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Jan 7, 2013

Grave problems for City Hall

Since the Belize City Council has taken control of public cemeteries and the building of graves, at least one undertaker has made his discontent public. But it seems there is a growing list of upset residents, who are also voicing their rage at the council’s handling of burial services. The most recent case involves Hector Hylton, who died on December thirty first. His family believes he was murdered but the police say its suicide after reviewing video footage at this workplace. That’s another story altogether but Hylton was buried on January fifth at the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery and the family says they paid a thousand dollars for the construction of the grave, but Delthrude Hylton says, the council could not have done a worst job.


Delthrude Hylton

Delthrude Hylton, upset about shoddily built grave

“City council has taken that section over; and now we pay a thousand dollars to them just for building of the grave. When we got there Saturday, the grave; usually the minister would tell you to put the box on top of the grave with the board that they had across. On that day, we couldn’t leave the box on top of the grave for the minister to do his ceremony before the committal in the ground. Why? Because the grave, the blocks were falling off so they had to hurry place the box inside the grave and the minister do what he had to do from there. And while we were there still, three of the blocks fall off. And when they fall off, all the guy did was pick it up and set it up back in place. Now, we have pictures to prove that this grave was poorly done because this grave has all the opening between the blocks weh you know you usually have a mixture to hold them together. And it’s like you want to stick two papers together, you use either tape or glue. You know for cement blocks, you know you have a specific mixture to put there with the cement that you mix.  When you look at the grave, all the opening from between the blocks are there. Inside the grave, it wasn’t even plastered; not even painted and from there you see the opening as well. And then later on when the guys are putting on the top, they put on the plywood and the piece of steel that they put there, wasn’t even tied—the usual thing then. And by the time they start putting on the mixture, the mixture was so thin it starts pouring down. I took pictures of it the same day, I even took a sample of what the mixture was from the top—I brought it in a cup to see how long it would take to get hard. It just finish dry this morning. when we get back to the grave yesterday, you can see where the grave was crack on the length way on both sides. We have pictures to prove how the grave looks from yesterday and now today because we went to City Hall. We spoke to councilor Philip Willoughby who assured us that Mister Percy Murrillo who he called in our presence said that they are going to rebuild the grave. At three o’clock, we went back there. when we went back there like ten past three, all they did was smoothen off the top of the grave. everything else from the side where the blocks were loose and nothing to hold them together is still the same way.”


Jose Sanchez

“You feel your deceased loved one and you family has been disrespected by the Council which is saying they took it over because they don’t want sloppy work?”


Delthrude Hylton

“Exactly, but they gave sloppy work.”


The family and friends of Hylton also suffered a mishap at the burial on Saturday. Some people were standing on a very old grave which gave way under their feet. Several people fell into knee deep water inside the hole but no one was seriously hurt.

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10 Responses for “Grave problems for City Hall”

  1. Rod says:

    This gov. Can’t even get this right damm useless gov.

  2. Al says:

    This is a sad story, this family could not even bury their loved one with dignity. I thought that the city took over the grave preparation to meet proper standards, what and where are the standards. Once again the Belize people are being screwed by the government, what is next, will they charging mothers for giving birth. It is a shame because what it seems to me is that the government who should be cracking down on crime is capitalizing on the high rate of deaths and in the process compounding the families grief. Where were the bricks purchased, did they come from Mr Smith’s business. Someone in the news need to follow the money trial, I bet you will see an increase in business at this City employees business. Please Channel 5, follow this situation and expose, expose, expose.

  3. not again says:

    @AL. Dont give the goverment ideas because next year you will hear they are charging woman to give birth. How much more are we going to take from these gready goverment? Soon I will have to agree with @Rod.

  4. rod says:

    all that i have been preaching daily for the past two years every thing i have said has come to pass and am telling you things will get worse this is the worse most useless corrupt pm and gov in the history of this country every aspect of life is in the drain another thing that i will expose to the public is this and neighter the gov. or the people themselves want this to come out but here it is, their are hundreds of people in belize who are being blackmailed to eighter pay up or they are being treatened to eighter being killed or one of their family members being hurt and this pm and gov. have this information and refuses to to even bring it up perhaps it is people in this same gov. who are paying these people to do this for their own personal gain so channel 5 you need to dig into this story and you will find that what i am exposing is the truth hundreds of individuals and busineses are being black mailed right now and this pm and gov. know about it and still they stay mute wake up belizeans the time has come to kick out this useless incompetent corrupt pm and gov. out put all of them in jail and bring back the hanging penalty tomorrow no one else should die because of the failure of their pm and gov. to do their job again i say let it be said let it be written.

  5. blackberry says:

    City Hall is getting into private sector in order to full their coffers. If they want to insure quality that is why they have a city engineer. This is the problem we have in Belize; we do not solve problems we put a band aid only to have it resurface much bigger later on.

  6. Louisville,Ky says:

    I will give praise when it is due and, I will also give condemnation when that is due.
    In this, ‘bury’n ground’ thing, I think the Mayor is over stepping his bounds. He needs to know his place. If it is quality control he wants to enforce, then he should assign a qualified inspector to oversee the construction of graves.(with all due respect, it’s not rocket surgery)
    But to tell us that the City has to ‘strong weh’ the building of tombs to ensure adequate construction, is what makes grass grow greener in Texas.
    I thought Belize was a democracy but, this is a subtle form of Dictatorship/communism where the State feels like they have a right to compete with the private sector for the already scanty dollars in the market place.
    Slow down Darryl, You di get tu steppish!

  7. John McAfee says:

    Why the hell do you think I had to run away from this corrupt country. Brothers murdering each other, gang wars, old ladies being shot, corrupt police & politicians. Now I am back in a great country and out of the $hit h0le Belize. lol

  8. Storm says:

    Government should not be in business in any field to compete with private business. A little investigation will undoubtedly prove that this new grave-digging policy is just there to make some officials or their families rich, another gross abuse of public power.

    [@John McAfee: nice language! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?]

  9. max100 says:

    Hey John Belize is not a !@#$ hole it is still beautiful in many places and still have good people!!!But you are right!!! in a way, some people and the government make it !@#$%^ but calling it !@#$%^ is over kill the place is still paradise if the government wouldn t keep everyone under it’s iron thumb You see they want everything to pass through there hand so the can manipulate and control the situation the more crime the more they can ask for funds to defeat this epidemic and they do not allow the citizen to trade and contact the rest of the world freely I believe the do this deliberately to stop the progress of the country in a whole Imagine if the people where able to unite and hold the government accountable by transparency. But it will never happen the government have been in power for 6 years now and they have yet to show anything to the people and the people dont even demand to see it. Because of fear, or lack of know 85 % of the people in the country works for them they own all the utility companies and they make and control the Law and the Law officers Wow !!!!So if you say something you are dead or they might set you up like they did John?????? He got off easy he was lucky they didnt get there hands on his (Being ) Him. To really do some harm (buss him up ) Belizean Interrogation at it’s finest !!!LOL COMMUNISM????? in sheep clothing Democracy my A@$ yeah right it a drug and gun infested crooked police state bordering communism. It is what it is WITH NO JUSTICE

  10. Martin says:

    Al, the Councilor responsible for Cemeteries is Councilor Dion Leslie from Leslie’s Block (and Cement) Factory… So that’s following the money…

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