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Jan 15, 2013

Another bust of illegal rosewood extraction in the south


Hilmar David Alamilla

For months the illegal rosewood extraction has been a topic of interest, and since the burning of over four hundred thousand dollars worth of flitches by forestry Minister Lisel Alamilla last Friday, let’s just say the topic is receiving national attention. And apparently with good cause as tonight there are credible reports that another stash of rosewood has been discovered, this one in Independence. We’ll have more on that in Wednesday’s newscast, but for now, we go back to the attention that has been focused on Minister Alamilla, and the speculation that has been directed at the source of her frustration and the intended recipient of her very dramatic and costly message. The man who allegedly committed the crime, but not necessarily the man to whom the message is being sent, is Hilmar David Alamilla. His name has been in the media because the rosewood bust last Wednesday is not his first. As we told you in Monday’s newscast, Hilmar, is a known political associate and close confidante of Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega. Now, whether Hilmar is being protected in some way or for some reason through his association with the very powerful Vega is another question entirely. Minister Alamilla has stated on the record that the concession holder’s license will be taken away, and Ministry officials have said that there have been moves to seize his equipment on site. But apart from that, very little has been said about serious penalties for the alleged repeat rosewood offender. The Forests Act allows for a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars and/or imprisonment not to exceed twelve months. In addition, a court can use its discretion to find for damages which can be levied as an additional fine.

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13 Responses for “Another bust of illegal rosewood extraction in the south”

  1. Bear says:

    Students, churches, and environmental organizations should organize a march on Gapi’s office and demand that he either denounce David/Hilmar Alamilla, or resign. He’s grotesque as a representative of the people of his district, let alone being Deputy PM.

    When change comes to the Jewel, Gapi must face the people’s justice.

  2. Storm says:

    Enough is enough, and too much is nasty. Hilmar must go, one way or another, and soon. Prison is too good for him, his punishment should be an example to all crooked men.

  3. no news says:

    multiple busts = repeat offender
    like the gangs, not too worried about GOB, after all they are partners in dissolving the law.

    What is Vega’s take, hiding, not giving interviews?

    “one thousand dollars and/or imprisonment not to exceed twelve months.”
    For each log, sequentially served. That sends a message to the rat’s nest.
    Are they paying taxes on their ill gotten goods?
    tax evasion took down Al Capone and permanently put him in a cage.

  4. Rod says:

    See every corrupt thing happening in this country is being done by people in this corrupt gov. Or they are related or friends of someone in this gov. People people enough is enough the corruption needs to stop we cannot we cannot continue with this thieving murdering corrupt pm and gov. They need to go they need to be locked up belizeans are suffering under this pm and gov.

  5. Truth says:

    Charge them for it and then have them replant the amount of trees they cut * 3 or 4 or 5 etc. that way not only will they learn but also give back to the forest what was removed from them.

    Its time to ensure that they give back to the environment other than just taking from it.


  6. Anne says:

    Why is he not fined the value of the trees and why on earth would they burn them?

  7. blackberry says:

    If the minister decide to sell or donate this batch of rosewood on the local market we well have illegal rosewood floating around for the next five years claiming to be a portion of the rosewood the minister had sold or gave away.

  8. rememba says:

    Gapi said he and his family are not normal, he meant that they are above the law. read Judge Gale article in the amadala, he is saying for us to adress crime and violence in Belize it has to start from the top. White collar crime. if a man steals a soap at SAV-U he goes to jail for five years. speedy lawyer no appeal.
    not even a week now , all the judges and lawyers put on their show with robes and wigs and band playing and marching, lamenting in their speeches again about violent crime. but they are a big part of the problem. how can Mr Alamilla be caught with four hundred THOUSAND DOLLARS of ILLEGAL rosewood and be charged one thousand dollars fine. something wrong here.

  9. Whappy says:

    People, People, People! Why all the surprise? Hilmar and Gapi Vega are not normal people in Belize. They are not the average Belizean like you and I. In their minds they are better than most Belizeans. It is okay for them to rob and pillage and take what they want because what will Belize people do about it? All they will do is make a lot of noise, and next week back to business as usual. We have been sold out by the same people who we elected to work for us for a fist full of dollars. How convenient that this used to be Gapi Vega’s ministry when this whole rosewood thing started. Obviously he is benefiting from the proceeds. GOB= Gangsters Of Belize.

  10. El Loco says:

    This is the reason why you will NEVER see executions on the books of the laws of Belize. People always cry hang the criminals, etc., but if the people in charge are openly corrupt and that is now the new norm, then those individuals would be subject to the same punishments. There are many acts of treason occuring in belize by the people in charge and if we hang the murder, then we would have to hang someone found guilty of treason, corruption, etc. It would really have to start at the top….

  11. ceo says:

    Any bady need soh firewood?

  12. Bear says:

    The students of the Jewel should realize that the country is being destroyed by those in power in so many ways, and they will have nothing left when their generation is ready to take over the reins of power. That is the reason students in so many other countries lead the charge to overthrow corrupt regimes. Why are Belizeans students so complacent, like sheep being led to slaughter? There is simply no effective student organization to help reform the Jewel.

  13. Mr. Concern says:

    the next bust of rosewood is not surprise. there many more bundle hidden under sheds and canopy. if you know where these are? is best that you begin to do something else.

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