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Jan 28, 2013

N.T.U.C.B. dismisses Chamber of Commerce comments

Last Friday, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry issued a statement regarding the wage bill issue that stands to increase salary adjustments are approved by government. It said that compensation increases for public sector workers should be tied in with measurable performance improvements.  The B.C.C.I. also said that it can’t condone the area of general public sector wage increases that may serve to “simultaneously reward unproductive or counterproductive work. This would… be a waste of taxpayers’ funds.” The President of the N.T.U.C.B. said that he intended to meet with the Chamber in the coming days, but the organization’s press release was self serving.


Dylan Reneau, President, NTUCB

Dylan Reneau

“Their press release was self-serving; if they don’t have an increase ina business—business growth—and in fact there is a GDP growth of three point five percent; where is that growth coming from. Three point five to seven percent; so they are experiencing a growth. As the president of the P.S.U. also mentioned, our presentation was quite clear. We are not only interested in a salary increase, we want to improve on the productivity and performance of the public service and many of the proposals from the union are geared towards that. But some of those have not been finalized as yet. But the president pointed out clearly that some of them have been finalized and they are going to work on them. So my direct answer to that is that we are quite concerned the way how the Chamber put out that release.”


Jose Castellanos

Jose Castellanos, President, APPSM

“We have no problem tying our income to productivity. Now the problem is, in the public sector, you have two lanes of public officers—you have one for us, people like ourselves. We have to go through the public service regulations; we have to fight for your increments, your salary adjustments, if you are negligent. And then you have the other lane, which are the contract officers and in fact every time you have an election in this country—and it doesn’t matter which party—their wage bill goes up by fifteen percent. The data is there. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and do the research. So when a government changes, you don’t only replace the contract officers and the C.E.O.s, but you bring an additional fifteen percent of wage bill as it automatically goes up. In 2008/2009, this translated to twenty-five million dollars.  You multiply that by four years that is a hundred million dollars which tax payers in this country have to pay to accommodate that. For the next four years, it is at least a hundred and fifty so by the time the government change, you will have spent three hundred million dollars on that lane that doesn’t have regulations.”

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8 Responses for “N.T.U.C.B. dismisses Chamber of Commerce comments”

  1. Storm says:

    1. If BCCI’s press release was “self serving,” this union press release was more so!

    2. I agree that the contract officer system is a bad one, it is just a formalization of the political maxim, “to the victor go the spoils.” And it is corrupt. Let’s get rid of the contract officer system entirely.

    3. Just because the contract officers and politicians thieve from the taxpayers’ money doesn’t make it right, and the unions must not do so.

  2. Ricky Malthus says:

    The Belize Chamber of Commerce is right on target in this issue. Both of the above gentlemen are wrong in their assertions. In the first instance , Mr. Reneau must be apprised that the statistics show that there was no increase in GDP and we can prove that. Barrow and Statistical Institute of Belize are just demonstrating through smoke and mirrors. Mr. Castellanos is right when he says that he has to work through regulations but it must be pointed out that those regulations are outdated and can’t be used to measure todays performance. GOB and the education system waste resources particularly at UB because with few exceptions , it selects the worst teachers from the worst countries educationally in the world. The Chamber must keep up this attack as it is their social duty and obligation.

  3. melinda says:

    How come this man is a high ranking Public Servant and cant talk English well? And how come he did not answer the question from Chamber about rewarding the arrogant and the incompetent in the public service? He Talk about contract workers increasing the wage bill by 15%, my @$$. As a new governemnt comes in, it retires the old contract workers and brings in new ones. The wage bill remains the same. In addition, this half spoken man wants to fire everybody, create more unemployment so as to give his lazy bottom more pay? Come on mein , go back to work and produce something today. We have to share this pie and not have you eat all up. But i would help to send you back to school to learn to pronounce words!!!

  4. melinda says:

    I would give this man raise to go back to school so as to learn to pronouce english good, being a high level public servant and all!!!

  5. javier says:

    When government changes the old contract workers retire and new ones are hired. The wage bill remains the same. How come a senior public servant can openly lie this way? Adn personally, most of these people are not very productive, always taliking on the phone and having we the same taxpayers wait on their lazy @$$#$. Thirty percent my foot!!! go work and produce soemthing to justify that increase.

  6. inthediaspora says:

    In my view, the Belize Chamber has no say whatsoever in productivy and performance issues for teachers. They should be concerned only about the productivity and performance of the business section. Furthermore, do they not realize that if teachers and other public servants get the salary increases due them it will only BENEFIT the members of the Chamber because these people will have more money to spend, not less? This is a prime example of how out of touch the Chamber is with bread and butter issues for the ordinary Belizeans. Chamber members should be supporting the teachers if anything, not attacking the productivity and performance of their customers! Maybe the teachers need to boycott the shops owned by some of the more prominent members. How would they like that performance? Disgusting.

  7. melinda says:

    All the contract officers are all replaced when the governemnt changes. the wage bill remains the same.

  8. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    ” Do you think government can find the money to provide salary adjustments to teachers and other public officers? ”
    Why not ask if BARROW can find money to pay GANGS?????????????

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