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Jan 17, 2013

P.U.P. meet in solidarity; crying for change to crime situation

On Tuesday night the social and political landscape in Belize was shaken when an unknown person or persons fired up to six shots at the home of former Prime Minister Said Musa. Fortunately nobody was injured even though several of the bullets hit the house. In an interview on Wednesday a visibly upset Musa told the media that with the violence hitting so close to home, he now had a better understanding of what so many Belizeans face every day. The real danger to one of its own brought members of the Party together today in a hastily organized gathering at P.U.P. headquarters Independence Hall. Our reporter was there and has the story. 


Duane Moody, Reporting

This morning, at what was called a small solidarity meeting of P.U.P. leaders and family, the cry for a change in the path the country is taking, rang out. It was a small gathering, but the outpouring of support for the former Prime Minister in the wake of the attack against him was strong.


Francis Fonseca

Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition

“We view any personal attack or act of violence against the Right Honorable Said Musa and his family as an attack against the People’s United Party family. Too many of our communities as we meet this morning too many of our communities are gripped with fear and uncertainty. Too many of our fellow citizens have lost their sense of personal security. These are very troubling and very challenging times for our country and we in the People’s United Party have made it absolutely clear that we are a part of the solution and we are very much interested in working with anyone who is prepared to work with us to try to solve this very, very difficult challenge facing our country.”


John Briceño

John Briceño, Former P.U.P. Party Leader

“This is a wakeup call to all of us. This is no longer a matter of a P.U.P. or U.D.P. issue or matter, or they are attacking a PUP so let’s not bother about it. This is beyond that. This is showing now that the criminal elements in our society are becoming more bold. They believe that they can get away with anything that they do. They believe that even some people in government might be protecting them. That has to stop and it needs to stop now.”


The center of attention was of course former Prime Minister Said Musa. He pulled no punches in pointing out the seriousness of the message sent by the personal attack, and said that it is a clear indication that the country is heading for real disaster.


Said Musa, Former Prime Minister

Said Musa

“When someone, when a person or persons will feel it easy to just pull out a gun and start firing shots at a house knowing that there are people inside—knowing who is inside for that matter—because when they believe they can go after the former Prime Minister of this country, then they must also believe they can go after the Prime Minister of this country, and the Governor General of this country and the Leader of the Opposition and whoever is in politics in this country. And once you have reached that level of mayhem in the minds of people, then we are really at a very dangerous level in the disintegration of our democratic society. So my friends, let us understand that this is not really about Said Musa…this is really about the dysfunctionality that is taking place in our country; the total breakdown in law and order in our country and we really, really have to do something about it.”


In the wake of the murders last week the Leader of the Opposition committed the cooperation of the P.U.P. to any meaningful fight against crime, and since then has held a meeting with the community on Dean Street. He says he will whatever is required to bring positive change.


Francis Fonseca

“We remain committed to peace. We remain committed to dialogue. We remain committed to finding meaningful solutions to the challenges we face as a country. That is the only way for us to proceed, brothers and sisters. Our people in many parts of our country have lost hope in the future. It is our responsibility to give them hope in the future. It is our responsibility for us to work with them, to stand with them and to fight for them. And that is our commitment that we continue to make to the Belizean people.”


Duane Moody for News Five.


During the meeting Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca made special mention of the members of the Belize Police Department, who he says have been professional, gracious and supportive during this time. 

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11 Responses for “P.U.P. meet in solidarity; crying for change to crime situation”

  1. Storm says:

    Musa is no greater nor less than any other Belizean — they should consider an attack on ANY Belizean as an attack on their “party family.”

    [Or at least any PUP, it's too much to hope either party would actually lift a finger to help a Belizean from another party, they only rule for their own members. That's the essence of the corrupt spoils system.]

    If I ever meet a Belizean candidate who stands up for all Belizeans, not just his party, I’ll support him.

  2. Rod says:

    Now is the time unu have to push for the hanging penalty to be brought Back immediately do not wait another day this must be done or nothing will change so do it now today.

  3. nigel says:

    So the fire storm of violence that they started is now finally an issue because it came knocking at one of their door step. I personally do not condone any sort of violence especially when it is done to innocent people that don’t deserve it, but as Malcolm X said “chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad”. They have stood idly by for far too long and watched nonchalantly the carnage that has been perpetrated on the ordinary citizenry of our country. Maybe what Vega said about not being a “normal person” shows the aristocratic mentality that resonates throughout the collective psyche of these virtual monarchs. They finally know now that they are no longer immune to what the “normal people” feel every single day. I want to ask King Barrow will you offer 24 hour protection when someone’s house on the south side get shot up or are they too normal to even matter? You poor blind sheep’s of this country need to rise up from your sleepless slumber and throw off the shackles of your mental slavery, you all need now start to feel insulted by the fact that you are not looked upon as “normal people” or maybe even human beings for that matter. Even though I applaud their long overdue effort and new founded concern I can’t help to point out that they would have still remained silent if this had not happen. But it is still my point of view that Musa got bitten by his own dog.

  4. BMNJ says:

    The damage has been done – the break down of our society was long in the making and now it’s manifesting and a bi-product of what we are seeing today. Single parenting, children having children, churches not really reaching out to the society especially those who really need the most help, the greedy and selfish politicians who only look out for themselves, families, and their circle of friends, etc … are all the ‘clues’. To mend this whole mess will take many, many years of hard work from every single person in Belize.

  5. Nikos says:

    As an effective Opposition the PUP has been woefully inadequate on many issues. However, crime has been an issue that the PUP has addressed and offered credible solutions on a number of occasions. At almost all press conferences crime reduction and prevention strategies have been suggested. And the Leader of the Opposition has extended the hand of partnership on this issue continuously. The failure has been on the part of the government and especially PM Barrow who because of selfish political reasons have refused to work with the Opposition on this critical national issue.

  6. Buju says:

    Musa knows exactly what he has done to someone and probably it was illegal and now he is playing the fool.

    This man has multiple Golden Globe Awards for playing the FOOL now he is seeking political mileage! I was sorry for him at first but now i realize this is a sham and he is playing the sympathy card.

    We have to realize this is the same man who tried to swindle his own die hard party supporters by firing them from The Belize Times Limited and refusing to pay them their dues and to add insult to injury he told them he was “taking care of them for years” thats why he wasn’t going to pay them.

    NOW he di play di victim!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Louisville,Ky says:

    It is truely unfortunate that Musa got his crib shot up, you know. It signals a new era, a new low in the annals of Belizean history. It is just as unfortunate that those who raped and pillaged this country did not have the slightest clue that one day the down trodden would come knocking (shotting) at their door.
    Of course nobody likes to live in fear, especially when such feelings are present within the confines of ones abode. Now, the high and mighty ones know only too well how it feels to be in your bed, say off Fabers Road or in Gungulung or anywhere in the ghetto for that matter and can’t sleep because at any moment full metal jackets could come tearing thru your wall.
    Yeah….. i will echo the words of Malcholm X. The chickens have come home to roost. When you let them out in the morning, at sunset they coming back to the coop.
    Those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it.

  8. Bear says:

    Let’s face it, some day the majority of Belizeans will be forced to rise up and throw off the corrupted institutions of government, which probably cannot be done by voting because the crooks count the votes. [Stalin said, "It doesn't matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes."]

    When and if that day comes, hopefully the worst of the worst people who plundered the nation and betrayed the people’s trust will have to face some sort of justice, not just escape to sleep with their stolen fortunes. [I personally admire how the Romanians made their dictator Ceaucescu face justice when he was overthrown.] In that day, Hon. Musa, Barrow, Ralph, and Gapi will all be in the dock together to answer for their crimes.

    So it is hard to shed too many tears when, as others said, Hon. Musa’s chickens come home to roost. It isn’t over yet, I’m betting.

  9. Ixchel Pop says:

    I am very certain that Musa will somehow emerge in a leadership position in the present PUP faction; they will be voted in by default- as the Barrow administration has been unable to control the worsening crime wave…the impending teachers strike….raising inflation etc. Come election, people will be bored, frustrated and desperately hankering for some change. I expect worsening times as the thieves are still very much part of the political structure, there hands are twitching to fleece what little gains may have been made under this marginally fiscal conservative govt.

  10. Frank Smith says:

    How ironic the out of control Musa and his administration is now projecting concern over the crime occurrences in Belize however when he was in power, he was so concern with how much he can fleece from the country to line his pocket so he was selling off everything crime was ramped no one was shooting at him so all was well as soon as someone took a shot at his house now he can feel the concern and how scary it is to live in Belize. Belize need a third political party with the Belizean people as top priority because PUP=Greed and out of control government, UDP=No backbone and No solution to end poverty.

  11. Kaila Moralez says:

    Honorable Said Musa and his family are human beings as anybody else and they did not deserve this unfortunate incident to occure. I have a strong feeling looking at the pattern of how things have been going in Belize that it was a STATE shooting just to try to intimidate Honorable Said Musa out of politics. First Aurthur Young shooting suspect State shooting, then George Street another suspected state killing now Honorable Musa’s house ? Since this UDP government pays gang members that makes their government the BOSS of the GANG. Because the one that pays is the boss. Now if you are the boss you have the power to instruct your employed gang members and what is the qualification of the GANG members?

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