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Jan 14, 2013

Foiled robbery; 4 of 6 robbers shot by cops

Alexis Ku

Despite unusually heavy police presence over the weekend in the wake of last week’s brutal murders, there is still a brazen attack on a Chinese grocer to report tonight. At about nine o’clock on Saturday night, Jian Vin Store located at the corner of Mahogany and Mopan streets was targeted. The owner, Jian Li, told Police that six men entered his store, one of them armed with a handgun. The man with the gun hit his wife several times, after which Li handed over cash and an assortment of items. The situation escalated to a shootout between police and the robbers. News Five’s Duane Moody reports on the robbery and the crossfire.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Six men—two minors and four adults—are in police custody following a foiled robbery on Saturday night at Jian Vin Store in Belize City. Just as Proprietor, Jian Vin Li, was closing the grocery store for the night, the thieves, one armed with a gun, pounced on them. Li was tied up while his wife was brutalized at the hands of the robbers. She was left with bruises and abrasions to the head, hands and back.


Jian Vin Li, Proprietor

Jian Vin Li

“Eight to nine o’clock the bwai come bwai a campari from my wife. She was getting the campari and I open the door and gone to put lock on the door. The guy kick the door and they come in. they come and get all of the money.”


Duane Moody

“How much money did dehn thief?”


Jian Vin Li

“The downstairs, a thousand dollars. They go upstairs and stole two thousand.”


Raphael Martinez

Over three thousand dollars worth of cash, an Iphone cell phone and a number of other items were stolen. Hearing the commotion, neighbors called the police and their quick response led to the apprehension of the robbers. But in the process four of the six were shot in crossfire.


Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer

“Police responded to a robbery in progress at Jian Vin Shop located at # 10 Mahogany and Mopan Streets in Belize City where the sixty-one year old proprietor reporter that while inside the shop along with his wife, six male persons entered the store. One was armed with a handgun who reported hit him and his wife with the firearm on their jaws and demanded money. The storeowner reportedly handed over a quantity of cash, a DVD player, a laptop computer, carton of cigarettes and two packs of cigars.  Quick police response however, led them inside a room on the second floor of that floor where shots were fired upon the police officers and as a result they returned fire causing injuries.”


Seventeen year Wilbert Gabourel was shot to the left and right thigh; twenty year old Gregory Knox,  to the left and right foot; nineteen year old Jean Pasqual, to the right thigh; and eighteen year old Alexis Ku, shot to the left thigh. Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez.


Steven Swasey

Raphael Martinez

“Also found inside the room was thirty-six year old Steven Swasey of San Pedro and seventeen year old Dillen Dougal of Bootsville Belize City—both were uninjured. Police also recovered from the scene, two nine millimeter expended shells, one slug, a Glock along with a magazine containing ten Aguila brand and two Luger brand nine millimeter rounds.”


Elodio Aragon Jr., Deputy ComPol

“Shots were fired at the officers and the officers returned fire. The police department, police officers, their lives come first when it comes in line to protecting themselves. You must understand that people out there have no regards for public safety or have no qualms in terms of injuring officers and so the police officers must defend themselves. And I am quite sure that that is the case in this incident that occurred over this weekend.”


Ku has since been treated and released while Wilbert Gabourel, Gregory Knox and Jean Pascual were admitted to ward in a stable condition. All items were recovered.  Duane Moody for News Five.


This afternoon, three of the six robbers were arraigned in the Magistrate Court. Swasey, Dougal and Ku appeared unrepresented before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and were charged with one count of robbery, kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. All pleaded not guilty and the case was adjourned until the first of March 2013.

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20 Responses for “Foiled robbery; 4 of 6 robbers shot by cops”

  1. not again says:

    Very good work of the police. We are very proud of them. They should get a medal for the good work. We all hope and pray that the thieves will get charge and put away for many years. That was attempted murder not just for the chines but for the police also. Good job police.

  2. BMNJ says:

    Great efforts by the neighbors and Police officers. I hope the prosecuting team and the justice system will not let us down on this one.

  3. Storm says:

    Wow, what brave criminals — 6 of them and a gun to pistol whip a woman old enough to be their mother! Their families must be very proud of what they have made of their lives!

    I’m really happy that the victims weren’t hurt more seriously, and that good neighbors called the police, and that the police responded quickly and effectively. I wouldn’t have shed a tear if any or all of the robbers caught bullets in the useless brains, but the result is still good.

    Let the criminal vermin rot in prison until they leave it in caskets.

  4. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Congratulations to the Police! Next time please aim for their heads so that we do not have to pay for their jail cells and food. This will send a message to the low life’s who think they are bad @$$#$.

  5. Marie says:

    Police-cant you see the public is behind you-shoot to kill and get rid of these idiots. You think they were shooting to hit your thigh? They were just stupid and lousy shots.

  6. Earl Grey says:

    We need that … Sustainable Rehabilitation Center… Or … PRISON FARM.
    the DEVIL finds WORK for idle hands…. SO CAN WE!!!


    Why are they still breathing?

    The police need lessons in head shots. I´ll pay for it.

    These people are keen on ruining Belize on every level possible, and I am sick of it on every level possible.

  8. borntobehero says:

    this clones are scum, and stil di try to Plead not guilty? com man mein! they should have desenci at least. but what can we expect rite! Only in Belize this can happen, our neighbours are burning them with Gasoline!!!!!!

  9. Lyn says:

    Y don’t u get an rehab @ u house..

  10. From the West says:

    Good police response. I have to commend the police for restraining themselves, shooting all of them in the lower body. I am sure my bullet would have missed the target and hit a bit higher.

  11. WOW says:

    You see why these fools join a gang. The result, their boss send them out to rob to show their loyalty to him and look now they end up getting shot up while their boss laughs in a corner sipping a glass of Remi and call them fools. Ask them the question, “if you mother tell you to go rob a store just of the fun off it, are you going to do”, the answer would mostly like be NO. Then why do they allow a uneducated misfit tell them go rob and they go rob. Man what is this world coming too. Come on youths you can do better.

  12. NOT GUILTY says:

    with a flagrant case like this there should be a stiff penalty , double or triple the time , to plead not guilty and waste the court and taxpayers money.

  13. Grain says:

    Glad the robbers got caught, they should have never opened fire on the police. But they did and paid the price, great work police. Next time shoot to kill.

  14. Al says:

    I am so glad to see the public has decided enough is enough. Who knows what would have happened if the neighbour did not call the police quickly. A shout out to the police. The murder of the four, I believe stopped the flow of drugs, so these people are probably dealers, so they are now desperate for money, no one is safe if you look like you have two cents.
    Keep up the support for the police.

  15. Seletar says:

    Lots of comments to agree with here today, especially @Marie, @BMNJ, and @Al.

    I hope the process concludes with convictions and LONG prison sentences for these worthless animals.

    @Earl Grey, there may be a useful place in the Jewel for a work farm for NON-VIOLENT and FIRST-TIME offenders, but not armed robbers who fire at the police and pistol-whip a helpless woman. The shooter should be hanged, he would have killed an officer if he were a better shot.

  16. impartial says:

    shot at the thighs, arms and legs? c’mon police! shoot to the chest! center mass!!

  17. MzDee says:

    Congratulations Belize Police Force and congratulations to you also for your quick response which aid in saving two valuable lives of innocent, hard working people who is trying to make a living in this country. I support hanging in Belize and 100% fully behind the Police Force. Good job guys.

  18. islander says:

    I must commend the Police highly for a job well done. The amount of restraint showed is admirable, 99 percent of law enforcement agencies around the world would have fired Center of Mass in order to stop the attack. Which usually means dead criminals.

    It is honestly a pity that none of the criminals died.

  19. Orlando says:

    The only mistake by the police was not placing the bullit in their head. One shot= one less IDIOT and a thief on the street, not to mention the less tax payers would pay. There should be more trigger happy guys like the one that took out the George Street Gang and I would anti up for the next one.

  20. sosa says:

    the police return fire.. did they even think about the life of those 2 innocent people??? they might get caught during the cross fire..

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