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Jan 16, 2013

Private sector demands that G.O.B. stop negotiating with criminals

The Belize Chamber of Commerce and the Belize Business Bureau have issued one of its strongest release expressing grave concern about the escalation on crime following the shooting at the house of the former prime minister. The BCCI is & BBB are calling on the government to   take immediate and serious measures given the gravity of the situation.   The B.C.C.I. and BBB are demanding that Government implements measures that are directed at improving the quality of life in Belize and adopts a position of zero tolerance to crime and known criminals. It condemns the Government’s perceived need to negotiate with criminals while the demands of law-abiding citizens for protection and safety are repeatedly ignored. The private sector also considers that government’s willingness to negotiate with gang leaders sends a dangerous signal to Belizeans and the international community because criminal factions are emboldened by the fact that they can bring the PM to the negotiation table, while citizens cower in fear.

The private sector also calls for the wholesale implementation of the Crooks report, and asserts that crime is not regressing saying that this is the time for the authorities to govern, not engage in amicable discussions. In respect of the economy, the private sector calls on the government to lower the cost of production and the cost of doing business. And according to the statement, their calls have fallen on deaf ears, while “criminals are perceived to be sent on vacations and paid extortionist stipends.”  The BCCI and BBB also calls on the government to provide sufficient financial resources to the police, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Judiciary.

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20 Responses for “Private sector demands that G.O.B. stop negotiating with criminals”

  1. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Finally an important entity to the financial stability of our beloved country and the business community has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the GOB and Dean “No Guts” Barrow.
    If your house was being robbed and you had a gun permit, would you let the criminal take your
    possessions and possibly take your life, as well as the lives of your family? Essentially that is what Barrow is doing; he is negotiating with the devil. Does anyone in their right mind think that a criminal will honor their word? That is why they are classified criminals – they lie, cheat, steal and murder. So in essence, Barrow is an accessory to any crime committed by these gang members.
    In legal terms it is considered “aiding and abetting”.

  2. Belizean Sun says:

    No words…PM needs to wake up

  3. David Blank says:

    What took them so long?? Where is the Church and the rest of civil society?? Oh, they are looking after their own interests! Shame on them, and shame on the NGOs! This akin to Nero fiddling while Rome Burns. We have a ghetto gov’t and a ghetto PM. Never mind the education!

  4. george alamilla says:

    This wave of crime can be stopped immediately by the government.Just implement laws that will give automatic death sentence to any premeditated murderers,25 year jail sentence with hard labor and I mean hard labor to robbers that commit these actions with a gun,10 year automatic sentence with hard labor to any criminal found with gun and ammunition and make these sentences hold.Lawyers seems to have a field day in court getting bail or getting these cases thrown out of court.With forensics and video testimon to protect witnesses,these criminals would be in jail and roaming around in freedom, while we sleep under burglars bars,triple locks and in fear all night and day.Politicians,take action and stop the verbal engagements with criminals.

  5. Amir castellanos says:

    Only an like our prime minister and ministers negotiate with criminals. But lets face reality; they are criminals themselves

  6. roska says:

    Barrow is securing the city’s constituents…… while losing the rest of the country….!!!!

    Soooon he will learn that you can never effectively negotiate with gangsters/killers… unless yo are one of them…… perhaps we dont know soemthing more……

    I agree with blank…. why till now BCCI is sendign out the release??? why did they have to wait for one of the elitist be targetted?? Did the lives and physical integrity of the ordinary belizean did not merit it before??

    But anyway thanks… its better late than never……

  7. Buju says:

    Well said Chamber!

    I was talking to one of my UDP friends and i told her how dissapointed i was with the PM’s Press Conference.
    I told her no one other that the criminals and their families in Belize City would have been mad if the PM said the right words to the media!

    He should have started off my listing out the amount of people these people were suspected of killing! I am sure it would have reached at least 50.

    Then he should have made clear that he WILL not negotiate with terrorists and the entire George Street jackarses should be on notice that their days of reaking terror on the good citizens of this country are over!

    But noooo he paid them to go and have a vacation in Gales Point where the mother of ghost was treatning people to obeah them lol

    Whats wrong with these fools???

    Some how they think because they don’t want to get gainful employment someone owe’s them something for that.

  8. Dean Castro says:

    I always read the Belizean news because Belize was one of the country I wanted to relocate/migrate and open up a business but now with the alarming crime and murder rate I am seriously reconsidering.
    The Government needs to do something before it get out of hand if it is not already out of hand.

  9. Storm says:

    It sounds like they have read the messages posted here, and finally saw the truth. Welcome to the bandwagon.

    Has Rod taken over the BBB?

  10. Ricky Malthus says:

    @Liberty and Freedom . I am in agreement and let’s add Justice . We have been preaching the sasme and asking the BGGI what is its raison d’ ^etre for some time now. But BCCI is only one sector of the community. We blame the silence of condemnation on the Media particularly, the Amandala, big mouth, know-nothing Jules, the anemic the Reporter, the waning Belize Times, and Belizeans who have grown inured to the sufferings, oppression and suppression, and the tyranny of Barrow’s excessive taxation and no providing of services. Today we stand at the crossroads of continued poverty and extreme violence and coming together to overthrow the yoke of oppression. Which one we chose will determine the fate of the country for the next decade. I say let’s chose freedom and let’s get rid of Barrow and call new elections but no Hyde and Mark Espat are invited.

  11. gisela says:

    who are u people

  12. ceo says:

    Very good! Now lets get the people to stand up in unison!

  13. Louisville says:

    Well I be darned…. The BBB and BCCI finally has something to say about the crime situation in Belize City especially.
    Why did it take the shooting up of Said Musa’s property for them to be so concerned? I guess south side don’t matter but now, this shiggidy is TOO close to home, noh.
    @ Ricky Malthus you might not like the house of KREMANDALA but you got to agree, did not the Editorial of 4th. instant prophesied that : soon, no one will be safe?
    We may bury our heads in the sand all we want to, like an Ostrich, fooling ourselves into thinking all is warm and fuzzy up top as it beneath, when all we are doing is exposing our butt to danger.
    No, the Editor at Amandala is neither a Prophet nor a Genious….just someone who’s keeping it Real!
    Eventually, everybody will, get the sense.

  14. Rod says:

    Don’t worry it has taken 5 years and over a thousand people dead for the belizean people to wake up but the cries of the people will soon be heard and they will say. Guan judas guannnnnnnnnnnnnnnso let it be said so let it be written.

  15. nick says:

    these NGO want to negotiatiate with the P.M but no answer. But let it be the gang even if da weekend he will meet with them. does it make sense.

  16. JT says:

    Amen! Now we need more community organizations and leaders to speak up similarly. Wake, PM! WAKE UP!!!

  17. press conference says:

    how come no police and Barrow press conference, they woory more bout Geaorge Street than the former PM. thats the message.

  18. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    I will say this one more time: GIVE BACK BELIZE TO THE BRITISH!!!

  19. GoBelize! says:

    It’s about damn time! Well at least they aren’t mumbling under their breaths like the rest of us. So people we need fi seh it loud too! Stop talk to dem damn murdera! If me and you call fi see Prime Minista, no way! No time fi you! You di man whe pay i tax, whe clean i yard, whe go to work. But mek you Khon like gangsta ahn you culd call paan he anytime! In fak, he ahn carry you fi meetin da Biltmore, den send you down pahn plane da Mananti!

  20. ssr says:

    atlast… people finally realizing this crazy stupid !@#$ going on in belize since dats why belize no get 2 prosper and more crimes d go on… dam government not doing anything to stop this crimes….. yet they d protect those criminals plus more…….

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