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Feb 7, 2013

A King charged in court

Minister of State Mark King this morning finally had his day in court. Cabinet, on Tuesday, issued a release stating that Corozal Police would charge King for Threatening Words and Disorderly Conduct for his involvement in a brawl in front of the Princess Casino. But on Wednesday, Police issued a release stating that King had been charged for those things and also for the much more serious and criminal charge of Aggravated Assault. When King appeared at Corozal Magistrate’s Court, he was formally arraigned in front of Magistrate Clive Lino.  Freelance reporter Mike Rudon has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Since Tuesday the media has been playing the waiting game; nobody from the Corozal Police Department was exactly rushing to offer any information at all on when Minister of State Mark King would be charged. Two days after the infamous casino incident, King finally has his day in Court – or rather his fifteen minutes. He was charged and pleaded not guilty to Aggravated Assault, Threatening Words and Disorderly Conduct. He was offered bail of four thousand dollars and a surety in the same amount and told to return to Court on April sixteenth.


Then flanked by his attorney Ellis Arnold and a couple bouncer types, King was escorted into the office of the Clerk of Courts to deal with the bail matter. At that point it was back to the waiting game.


The delay was allegedly because King had nobody to sign the surety portion of the bail, and fully an hour and a half later a Corozal man appeared to do the deed. But he still wasn’t free to go.


Complete with entourage, King then re-entered the courtroom where he was told by an officer that he had to go back to the Police Station, allegedly to confirm payment of his bail, before he would be free to go.


That was done, and a stony faced King with stony faced attorney and stony bouncer then entered this vehicle and departed the scene. Throughout his journeys between the court room, clerk of court office and Police Station, King said not one word. Mike Rudon for News Five.


With the court formalities out of the way, King is on a three-month suspension from his portfolio duties without pay. In a strangely worded apology on his Facebook page in which he says he did nothing wrong, but apologizes anyway for whatever he didn’t do, King says he is now free to devote more time to his constituents.

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14 Responses for “A King charged in court”

  1. Peoplescourt says:

    He apologizes publicly for his actions and then pleads not guilty?? If you did it, man up!

  2. Rod says:

    Since their was a gun involved their should not have been any bail this is this gov. Every one in this gov. Is above the law no wonder people are dying all over the place every single day just look to this situation to see the corruption that is rampant in this gov. Nothing but low life’s from the pm down.

  3. inthediaspora says:

    Besides his suspension, I think he should be sent to anger management classes, AA meetings and required to turn in his handgun. Every incident he is involved in seems worse than the last. Let’s hope the next news story about his is not that he shot and killed a bar employee or a wife/girlfriend. If he is this much of a devil abroad, what is he like at home I wonder? No way he should be trying to work with the gang members. Unless of course he is trying to get initiated into one.

  4. bzd2dbone says:

    Some people play stupid or are just plain stupid. No mention was made of a gun being “involved” in this altercation. The charge for “Aggravated assault ” is due to the fact that it was a Police Officer who was assaulted. In such cases regardless if a gun is involved or not it is considered a aggravated assault.

  5. Truth says:

    They should charge him 3X the amount of People’s Tax money spent at the Casino and elsewhere..
    B’Cause Embezzlement is a sure symptom of the government…
    Charge him, hell charge them all

  6. issues says:

    Rich people never go to jail. Just ask Bert Vasquez..
    Notice how the news never mentions his name now. The same thing will happen with this. As well as with all the police brutality issues…ect. You hear about them, but then just like magic they are solved….or should I say nothing is done! News 5 should have a two hour show just on these back issues and why no one involved is in jail.

  7. KHMH's Private Securty says:

    Well at least we know that although he won’t be paid for his Cabinet duties, as of March 1st, his Security Company has been awarded the contract at KHMH, so he has that fat check to pay his lawyers.

  8. Storm says:

    What a thug. What a disgrace to his constituents.

    Let’s see the security video of his behavior broadcast on national TV. We can all be judge and jury, that would be fun!

    He really should resign, it is the only honorable thing to do. Now we will see if he possesses any honor. Or shame.

  9. ceo says:

    Problem like this comes after elections because if they win (UDP and PUP) they get this atitude that they are next to God almighty in Belize and they are untouchable. Not realizing that they were elected to serve the people not to be lord over them!

    I can bet that he is only going through this mess because he may have fallen out of grace with the higherups!

  10. TRUTH, NOLIE says:

    ROD im astonished by your negativity, nothing ever seems enough for you. The law states that if you are cought with an unlicensed fire arm no bail may be granted. I’m sure he had a licensed arm. The charge of aggravated assault is just.

  11. Annabelle Isaquirre says:

    Shameful!! This “honorable” Minister is a disgrace to all of us Belizeans. He should do the right thing and just resign now!

  12. Cayo Juarez says:

    why was he not handcuffed n den marched to court? what a shame n disgrace!! resign now.

  13. sickntired says:

    The man confused – thinks that to be minister of gangs he must behave like the gang leader – lead by example etc. Lol

  14. Eye in the Sky says:

    In other Civilized countries when a politician causes such disgrace and embarrassment to himself they usually resign.
    King should do the same.
    No worry King the government in power now will still take care of you as they do to all cronies.

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