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Jan 14, 2013

Do you think the Minister should have burned up all that rosewood?

Since the rosewood topic is such a burning issue, no pun intended, today News Five took to the streets to get some feedback. The question our reporter posed was simple; “Do you think Minister Lisel Alamilla should have burned up all that rosewood on Friday?” Here are some of the answers we got.


Resident # 1

“I don’t believe that she should have destroyed approximately half a million in resource. It could have been sold or something else could have been done with it. They could have used this type of resource in some other constructive way.”


Resident # 2

“The Minister may be a good environmental persons, but this one is real stupidity. This money could have gone to education. Sell the rosewood and take the same money and send five people goh study environment.”


Resident # 3

“I am sure it could have been used for something else. It could have been used for better use; coulda mi use and resell some of it. I am sure that something could have been done instead of just burn up the wood.”


Resident # 4

“I think dehn shoulda mi give it to the poorer people make they try do something with it. Try construct wa lee house or two house off of that. You have to help people too. I don’t think dehn shoulda mi burn it because dehn done di jack it already free. So might as well dehn help the poor people with that. People weh need fi build lee house and soh. Help the people dehn mien; that’s all.”


Resident # 5

“They supposed to mi give it to somebody else or someplace weh need it fi help people do dehn house noh cause lot of people get burn out and dehn need repairs and thing. So dehn neva mi supposed to do that.”


But not all are against the burning. This afternoon, APAMO issued a release in which it expresses support for Minister Alamilla. The release states, “APAMO recognizes that the burning of the rosewood may not be a popular action but given the circumstances we applaud the action of Minister Alamilla in sending a strong statement that the illegal harvesting and illegal trade of our precious natural resources should not be tolerated even if there are government officers involved.”

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16 Responses for “Do you think the Minister should have burned up all that rosewood?”

  1. Storm says:

    No, and hell no! The burning was stupid and reckless, and maybe not even legal because it had no process behind it. [And did anyone even confirm it was actually fully burnt, or was most of it salvaged after the cameras left, so the criminal scheme could be completed?]

    I don’t think it should have been sold on the international market to China or some other
    equally predatory country, because that just feeds the trade in poached hardwood and destruction of our forests.

    But it would have been useful to sell it for exclusively local use in making quality furniture for use at home, resulting in some jobs, some income for GOB, and some fine homegrown furniture.

  2. BZE says:

    Can’t alamilla have better sense. what a waste of people we have in ministerial position. she is basically burning $$$$$$$$$. that wood could have been sold and donated to charity. so ridiculous

  3. Gary says:

    I have to say in this case I do agree with the Minister. What everyone is not paying attention to here was what the Minister was trying to say. If she didn’t burnt the woods, some high Minster(Vega), would have placed their hands in the action and Mr, Alamilla would have ended up getting back the rose woods and ship them out. We all know how things are working in Belize but the Minister just can’t say that outright

  4. Fezz779 says:

    Total stupidity by burning, should have been taken to the Kolbe foundation, turned into pauper caskets, furniture for schools, how many children at school who dont have a proper desk. What a shame again on unqualified people doing jobs they are not qualified for or capable of carrying out.

    Discrace to the nation

  5. Frank says:

    I can understand burning weed fields, destroying 250 million wort of cocaine, but burning rosewood is just wrong, that’s not rocket science !!!! If someone else is going to take it, then relocate it else where or hurry donate to places that will make good use of it.

  6. Retired CEO says:

    No, this is a very poor decision on the minister’s part. It is a travestyof justice, abuse/misuse of power and diservice to the nation. The facts of this matter is yet to be known. This naive individual is playing Judge, jury and God. Ironically, what is very sad about this situation is that, this individual was never elected by the people. She was selected on the basis of nepotism. In short she was selected on the recommendation of The PM’s brother. Nowthen, with all that have been said and done, the minister Alamilla needs to understand that Jewel and its’ natural resources are not her personal property or anyone. Not even the PM, or the ruling party. When it comes to natural resources/comodites, no one has the right to burn/destroy or make any such decision. This decision should have been left up to the Judicial system and not the minister. The Natural resources/comodities are the property of the entire Nation as a whole, not an individual, group, or party but the Nation of Belize. The action/behavior of this minister is emotionally selfish, personal and downright foolish, irrational and irresponsible. From the PM down to the ministers they were all elected/selected to serve the well being of the populace. Now, if this was a case of illicit drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or any contraband, etc, one could understand the situation and would therefore aggree with her actions. But in the light of all the poverty that exsist in the jewel, how could any minister justify this sort of assinine irrational behavior. Exactly what is the point?, that she is trying to prove. Her actions does not prove anything nor serve anyone. In short this is a diservice to the nation/populace and government who claims it cannot pay its’ bills. $400.000 is not a heck of alot of money, but many individulas, families and communiy could have benefited from it. Why send it up in flames/smokes. For this reason and many more there should be an investigation into this matter leading up to the removal of this dumb individual from office. Belizeans wake up the current leadership does not have the well being of the people at heart. Belizeans, Rise up against nepotism, cronieism and curruption. Call for a the removal of this unscrupolus self centered minister. This is a disgrace to the Nation. These indiviuals are living high off the hog, while facelss, namelss Belizeans are living in poverty.

  7. BMNJ says:

    Burning the rosewood along with the ones who are guilty. Now with that, I can live with.

  8. Lucas says:

    Nobody saw her until she was kneeling at his feet. She had a container filled with a very expensive perfume which is believed to be worth a year salary at the labourar’s wage. She broke the container and began to wash the Master’s feet with the perfume: When the disciples saw it, their amazement turn into anger saying, “WHY THIS WASTE? for this fragant oil might have been sold for much and given to the poor”(Mathew 26:8-9). John goes a little farther and calls one of them a THIEF (JOHN 12:6). GET THE PICTURE?. Now, let me ask: which one of you who is angry at the Minister’s action has moved one finger to help the poor?. Let me guess; NONE. Perhaps only Espat from the south but I can assure you all he did it not from the goodness of his heart but for his own gain:VOTES. Therefore, go help the poor since you guys are so interested in them and leave Lisell do her job.

  9. ed says:

    What a shame.if the responsible person would have lost 400,000 thousand i could understand it but now it shows what kind of people we have in government from the minister to the pm. arrogant

  10. ed says:

    What a shame.if the responsible person would have lost 400,000 thousand i could understand it but now it shows what kind of people we have in government from the minister to the pm. arrogant

  11. Initiate says:

    Sometimes you have to beat around the bush, and sometimes you just have to burn the bush!! Continue to blaze the trail of corruption Hon. Alamilla!!!

  12. Terrified says:

    She is a real women, my respect to her. Sometimes drastic measures are necessary.

  13. b.Jones says:

    I would say no BUT if GARY’s assumption is correct then i would have to agree with the burning.

  14. Concerned Belizean says:

    It is evident that Belize is no longer for the citizens of this country and it will remain such way as long as this corrupted system of politics continues to be in existence throughout the entire world. It’s sad that the political system control the thoughts and intension of most human being be it where ever they may be. We need a new system that will be in support of all living organisms rather than just politicians and their friends and families. This system we rely on is old and outdated and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. We will all continue to be slaves to the economy just as our parents and grandparents until we realize what a fraud it has been within our times of existence. Wakeup Belizean and take control of the very brain that was given to you by the Almighty!!!!!!

  15. Mr. Tom in San Pedro says:

    I wrote comments earlier that were extremely harsh on the minister. Those words came from our horror at the thought of destroying the precious rosewood and drove such critical reproach. But, there is always more than one side to any story, so passing time should bring out other facts that may explain, in part, the radical choice she made. After all, it would take some enormous frustration from uncontrollable factors to justify that decision. I don’t walk in her shoes, so I now bite my tongue and hope for more clarity to help understand.

  16. Mr. Tom in San Pedro says:

    I wrote harsh words about our horror in learning of the burning of the rosewood by the minister.
    Now, a little bit cooled down, I say that there are always more than side to any story. I don’t walk in the minister’s shoes and can only imagine what intense frustration could have driven her to make such a draconian choice as destroying the very resource that she is authorized to guard and protect.
    So, we hope now for more facts to be revealed to inform us all and find deeper understanding leading to approriate action under the law.

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