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Feb 8, 2013

Guatemala’s other map usurps Belize

The road to the October referendum should be one filled with education and awareness about the unfounded claim to Belize’s territory by Guatemala. But that campaign will be on a bumpy road as provocative images place Belize as part of Guatemala. On Wednesday, the Guatemalan Ambassador to the OAS, Jose Rodrigo Vielmann de Leon, showed member states a video with a map of his country that included Belize as another part of its territory. It was the second incident that occurred within the OAS; the first was in Bolivia which also came under protest. Tonight, there is another example of disregard of our territory. A book called “Guatemala Corazon del Mundo Maya 2012” released by the Tourism Institute of Guatemala (INGUAT) also includes a map of Guatemala’s Mayan world placing Belize as part of it. The Guatemalan map does not name Belize as a country but puts us as part of a state where four languages are spoken; mainly English, Spanish, Mopan and Garifuna.  As part of the geographical description, the book says points to two coastlines consisting of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Late this evening, we confirmed with Tourism Minister, Manuel Heredia, who was sent a copy by the Director of INGUAT, Peter Paul Bachelor Duchez; that he has returned the publication. Heredia says that cabinet agreed that the book was to be sent back and furthermore that he is to lodge a complaint to INGUAT at the next SICA meeting. The “Guatemala Corazon del Mundo Maya 2012” was released at a recent SICA meeting in Guatemala. 

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18 Responses for “Guatemala’s other map usurps Belize”

  1. Castle says:

    Actions such as these by official Guatemalan institutes and personnel should push Belizeans to actively campaign against putting this matter to the ICJ.
    First, if the ICJ rules against Guatemala they will simply deny the legality of the ruling and Belize will gain nothing. Guatemala has already proven that this is how they operate by going against all international organizations that fully recognize Belize’s sovereignty. The best indicator of future performance is past performance.
    Second, the fact that Guatemala is taking actions such as this means that they are feeling that empowered by the prospect of going to the ICJ. In Belize, we think that the Guatemalan claim is “obviously” unfounded, but it seems that in Guatemala, the sentiment is the opposite; they seem to feel that a Guatemalan win in the ICJ is extremely likely if not “obvious.”
    Third, Belizeans have to realize that courts are not perfect, they are subject to corruption and prejudice. Guatemala is a powerful country within Central America with considerably more influence on affairs in the region than Belize. Are we going to trust that Guatemala will not attempt to influence a court decision by all means possible?
    Rather than going to the ICJ, Belizeans need to make a gutsy stance and declare that every millimeter of Belizean territory is sovereign. Then the GOB needs to put policies in place to protect that sovereignty by all means necessary, protect our borders. We all know of the US Border Patrol and Minute men initiatives. A similar border patrol/minute man initiative would be expensive for Belize, but it could probably be paid for by the gold, timber, and xate that is being stolen as we speak.
    There’s one rule that stands out in international law and that is the right to defend one’s self and one’s property. It’s time to exercise that rule.

  2. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Stand up Belizeans! Either vote “NO” or do not vote at all. Barrow needs 60% to sell out this country to the ICJ. This is not complex. You either want to be a Belizean or a Guatemalan.

  3. RedBwai says:

    Guatemala is too darn facey…they are a very bullying country towards Belize..they are resorting to under handed tactics to put the ball in their court in the international community…what they are doing is very offensive to Belize and we shall not stand idle by an what them take us make a mockery in the international community…where is our Ambassador on this issue? where is the OAS on this issue?? Where is our minister of foreign affairs Elrington on the issue?? havent heard a peep from him!!..where is the PM on this issue?? are they jus gonna let this slide with a slap on the wrist for guatemala?? i dont think so…

  4. Snefazi says:

    Because of the foreign spaniards, most natives in that area suffered from cultural imperialism, classism, and poverty. The indigenous peoples are treated as third class citizens in guatemala, but the descendants of the invading spaniards want to use the history of the same mistreated peoples to claim Belize. If the U.S would intervene, I would like to compare the mexican claim on U.S states like texas, california, NM, AZ, Nevada etc. to the claim that Guatemala has on Belize. That entire region was once a part of mexico because of spanish conquest. I would like to see the indigenous maya that are claiming belize and what their share of the land would look like. Guatemala wants to claim a land that was taken by one invader (spain) and then gotten by another invader (Great Britain). Guatemala needs to try to negotiate with GOB for access to the port etc, and just “knock it off” or stop the foolishness. What about the African olmecs in mexico? How do African/Belizeans fit into this puzzle? The name Belize is a state in Angola, Africa!

  5. Lucas says:

    A few years ago we were warned, through this same channel, by his Excelency Ambassador Martinez; that as ICJ date drew closer, we would experience more and more this type of Guatebad attitude. He pointed out that Guate needs badly to show some proof of control over Belize. We should take into account that Guate feels profoundly embarassed and so stupid cause Belize pulled a fast one on them by changing the referendum law right under their nose without them even smelling it. Believe you me, Guate wants to pull out of the ICJ but found out it is not easy to pull out of this one.You see, Guate is accustomed to back-track on it’s word when it comes to Belize. They said that if we do not modify our referendum law to suit them, they would pull out of the compris but, that did not work. So they changed gear and are now using the map thing which will not work too. I feel later they will use their military. I would not be surprised if we have a repetition of the year 2000. Remember the abduction of a BDF Patrol?. Guatemala will continue to provoke us hoping we will get so angry and pull out of the referendum and thus, free themselves faulting Belize but themselves appear blameless. Good plan but it has a fault. Belize is fully aware of the game.

  6. stopthebs says:

    VOTE NO ..

  7. stopthebs says:


  8. Bear says:

    I wonder how many of the thousands Guats illegally naturalized to vote in our elections will be voting for OUR COUNTRY to become part of Guatemala? We have a huge Fifth Column in the country, thanks to crooked politicians.

  9. Orange walkeno says:

    Common sense will tell you that u u self hav fu watch u own back.No one will decide your future &your children’s but u.Tell dean barrow &guatemala no to ICJ,not an inch of our jewel.If they have a quarrel with England then proceed with them but leave Belize out of it .Enough timber and hardwood the British raped of Belize and we are not proud of it.That would be their fight.If we go back in history all Mesoamarica belongs to the Maya’s not the notorious Europeans that only came to rape our land.Are we willing to let it happen again by the chapines and the UDP?Piensa!!Our wife’s and daughters would pay for not being wise.

  10. gone fishing says:

    With their special sense of entitlement and incompetence, GOB fumbles just about everything

    The question will be how they will take Belize’s unbeatable legal position and lose sovereignty.

    It is just a matter of time before GOB starts issuing those Guat maps.

  11. Storm says:

    Castle is 100% right. Nothing can stop us from forming our own militias to defend the Jewel by all means available.

  12. Nimbo says:

    Naturalized Belizeans, especially CA ones should NOT be allowed to vote in the upcoming referendum. We all know it- they have Belizean citizenship but their allegiance is first and foremost to their mother land.

    Fully agree with Castle and we should take it one step further- to build a wall along our border line. Then we shall show even our own current Minister the famous imaginary border.

  13. Seletar says:

    Nimbo is right — only natural born citizens should be allowed to vote if we have a referendum (which I oppose).

  14. Islander says:

    Belizeans have never and will never want to be a part of Guatemala. Vote No, to the ICJ.
    Guatemala is after our Oil, Gold and Tourism Industry and Rich Marine and Land Resources.
    Vote NO!! They have to recognize our Sovereignty. We are an Independent country and Guatemala has to learn to respect that.

  15. belizea says:

    Ok, people. Let’s be real. Islander, Guatemala more than likely will never learn to respect our sovereignty. On their side of the border, there are countless number of indigenous people hungry and willing to do anything to get into our rich natural resources. The OAS is there, we don’t know for how long, as a temporary stop-gap to decrease the flow of illegal Guatemalans coming through our borders to find gold, xate, whatever they’re looking for to make a living. On their side, there is nothing. the land is barren. The only HOPE we have at this time is to vote YES in the upcoming referendum. Not because we are cowards or fools, but this is the only way to teach the Guatemalan government to respect our sovereign rights. IF we vote no, and this matter is left hanging, here’s what will happen people. The OAS will move on and out of Belize. It is costing them to be here. As any dangerous predator would, Guatemala may try to show its military might. No wall will keep them out folks, if they really want in. So, use your heads and listen to your heart. Vote YES to the ICJ and let’s save this land we love so much for our future generations.

  16. ceo says:

    Good move to send that right back and filing a formal complaint!

    If they ever invade we do not have to worry all the gang boys are heavily armed. They will have a legitimate target then we will see how bad they are!

    I agree that no naturalized Belizeans who has no vested interest in Belize should vote. If they own property let them vote because they knowif Guatemala get to take more of Belize it could verywell be their land and I am sure they do not want to lose the land they would never have gotten in Guate.

  17. NO TOICJ says:

    VOTE NO to ICJ
    Guatemala cannot be trusted

  18. MIKE says:

    yes, that is true, if we see every morning by san jose succotz village, the guatemalans pass daily as a bike race. they are heading to their works. those guatemalans that are living here in our country, those who came suffering starving and killed their hunger here in our country, do they want to suffer again after they have made BELIZE their home. BELIZE IS OURS AND WE WILL NOT LET NO GUATEMALA COME OVER US. “I WILL NOT DIE FOR MY COUNTRY, BUT I WANT THE ENEMY DIE FOR HIS COUNTRY”.

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