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Jan 31, 2013

Minister intends to union bust the country

John Saldivar

The ministerial committee comprising Patrick Faber, Godwin Hulse, and Charles Gibson will join Prime Minister Dean Barrow with the leaders of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize this Friday morning following Tuesday’s massive protest. On the table is the collective bargaining agreement and specifically salary adjustments that the teachers have been clamoring for since 2005. The Minister of National Security John Saldivar is not a member of the ministerial committee but he attempted to entice Belmopan teachers to a meeting before the protest. On January twenty-third, a letter from the Ministry of Education told teachers in Minister Saldivar’s constituency that schools can close their doors at midday and parents are to pick up their children so teachers can attend the meeting. The Belize National Teachers Union President called it union busting since Saldivar was not a part of the negotiations. Saldivar’s defense was simply that he wanted to meet with his constituents.  But earlier today, Saldivar abandoned that reasoning and is promising to travel the country to meet with teachers. While on WAVE radio, Saldivar said he would rumble with union leaders who he accused of being political.


Voice of: John Saldivar, Minister of National Security

“If they are not able to reach a satisfactory conclusion tomorrow Fonso, I will travel this country with government’s position. I am telling you from now. So Mr. Palacio, if you want call it union busting, you can call it weh you want. But I am going to travel the entirety of this country, meeting with teachers. And if they no want come dah meeting, I gwen dah come to their house. I will find a way to meet them. So they know the facts of my what my government’s position is; what are we offering because these leaders have a political agenda. I like it when they have a political agenda because it brings them in my arena—because my arena is politics.  And so, if they think they can play politics better than me, then we will get in there and rumble. We wah rumble. They want to shape people’s minds against my government in a certain way. Well I gwen out deh go counter that and as soon as I hear the outcome of the meeting tomorrow.”


News Five spoke to B.N.T.U. National President Luke Palacio who said politicians will call them many things and even if Saldivar tries to force teachers into a meeting, it is up to teachers to decide if they will take him up on his demands. News Five also spoke to Arlette Gomez from the Ministry of Education. She said that Minister Saldivar has not made any requests with the ministry to meet with teachers. However, if he decides to meet with them outside of school hours, the teachers would have to make that decision for themselves.

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20 Responses for “Minister intends to union bust the country”

  1. Bulba Martinez says:

    What the hell, di Minista a National Security wa bogart ihself inna unu house even if unu noh want him deh teachers. Unu betta watch out, we noh anda democracy agen noh, we deh anda Communism now. Dem all arrogant and dibby dibby. True colors at work my Belizean brothers and sisters!!!

  2. nigel says:

    Why does it not surprise me that they are going to use their attack dog to do their dirty work? Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin employed the same methods to create their totalitarian states. They used their police and secret police (in this case the GSU) to go after not the known criminals but the ordinary citizenry that they deemed to be antagonists and a treath to their agenda and for this reason crimes against the law abiding citizens of this country seems to go unabated. The level of stupidity (whether it be intentional or seemingly unintentional) perpetrated by the functionaries of this regime amazes me with every passing day and I am still trying to figure the method to their illogical behavior. However I can tell you this much what seems to be concern on the part of this dishonorable minister should be looked upon for what it really is, an act of intimidation. It will come of surprise to me that the next demonstration held by the unions mr. POLICE minister here will have his dogs in uniform bust teachers skulls open if he or his government fail to control the will of the people. We all need to realize one thing the police are not here to protect the ordinary people (even though we pay their salaries) they are here to control us so we do not rise up against our monarchs. Case in point when they shot up the dishonorable ex-prime minister’s house they were quick to give him the full protection afforded to his kind. That is just one house on the north side, what happen to all the other homes on the south side that was shot up? You may be quick to judge and say “well they deserved it” but let me ask you this… what makes the two criminals different? The only difference I can see is the gravity of crime perpetrated. While the gangster on the south side got his home shot up for killing and stealing from a few people the gangster on the north side got his home shot up for causing the death of many and stealing from a whole nation. I have a kindling of hope in my heart that maybe just maybe my people are waking up and I hope that they remember the second beast in Revelation 13 has two horns. These two horns represent two of Satan’s demons. These two demons will appear to be gentle and harmless, like a Lamb. But they will speak the words of Satan, who is the dragon.

  3. Flabbergasted says:

    What an idiot!

  4. blackberry says:

    UDP ministers are noted for making arrogant statements but this one hits the peak. Patrick Faber is noted for boasting of his leadership so please leave this one ho him and get out there to implement this plan to counter crime.

  5. watch says:

    What does he have to do with anything? Intimidation.

  6. Nimbo says:


  7. mario says:


  8. James says:

    Insecure government politicians: as soon as they feel threatened, they cry politics. They know they can divide the country that way. But a have news for this fool: TEACHERS NO FOOL…THEY KNOW BETTER!!!

  9. cayobway says:

    To the teachers of the nation of belize, please note a shotgun can still stop an unwanted intruder into your home no matter who he be.

  10. bzean pride says:

    imagine this… the minister of police getting into an affair that’s not even in his portfolio i can only image the way he behaves with the police officers who are trying to protect this country… i have friends in the police and BDF and i have seen their salary scales man its terrible no wonder they are struggling… instead of messing with the teachers he should try to find a way to better the police and bdf by pay raise too…shame on you Saldivar….

  11. Storm says:

    I’m with Nimbo on this one.

    I don’t think he is union busting, but he should be crime busting. that’s what he’s paid for.

    Anyway, he brings no special expertise to the negotiations, and as they say, too many cooks spoil the broth.

    Go arrest some gangster, Saldivar!

  12. moses EX PC says:

    The higher the baboon climb, the more ih expose ih aws. Saldivar di howl from tree top.

  13. Belizean Pride says:

    we can clearly see which kind of jack@$$ we have for minister of national security, hope he has those balls to talk also to the chapines coming into our jewel and walking down in the xate areas talking face to face to each chapin like how his talking, then i will believe this jack@$$.
    They say dog that barks never bites mas claro que eso no canta un gallo.

  14. Belizean Pride says:

    to all teachers if he shows up to your door step kick the black out of his candy arse.

  15. james says:

    This is the classical proverb ” Full belly di tell Hungry belly tek good Heart”….you think teachers will listen to you and your foolishness…..your at a height of arrogance..yuh wah drop right off a dah high haas weh u di ride…you are more detrimental to all the true citizens of this country by trying to interfere eena wat u noh belong (mannn….please goh do yuh job weh d people give yuh….and mein…remember there kindness in the first place.)…..saldivar is about to commit political suicide…..he d bark up the wrong tree…b real…those teachers wah get weh dem want ….end of story.

  16. Rod says:

    I told you all the war has started so get out unu guns people this ya gov. Only understand one thing and that is force so let the m come we will be waiting. Out with judas barrow and his theaving corrupt gov. Guan judas guan get out resign before it is too late for you.

  17. John Neal says:

    Have you ever seen a Minister o National Security with no pride and shame. That is Hon. John Salvidar!! Arrogant, and cannot use common sense!!!

  18. Wayne says:

    Not being political but because of man like John and Faber and our prime minister not being responsible and always have people talking for his. This government have to go!! No longer a UDP suppoter!!!

  19. Wayne says:

    The wost Minister of Nantion Security ever!! Not being political but he and his government have to go. Deh no care about the poor!!

  20. Zee says:

    Many Of You Who Comment Above Speak Based On Emotion. Please People Lets Be Objective Instead Of Subjective! Just by the way you speak i can see our people are too IGNORANT To move ahead with anything. The government is too greedy and “occupied” while everyone just sits there and complains about they need this or that. People think they are entitled to more than necessary especially those you have no job but expects the world! PEOPLE IT IS YOU WHO ELECTED THESE PEOPLE INTO GOVERNMENT !! You have no one to blame but yourselves. Now it is time to elect the educated into office, people we can trust REMOVE POLITICS (The veil of destitute) and now both sides we the people and government need to think about what is best for the country! NOT OURSELVES. I Am not this party or that, i don’t support either, i will support the wise and educated for spots they rightly deserve though (I’m not saying the minister is!) and it is with my voice in this moment i plead, please be reasonable, responsible and remove ignorance from your lives. No one is perfect hence why each of us including our country needs a serious evaluation !!!!!

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