta Gorda Hospital but died on arrival. Quick response from the police led to the detention of a sixteen year old minor who, like Coh, is also a resident of Laguna Village. He allegedly confessed that he chopped Coh multiple times after she insulted him. The minor appeared before the courts this afternoon and tonight he is behind bars. Newly instated Officer Commanding the Punta Gorda Police Formation, Superintendent Simeon Alvarez, spoke with News Five about the murder.


Via Phone: Supt. Simeon Alvarez, O.C., Punta Gorda Police

“At around four-twenty-one p.m. yesterday, Punta Gorda Police received information of a female being chopped via the nine one-one line. As a result of that, police visited the Punta Gorda Hospital where they saw thje lifeless body of a young lady later identified as Corina Coh, twenty-four year old UB student of Laguna Village. A B.D.F. sergeant of police while on his way to Laguna on his bicyle, he saw this young lady lying on the side of the road and was suffering from multiple chop wounds to the upper part of the body. She identified herself to him. He asked her who had committed the offense to her and she told him that it was a sixteen year old minor. I don’t want to disclose his name because of his age. He immediately gathered assistance and she was taken to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead on arrival.”


Duane Moody

Simeon Alvarez

“Quick response from the police led to the detention of this minor and I understand that he was charged this afternoon at the Magistrate’s court in PG. tell us about that.”


Via Phone: Supt. Simeon Alvarez

“I commend my personnel under my command for their quick response to the crime. Whilst at the crime scene, they managed to detain the suspect who later was brought in to the station and confessed to the crime. He was arrested and charged today and taken to magistrate court where the case was adjourned for the twenty-fourth of April.  Apparently it was a senseless incident. There was no need for that incident to have gone to that level. It was just basically insulting words, according to him. You know that the deceased carries no tale and as a result of that based on what she told him, he got uptight on that and made chase behind her and then managed to caught up with her and inflicted the wounds to her.”


The sixteen year old minor was remanded to prison and is to return to court on April twenty-fourth.

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14 Responses for “Youth allegedly kills woman for insulting him”

  1. Storm says:

    This killer needs to be tried and sentenced like an adult, not a juvenile.

    Murder is an adult crime, and demands adult punishment. Our juvenile criminal laws are 50 years behind the times, they don’t take into account the sophistication and deliberate violence today’s teens are capable of committing.

  2. Roaring creek another world says:

    damn another younging going be behind bars
    rip to p girl. Belize need help

  3. pgbk87 says:

    WTF? The generation of men in Belize are getting softer and softer.

  4. Johnny Tun says:


  5. Nigel says:

    This the de-evolution of our society. We are one generation away from tossing feces at each other; however Rod the racist is already there. How and why have we arrived at this societal upheaval? The other day I heard of a teacher from a school in Belmopan being dismissed because 3 of her students (1 male and two females) were engaged in oral sex; these were little infant school kids! What in the hell is going on in our country? God help us if more people sink to the knuckle dragging state of Rod the racist as he is as primitive as they come but not withstanding the two primates that agreed with him on the immigration issue of the weeks past.

  6. Southern says:

    Its high time that minors being charged with senseless crimes are tried in court as adults and their names released to the public. Hope justice prevails.

  7. freddy says:

    what ever happen to walking away talk is’s not worth spending the rest of your life in prison just over insulting words.

  8. Simone says:

    it seems his brain is smaller than his …. fu true

  9. Belizean Pride says:

    i would like to thank the BDF for assisting this young mom and that’s why we have a criminal detained. if that young mom would have died we might only read her death as a statistic on this yrs list with no trace of the killer, kudos to him for assisting. he should be thanked by the police and the community. if the case of it is just being because of being insulted, could be the young killer said something disrespectful to her and she answered back which I’ve seen n heard a lot of times on the street which shows the lack of respect our youths have these days to women and even old folks.

  10. Al says:

    Please tell me what are the parents doing these days. How are these children being raised. I would like parents to know that their boy child need as much love as the girls. These little boys needs to be hugged and told they are loved. One way to soften the hearts of our young men is for the parents to nurture them in love. The big problem is that so many of these young men are left to raise themselves and the majority of the time start providing for the family at a young age. Please as a country we have to start securing the future, we can start by incorporating some personal growth education in the schools. We are totally headed in the wrong direction, let us get back on track it will take parents and government and community programs to do some solid planning and execution of training and educating the citizens.

  11. Storm says:

    @Johnny Tun, you’re right, the BDF and police in this case certainly deserve credit for trying to save the victim with a valiant effort, and for making a prompt arrest. I hope DPP and the courts will carry on with good work to protect the nation and punish the killer..

    I think the reason some of us overlooked to comment on it right off is because we are so outraged by the legal protections for murderers who happen to be under 18, and we wanted to comment about that.

    So sad for the victim’s babies, too. Prayers for them all.

  12. Seletar says:

    Al, I think we went off the rails when we started to focus on the “rights” of people instead of responsibility [and wrongs, as in the 10 Commandments].

    For example, today girls have a right to have babies under any circumstances, but nobody has the responsibility to support, nurture, and train the babies up. I wonder what church attendance is now, compared to before independence? The “right” to drop out of school is another devastating phenomenon.

    Not everything we copy from the States is good for us, and superliberality is one of those bad ideas. It’s bad for them, but it’s worse for us, because we lack the extra money they have to cover up our many social missteps.

  13. hakeemarzu says:

    with that tie of morder i tink the minor should be delt with as a adult

  14. Kayla says:

    Sad to say the murderer was freed due to poor police paper works and poor investigation. Jonathan Cucul confessed to the crime but didn’t sign the paper. Therefore, because he didn’t sign the judge said that doesn’t bind him to his confession.Additionally, the weapon found in his house was never tested for DNA . Additionally,after four years awaiting the final trial, most of the witnesses forgot most of what had transpired. We asked the case to be appealed ,however,the D.P.P didn’t even bother appealing the case. Now, late Corina’s two young kids are growing up without a mother. Continue to R.I.P Corina!

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