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Feb 1, 2013

Eyewitness to murder found in shallow grave

Rommel Palacio Jr.

As we reported on Thursday night, a body was found in a shallow grave between miles eleven and twelve on the George Price Highway. The family of Rommel Palacio Junior painfully identified his remains this morning through a tattoo as well as a watch found near the remains. Palacio went missing in December last year and the family suspected since then that he had been killed. Rommel was a witness in the 2007 trial against Emory and Maurice Felix for the murder of Mitchum Heredia. The Felix brothers were found guilty; they appealed and last year June a hung jury could not reach a decision and so they are awaiting trial. But in June 2011, Rommel’s father, was shot multiple times in his bathroom, it is believed the gunmen were looking for Rommel Junior.  Well, the discovery of his remains is now bringing closure to his family. Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

A shocking discovery was made by three men fishing near mile twelve on the George Price Highway. The remains, believed to be that of thirty-five year old Rommel Palacio Junior, were found in this flooded grave—approximately two feet deep and amongst these hedges between miles eleven and twelve. During the search, the head, hand and finger bones were found, but the legs and the rest of the body are still missing. Immediately after the discovery, Palacio’s family was contacted. They suspected that when he went missing, Palacio had been killed and his body buried in that vicinity.


Dawnette Palacio

Dawnette Palacio, Sister of Deceased

“Yesterday evening around five, I got a call from the police officer that they found some bones and clothes and so. And they said that they believe that it was my brother but they needed someone to identify the remains. Well we came this morning to identify to make sure that it was his remains that they found. It was lone bones. They found a socks, an underwear and a piece of his skin—his body is totally gone, it is just lone bone—and his head, the skull. He had a crown in front of his teeth; his two front teeth was knocked out. It really sad fi see dah lone bones we find after so long.  When I saw his skull, he had an indent in his skull. From what they told us, he was shot three times in the head and different areas of his body.”


Dawnette says that it was the tattoo on the only section of skin recovered that identified her brother. They believe that Rommel’s body was there from the day he went missing almost two months ago, on December sixth, 2012.


Dawnette Palacio

“We identified him by a watch that was found at the location. His friends identified him by the watch and the piece of skin with the tattoo that as on his arm. Apparently it wasn’t a palm tree; it was a weed leaf with an initial of a former girlfriend.  We’re sad. We cannot express how we feel at this moment. We are sad that he is gone, but we are happy that we found his remains so that we could at least give him a proper burial. But I can’t really explain it because the people who are responsible, they took my father’s life and now they took my brother’s life. I don’t know what else to say.”


Tyoris Palacio

Tyoris Palacio, Mother of Deceased

“It gives me a closure because that dah weh I mi want a closure because dah noh wah dog fi make dehn kill ahn that kinda way and go and bury ahn and thing. So it kinda give me a closure; it hurt because this dah the second family member weh we lose due to this same case. So it kinda hurt and then it give me wah closure that we find ih remains.”


The tragedy surrounding the Palacio family started on June nineteenth, 2011 when gunmen invaded the family home in the Jane Usher Area looking for Palacio Junior; but instead mortally wounded Palacio Senior in his bathroom when he was shot multiple times on the head, hands and leg.  Rommel’s murder has left the family wondering: “What’s next?” While Dawnette says that she is not in fear of her life, Tyoris says she migrated to the U.S. following the murder of her husband.

Rommel Palacio Senior


Dawnette Palacio

“I honestly don’t know what else we as the family should expect.”


Duane Moody

“Are you guys in fear for your lives now?”


Dawnette Palacio

“Not really. Well I am not in fear of my life. I am not going to let anyone intimidate me. They took so many people lives and they are still doing it. I am not letting anybody intimidate me. I am not in fear of my life because I did not do anything wrong.”


Tyoris Palacio

“It is very cruel. I had to gone to the states because they were threatening him about me. I just came back from the states. Oh yo look good pan the stand, but your ma noh wah look good pan the stand. She noh wah get the happy break. So I went to the states because they were sitting around my house, watching my house thinking that I was coming, but he couldn’t come home. From that scenario happened, he couldn’t come home.”


A post mortem is scheduled for Sunday to determine the cause of death. The family is expected to make funeral arrangements thereafter. Duane Moody for News Five.


Ashton Anderson and Christopher Sosa were charged for Palacio Senior’s murder, their trial is scheduled to be heard in this session of the Supreme Court.

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11 Responses for “Eyewitness to murder found in shallow grave”

  1. Bear says:

    So much for the witness protection program.

    Police take too many murder suspects alive. Kill the killers and don’t look back.

    I hope these poor men didn’t die in vain, that justice will prevail in the end. His former testimony should be admissible to convict them from the grave.

  2. Rod says:

    Instead of saldivar wanting to push his nose in the teachers affairs why don’t he find the people who have committed hundreds of un solved murders this is what he should be doing instead of wasting time on teachers he can’t eve do his own job.

  3. egghead says:

    I think those 2 Felix brothers have 2 more murders they need to be charged with….

  4. Nomme Young says:

    Tyoris Palacio – her words ” NO SENSE OF SECURITY” that’s the reality.

  5. Storm says:

    Here’s an interesting item from our neighbor to the north, and a good idea for the Jewel, so the people themselves can protect themselves from criminals like these. From Yahoo news 2/3/2013:

    “MEXICO CITY (AP) — Vigilantes who have taken up arms against drug cartel violence and common crime in southern Mexico announced Thursday they will bring charges ranging from organized crime to kidnapping and extortion against 50 men and three women who they have been holding prisoner at improvised jails.

    Villagers armed with hunting rifles, old pistols and small-bore shotguns set up armed patrols and roadblocks in the township of Ayutla almost one month ago to defend their communities against crime, saying authorities have failed to bring peace and safety to the Pacific coast state of Guerrero. So far, the state government has tolerated but not formally recognized the self-defense squads.”

    The article goes on to say that human rights organizations are concerned, but the government doesn’t know if it is legal or not, and so far the government is doing nothing to stop the vigilante movement.

    Neighbors should get masks, and weapons, including licensed firearms, and patrol their own neighborhoods so that criminals never get rest or privacy.

  6. GSU commanding officer says:

    Well lets see, he was a witness to a murder committed by members of George Street, the same group the Prime Minister protects. Nothing to see here.

  7. Nimbo says:

    @ ROD- resounding truth this time.

  8. Retired CEO says:

    This is downright shame on the Police Dept. and the Minister of National Security. Where is the so-called witness protection plan.

    How can the police except the populace to cooperate with them by coming forward and getting murdered.

    Clearly, it appears as if we have a bunch of incompetent leaders in the Jewel Unfortunately, Belize appears to be a big joke coupled with murder and mayhem as the order of the day.

  9. Ixchel Pop says:

    It is downright dangerous to serve as witness in court for a murder; This has been the case for a long time now and criminals are literally allowed to do as they please. People will never cooperate as they have come to realize that its their very life that is at stake. It is such a shame that we have allowed the thugs so much power, so much so that the PM pays and negotiate with them like a legitimate organization. This is a very unsettling scenario, because it pushes for a type of vigilante justice. It is just a matter of time before the good citzens of Belize push back and take the law into their own hands……

  10. Bear says:

    I’m with Ixchel Pop and Storm — time for the people to go gangster hunting.

  11. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    Well… looks like it`s time to STOP being @$$#$ as the PM thinks.
    PM shoving into our noses that he the PM has the powers to protect and… AND to FEED these wolves!!!!!

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