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Jan 18, 2013

Government shocked by impending demonstration

Patrick Faber

Negotiations for a collective bargain agreement have been ongoing since 2008, but teachers are unhappy that they have not been able to move forward on the thirty percent salary adjustment .With that threat looming ahead for the government, Minister Patrick Faber, who is the head of the ministerial negotiation team says that government has been taken by surprise by the impending demonstration because the last ministerial meeting took place on January tenth. Faber also says the increment would amount to thirty million dollars annually.


Patrick Faber, Minister of Education

“The financial secretary of the country has presented figures to show and prove in fact that the government is really not in a position to accommodate that request and of course and heavily weighing on all of this is the whole super bond issues. This is also a matter as to why the matter is flaring up now because the prime minister has announced this kind of ease if you will that will come from the superbond that it is now viewed by people in this country, particularly the unions, I believe it is a false view that the government is now in a position to do this.  It would be irresponsible of the government at this time, remember that we have just made the case that the government is not in a position to do several things financially including paying our bondholders. We said out rightly we cannot do that and that is the real situation. How would it look now that just at the heels of us tying this deal down and the bondholders understood that we’re not in a position to do this, for us to now be reckless and irresponsible in terms of saying to them now that we are going to take on this kind of request that the unions are proposing and possibly land us in further financial problems.”

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13 Responses for “Government shocked by impending demonstration”

  1. Storm says:

    Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

    Faber has been impotent for 5 years of negotiations. But he was selected for the job by the PM, so the failure is firmly on Barrow’s shoulders. Every buck stops with him [in more ways than one, unfortunately].

    Education is too important a portfolio to be entrusted to a politician who simply can’t do the job, it defines the future success or failure of the nation. Failure is not an option, but that is what we have had with these negotiations for 5 years. I don’t blame the teachers for their frustration, but I do blame them for grossly over-reaching.

    It’s time for the PM to take these negotiations out of Faber’s hands and put them in the hands of someone willing and capable of resolving. I’m not sure who in the UDP is up to the task, but Faber has been given ample opportunity to prove that he is not.

    With a new MinEd, maybe the union will call off their unwise strike, and return to the bargaining table with a fresh look from both sides.

  2. KOMP says:

    That is about the weakest argument I’ve ever heard. One of the talking points when re-negotiating the payments on the super bond would definitely have been to highlight the negative effect it has on the governments ability to meet its domestic obligations. How can the Minister now essentially argue that the feelings and sentiments of the bond holders hold more weight than the obligation his government has to its citizens? Talk about talking through both sides of your mouth!

  3. Rod says:

    If all the ministers would give back all the stolen people’s money they could pay teachers but again I blame the teachers they deserve what they get for for staying mute on this useless corrupt pm and gov. You all sit back and say and do nothing while the country is going to pot well now unu stop cry and go back to work how unu sit back and take all the nonsense from faber is beyond me so unu stop cry now no raise fu unu.

  4. Belizean says:

    What are you so shocked about? I bet you were not so shocked when the gangs demanded their money by shooting innocent people. I think teachers should do a harsher strike, they might look bad but at the end they’ll get what they are demanding for.

  5. Schocked? says:

    were u so shocked that you paid for the pickup your brother destroyed, were you shocked when half a million dollars of rosewood was burnt by the new Bembe Minister, were you shocked when every UDP representative elected and rejected got FIFTY THOUSAND dollars to give away for christmas, how come you just di get SHOCKED!!

  6. village buay says:

    At long last, the teachers have gotten enough. I think the measure teachers have decided to take should have been taken long ago. I congratulate the new president of the BNTU, because this shows that he knows Faber is stalling and intentionally downplaying the movement of the teachers. I am pro a union that is not politicized and that will demonstrate and strike against any government, blue or red, that refuses to reach out to those who are indispensable partners in forging the New Belize that we all envision. The arrogance of Faber will be his downfall. The same people who elect you, will vote against you.

  7. Toth says:

    Storm. I guess that same saying, can be applied to todays
    two party democratic system. Voting for the same corrupt 2 party
    system every 4,5 years and expecting different results is what? loco, insane.

  8. Louisville,Ky says:

    @ KOMP, You are missing the entire point and seems not to understand what the Man is saying. It is not a matter of the Bond holders’ demands having more weight than the Citizens of the Jewel.
    It is… How come just a few weeks ago you were on your hands and knees begging us to reduce (give a hair cut) what you owe on the super bond because the state of your Nation finances disallows you to meet your debt servicing yet, all of a sudden you can come up with $30 million annually to give a raise in salary? That’s the US $150 milloin question the bond holders would be asking. And, they would have every right.
    I don’t know if my simple simon explanation helps, but I can’t put it any simpler than that paatna.

  9. Ricky Malthus says:

    It is truly regrettable that the PM, Faber, and the Ministry of Finance can’t solve this little problem when we have so much and can get so much more hundreds of millions of dollars from our untapped crude oil reserves. Indeed, this wealth can pay not only teachers up to secondary level but to UB level. The idea that GST, Fuel, and other taxes will have to be raised shows that there is no dynamic thinking to solve the mundane problems of budgetary constraints. We have to take the broom and sweep out all these pseudo-intellectuals who can’t solve a simple linear equation.

  10. northernconcern says:

    All the teachers money went in paying gangs…. wake up teachers

  11. aldo says:

    The reason this country is sinking is because most belizeans have a tiny unthinking brain. You all rush to conclusions about the government being corrupt and impotent and curse them . This is true but it does not help the situation. A cure is wortless is you cannot find a stop to the cause. When has a government not been corrupt and if you gonna blame one you put to everyone and that includes all the previous administrations too. Just because they are gone does not exonerate them. A solution complicated and almost impossible but that is the reality and I hate it but I can accept that not much can be done.

  12. Truth says:

    The teachers have been told over and over again to do this then they will be considered.. they have been back and forth and this last time they were told.. they don’t want to hear anything and to take their proposal back where they came from and to return 3 yrs from that date… So don’t come with your lame excuse cause it only speaks of incompetency.

    get the hell out..

  13. Belizean Pride says:

    I’m more shocked that this jacka@$$ is planning to become our dp pm imagine what disgrace he’ll do in that place, make it a deal if he’s brother doesn’t pay the ride he crashed we parents will join the strike with the teachers.

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