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Feb 8, 2013

Top cop says showing video of Minister could hurt case

Miguel Segura

Minister of State Mark King was charged for Threatening Words, Disorderly Conduct and Aggravated Assault in the Corozal courtroom of Magistrate Clive Lino for an incident that occurred after his friend, identified as Diego Witz Junior was ejected from Princess Casino at the Corozal Free Zone. There is cell phone footage showing King and his entourage in an aggressive situation with police at the border station. Earlier today, News Five spoke to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura, about the incident and he said public broadcasts of    eyewitness videos do not help to prosecute similar cases. 


ACP Miguel Segura, Head of Eastern Division

“If you know my history, I have done a lot of investigations involving people in the ministry. And I acquainted with the law, before I am not exempted from the law, I deal with it in a professional basis.”


Giovanni Brackett, Plus TV

“Do you believe that this amateur video that was released on the news last night will avhe any impact on the investigation?”


ACP Miguel Segura

Mark King

“Well thanks for asking that question because at the time, I’m very wondering sometimes how the media goes about getting these types of video. And also while they have obligation to report to the public, but sometimes what also affects us is the admissibility of these things in a court of law and it becomes prejudicial. But these type of videos, like I said you share it with the public, but sometimes, it doesn’t help the case.”


Jose Sanchez

“Sir, are you depending on the testimony of the officer at the border?”


ACP Miguel Segura

“Well like any investigation, and the media must know, that we have to do an investigation to get those points to prove that meets evidentiary test in the court of law.”


Jose Sanchez

“And does this also mean relying on other evidence within the casino or other videos that may have been recorded by that particular facility?”


ACP Miguel Segura

“When police conducts an inquiry and from my experience and from my guideline, you follow all lines of the inquiry with the aim to get the necessary evidence that meets the evidentiary test in our court of law.”


The Prime Minister suspended King from his duties as a Minister of State for three months without pay. King has apologized, but makes no admission of wrongdoing. 

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12 Responses for “Top cop says showing video of Minister could hurt case”

  1. MK the untouchable says:

    The video would have been “lost” before the case comes up anyway.

  2. Bear says:

    ACP Segura: “I have done a lot of investigations involving people in the ministry.”

    Could you refresh my recollection, have ANY of those investigations resulted in convictions?

    I don’t see how the broadcast of the video can prejudice a prosecution, except at the hands of a judge more concerned with hyper-technicalities than justice.

    But I don’t want to prejudice the case, I want to prejudice the next election. I am willing to wait until the criminal case is over, but the public interest then in seeing how a Minister of Gangs behaves will overwhelm everything else. As long as we have seen them before the next election, we will have what we need to know, when we need to know it. The closer to the election, the better.

  3. His Majesty says:

    Keep Posting your videos belizeans record everything you can

  4. Rod says:

    He should be in jail along with the pm and the rest of this corrupt gov. The most corrupt in the history of this great nation they are letting people get murdered all over the place and nothing happens to them you or one of your family members might be next to be shoveled in the back pan of a pickup truck unu Betta march march we need to jail from the pm down all corrupt ministers should be jailed.

  5. sickntired says:

    Ok now we see how king will get off from this one – it will be the media fault for prejudicing the case. This top cop only smart eh? He should be promoted! I just hope he no get into trouble with his bosses for letting the cat out of the bag so soon.

  6. RedBwai says:

    The only thing the police cares about is the prevention of slandering of the name and reputation of the minister…they dont give a damn about the case or the impact the video has on the case..bottom line is, the video is incriminating…an thats what they want to hide from the gereral public..let the people see the video and judge for themselves in the court of public opinion. Its not too surprising when you hear on the news how quick the police confiscates or deletes any incriminating video footage or pictures taken by witness of the departments misdeeds to citizens…now all of a sudden this video will hurt this case…ofcourse it will…it will hurt the minster’s case very badly…it will hurt the UDP’s image…an thats wha the police is trying to proctect…after all who are the governments run man..who does the governments dirty work?? who does the police department takes orders from?? they are Government’s puppets…they are in the ministers back pockets so to what do u expect will happen?? the man will walk…nothing will come of this case..evidence will go missing or thrown out…and the minister will laugh to see another day..

  7. Jose says:

    I would comment but this idiot’s comments are incomprehensible. He’s a what kind of cop?

  8. NY says:

    This dude sounds ignorant, i’m LMFA……..this guy is suppose to be a top cop? wow!!!! this is why Bze is so messed up. It’s really pathetic they have people like this in the police department.

  9. moses EX PC says:

    What harm has the King’s behavior other than upon himself and the UDP brought upon the people. The reality is that in every society there are the privileged and the others. Alcohol is the devil that sometimes blurs the privileged… Senator Kennedy and Chappaquiddick comes to mind. This too will blow over. Itarala.

  10. Nigel says:

    This one is shaping up to be another “sweep it under the carpet” moment in what has now become the norm in everyday Belizean society. The people that operate in the background of these casinos have an arrangement if you will with the government, a sort of you look the other way and I will. Come on and save the people the spectacle of the litigation or lack thereof in the courts; unless an attorney affiliated with the government wants a piece of this.
    Don’t insult the people anymore with what will be just another non-memory if and when the trial finally comes up. If “honorable” men in the not so distant past have walked away with millions of our sweat and blood in the form of our money while being aided and abetted by the stewards of our justice system, then where does this leave this “slight” by comparative standards?
    Justice will be shown to be one sided yet again for this is the reality of life in our beautiful Belize. We are in their minds their ignorant kids and we should be treated as such and those video tracks that once housed the footage that illustrates what our leaders have now devolved into may have already been repurposed “to save space”.
    I used to think Belize was a place where anything goes and unlike other countries our laws that govern its citizens were not as hard or regimented. But when you police the innocent and law is degraded for the guilty then where do we stand as a people whose country is built on a principle of justice for all?

  11. Bear says:

    Nigel for Attorney General.

  12. moses EX PC says:

    Many senior police officers struggle with the use of the English language. This assistant police commissioner’s interview is an example. We all speak creole as a first language and those who are not educated at certain level in the use of the English language will struggle in expressing themselves orally in a comprehensive and articulate manner. This problem exits at all levels of our society from political leaders to the common man on the street. It is a travesty when an assistant police commissioner is unable to deliver a clear concise statement in the official language of the country.

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