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Jan 28, 2013

Priscilla Espat loses another son to murder

Byron Estrada

There was a vicious murder on the island of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye in the early hours of Saturday morning. Twenty-five year old Byron Estrada was stabbed multiple times as he socialized at a local club; he succumbed to his injuries soon after. At first glance it would appear to be a random murder unconnected to the criminal underworld of gangs and drugs in Belize, but we found out, there might be much more going on than what meets the eye. Carla Bradley has that story from San Pedro.


Carla Bradley, Reporting

Twenty-five year old Byron Estrada spent the last few hours of his life hanging out with friends here at Daddy Rock Night Club, a popular after hours spot in San Pedro. There are no reports of any altercation or bar fight inside, but still the boat captain was the victim of a vicious attack as he used the bathroom at the club just after three-thirty that morning.


Supt. Luis Castellanos, O.C., San Pedro Police

“We received information that apparently the person entered…the victim entered into the bathroom and while inside the bathroom he was stabbed. He came out while the disco was still in function and ran toward the bar where he collapsed. There persons assisted him and took him downstairs. So it happened very quickly and so it doesn’t reveal like it’s a fight. Apparently he just entered and he was stabbed inside the bathroom.”


Pricilla Espat, Mother of Murder Victim

“In the morning my sister-in-law, Juaquina Santoya, told me that a thin woman who sells food near Big Daddy’s told her to call me because my son had been stabbed and that he was badly injured. She said that the police weren’t coming fast enough and that they arrived an hour after. My son was covered in blood. And they told me that when the police got there they just picked up his body and threw it in the back of the truck. They had no compassion.”


Priscilla Espat

When Police responded they found Estrada bleeding badly from the neck, chest and back. He was transported to the San Pedro Polyclinic but was pronounced dead at four-thirty-two. Superintendent Castellanos says he personally counted at least twenty-two stab wounds on the body. The location chosen for the killing, the fact that there was no altercation in the club prior to the attack and the degree of viciousness seem to point to premeditation, which is an angle being pursued by the Police.


Pricilla Espat

“They are saying that my son was involved with drugs. And I told them to go and check the room where he lives because my son is no drug dealer. Because they have been saying that since I got there. That is not the case, he is not like that. My son worked, my son was threatened that same day he was killed. My son declared everything.”


Luis Castellanos

Supt. Luis Castellanos

“The family of Estrada is alleging that there was some confrontation earlier the morning, however they did not make an official report. It’s after the fact that we understand there was some threat or some altercation between some persons. Officially she mentioned it afterwards. They didn’t make an official report to that effect.”


Pricilla Espat

“When I went to speak with the inspector, you know what he said to me? He said that we were living off drug money. My sons worked; if my sons go fishing, the police want to hurt them, the other fishermen, everyone wants to hurt them. My sons took care of me financially. My sons never went out; they couldn’t go out because their lives were threatened by that man.”


Supt. Luis Castellanos

“We brought a person for questioning, and like I said the person who would have been the virtual complainant is now deceased so to verify his version…it would be difficult for us to say…he would have been the one to say yes this person threatened me. So it would be difficult for us to confirm that the person we detained, a minor, indeed carried out that threat.”


San Pedro Police have some persons detained, one of them with what appears to be blood on his clothing, but are awaiting the results of a forensic examination  to determine if it is indeed blood. But all that is little comfort to the mother of Byron Estrada, who has lost two sons to violence. On June eight, twenty-twelve the decomposed body of her younger son, eighteen year old Charlie Espat, was found buried in the village of Santa Martha on the old Northern Highway.


Pricilla Espat

“I cannot bear with this pain they have caused on me. This will make two sons that they have killed. Charlie Espat and Byron and you know? It is not fair, because the law does nothing.”


And while Police continue to investigate the gruesome murder, this mother prepares to bury her second son lost to violence. Carla Bradley for News Five.


The official release from the Police Department states that Estrada was killed by a dark-complexioned man who followed him into the bathroom. This evening, thirty-three year old Edward Barahona of the Escalante Area of San Pedro was charged for the murder of Estrada.

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9 Responses for “Priscilla Espat loses another son to murder”

  1. Storm says:

    More proof for my theory that nothing good happens after midnight.

    What was a minor doing in an after hours club? I think after hours clubs should be closed, they mostly cater to dangerous elements. If not closed, then CLOSELY regulated and watched by police — and they should pay for the extra police presence.

    I sympathize with mother, but there seems to be a contradiction that her son “was not like that,” but she insists there were threats. People who only work and stay out of trouble usually don’t attract threats. It’s not impossible, just unlikely.

    At the same time, Supt. Castellanos shouldn’t be so dismissive and throw up his hands in apparent surrender — murder victims can never speak for themselves, so you must go out and do the real work of finding witnesses, evidence, and interviewing people. It’s your job, do it and do it well. I hope you make a strong, relentless effort to solve this murder that occurred so quickly after you took over the desk on La Isla Bonita.

  2. Bear says:

    Bars and after-hours clubs are the places where an unusually high proportion of violent crime takes place. Here’s a good suggestion to reduce that unnecessary violence: make it a condition of their license that they must have adequate and WORKING surveillance camera and recorder systems. Then any murder that occurs on the premises should be solved by the mandatory videos.

  3. Bear says:

    Bars and after-hours clubs are the places where an unusually high proportion of violent crime takes place. Here’s a good suggestion to reduce that unnecessary violence: make it a condition of their license that they must have adequate and WORKING surveillance camera and recorder systems. Then any murder that occurs on the premises should be solved by the mandatory videos.

    I’m not buying the grieving mother’s story entirely. I remember well when her other son died, and if I recall right she complained of unreported or unspecified threats that time, too. And he had been involved in a shooting on the cay the year before that. Most of us law-abiding, working people NEVER have threats and violence in our lives like that. Sometimes you make your own bad luck.

  4. Rod says:

    San pedranos do not let this go unu need fu hang all murderers only so will the killings stop this pm and gov are useless take matters into your own hands hand the murderer send a message that you will not tolerate this any more hang hang the murderer unu self.

  5. Al says:

    It seems that even the police are getting a cold effect to murder these days. It is beginning to look as if it is only one more body, lets just throw it in the back of the truck and drop it off where ever it needs to go. This is not a good thing that is going on in the hearts of people today, it is certainly not good for the country. When we cease to care about each other it makes it so much easier to kill each other , I pray for change.

  6. Car says:

    San Pedro Police are good for nothing, they are here just to squeez the !@#$ out of poor people.

  7. Eye in the Sky says:

    Live the life and pay the price.
    With easy drug money comes easy death.
    That is the payback you get for dealing drugs and destroying lives and families of others.
    I would rather die old and poor than young and rich.

  8. oscar965 says:

    My symphaties to the family of Bryon Estrada. Daddy Rock nite club offers no protection while inside the club. The security checks the innocent people and lets other people into the club without checking for guns, weapons or drugs. The sale of drugs is done openly and everyone looks the other way. The police on duty there are paid very well to look the other way. This club OPENS WAY BEYOND the hours they should. Sure they get an extension ..but that extension to open is from 12midnite to 3am..yet they are always open till 5 or 6am. (Example this incident happened after 3:30am..if the police would the extension should say open till 3AM… Everyone looks the other way..the police..the licour licence board..the mayor’s office. Daddy Rock is after all the family owned business by the Paz family. The same Paz family of Elsa Paz..past mayor of San Pedro….

  9. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    Can someone please mention the victim`s daddy ?

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