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Jan 7, 2013

UB student government alleges student didn’t register

Hope Amadi

Today was registration day at the University of Belize Belmopan campus and there are over five hundred incoming students who were expected to sign up and pay for the upcoming semester. But when News Five spoke to the Student Government President, Hope Amadi, today, there was only a handful of students completing their registrations. Amadi and the student government have been encouraging the students to boycott the registration in protest of the increased fees that resulted from the discontinued government subsidies. It’s a bold move, but Amadi believes it’s necessary to get the desired result, which is a reversal of government’s decision to cut off the subsidies.


Hope Amadi, President, UB Student Government

“The outcome today is very good for us because as you can look on campus, the campus is scanty; there’s barely anybody on campus. But we still know that some students are afraid and some students are still registering but we have the majority by our side; we have the majority on our side.”


Delahnie Bain

“Isn’t it risky for these students to not come in and register?”


Hope Amadi

“Yes, it is risky for the students if some register and some don’t register, but everybody does not register it’s not risky for the students. It’s like speaking with one voice. But I urge those who have already—who are still making up their minds what to do, to understand what we are fighting for. It’s the fight of a lifetime; it’s something that at the end of the day you can look at yourself and yes, you did a good job or you did not do a good job. But the question still remains what or how far can you go for your country?  How far can you go to see that the less privileged in this country is given the opportunity of a lifetime to attend tertiary education? and that is the question I think everybody that is listening to me, all the students need to answer to themselves. It is not about me, it is not about you; it’s about the generations to come. The mistakes we make today will determine how Belize will be tomorrow. I don’t want to be seen as the one who made that mistake or who contributed to why we are twenty years behind when we are supposed to be moving forward.”


Delahnie Bain

“So if this boycott is successful what are you hoping will be the response from government?”


Hope Amadi

“Government taking back the initiative and continue paying for the subvention for everybody. We are not here to say pay for some and don’t pay for some; for everybody. Maybe hopefully if the government would understand the need for education, maybe do something better for the schools and at least right now we are all eager to see government take back the subvention and continue paying. Please continue paying; don’t make us suffer, don’t make the students have to pay this burden, it is too much. Already, a lot of students are crying for the little they are paying as he stated; imagine if you add more to it.”

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13 Responses for “UB student government alleges student didn’t register”

  1. Storm says:

    Sorry to say, but this young man seems too immature to lead the students. His education is an important investment for HIM in his life, not for anyone else. It was nice, when there was money available, that the taxpayers of Belize could subsidize college education, but that is not the case any more.

    Nobody owes these students money to get a degree, it is something they can and should earn for themselves to make their own lives better. I worked at a fulltime job every day when I went to college; it reduced my social life for a few years, but I graduated appreciating my own accomplishment, and I am sure I’m not alone in that experience.

    To Amadi I ask, why do I and other working, taxpaying Belizeans OWE you your college education? Why should we take money we need to pay our own bills, feed, clothe, and educate our own children, so that you can have a free ride? If you want a college degree, WORK FOR IT.

    It’s sad that he leads children who only want what is free, and apparently don’t want to lift a finger for hard work to help themselves. I think he is a symptom of the cancer of living off the government that is killing the Jewel.

    That said, I believe if money can be found, government or a bank should crate a student loan program whereby students can borrow some of their college fees, and repay it after graduation. That’s a fair hand up, not a hand-out.

  2. oscar965 says:

    I agree 100% with what storm said. There is no such thing as a free ride. I worked and went to school and i am proud of all that I acomplished. But for Amadi and so many others to want a free ride…sorry but not on my tax payers money. Where is your pride Amadi…you and the other lazy students. Work and stop that “gimme” mentality. Parents, do not give your children a tv and a computer..this is the result. What a lazy generation. Work…and educate yourself..if that was good for me then it should be good for you. Each generations wants things more and more easy but this time you are asking for way too much. If you want free education and medical care, sorry to tell you that you are in the wrong country. Try Cuba….

  3. me says:

    so if students don’t register, and UB doesn’t have the $ themselves to pay their own expenses for the rest of the school year, UB will maybe have to shut down. the protesting students don’t understand the implications of what they are doing. so they are willing to not finish school for $300 more? education is worth it, no matter what the cost.

  4. not again says:

    We as parents have the responsability to give education to our kids. I agree with storm 100%. Mr.Amadi maybe its time for you to get a job and stop make a fool of yourself.

  5. Buju says:

    It is remarkable Storm and I are agreeing on the same issues lol

    But seriously, last week I asked how would not registering benefit anyone???

    I’ll tell you Mr. Hope and Mr. Moses are loving this attention – but by not registering all one is doing is
    1 – Depriving themselves of an education which is one of the most essential things in life to survive after your health
    2 – Adding more expenses to yourself because i would think when you wise up and do register you will have to pay a late registration fee
    3 – Being apart of Hope’s personal agenda

    Let me leave you guys with this statement:

    “A good leader is somone you will willingly follow to somewhere you would not normally go by yourself”

    How would I be able to follow Hope Amadi if all he does is gamble???

  6. James says:


  7. Blessed Love says:

    I Agree with Storm 100%. You need to work for what you want in this life.. No free ride

  8. concerned says:

    How much more do students and parents need to work, how can you people say they need to work for it. damm it they already are, and an increase makes it even harder for these parents to send their kids to school especially in this economy. So you people are saying it is right to spend so much on gangs of which we can clearly see is only back firing on us, so it is right for ministers to spend on new vehicles that are not necessary, and the ones that are willing to make a difference and pursue education need to pay more. How outrageous!! The government should make education more affordable and stop paying gangs and wasting money stupidly. Help educate the younger generation and don’t make it harder for them. These students have a right to stand up for what they believe!!!!!!!

  9. Bear says:

    I’m pretty sure that having Buju and Storm agree on an issue is one of the signs of the Mayan apocalypse, isn’t it?

    And I agree with both of them, and ‘most all of the other comments here today. GOB is broke, it’s immoral to make someone else pay for your college education, or worse, have the nation borrow money so tomorrow’s children pay for what students today spent!

  10. Wise up says:

    While I agreed with Storm and most people here on some level, as I have worked in order to get my education. I was blessed with a job to put myself through, but I am not stupid to say others can work as well to get themselves an education today. The reality is simply some people can’t even afford to put their children through high school, so just imagine getting their children through sixth form. Another thing is I wonder where are they going to get these jobs to put themselves through school. Please do look at our unemployment rate at the moment then comment. Its hard presently for people with Bachelor degree to find a job imagine a person with a high school diploma. I believe providing free education to our children is the way forward, an educated nation is a progressive nation.

    But then again, people will always see negative in everything. I agreed to some degree our people are lazy and rely on the government for everything. But having free education from primary school to at least the associate degree level will enable our nation to be somewhere. But if u want our nation to go backward, then I agreed let our children and their parents pay for their education and learn the lesson that nothing comes free. But then I think, less educated people, people unable to get a job will ensure at least we will have more criminals which there are presently more criminals than we can handle imagine having more frustrated and uneducated people in our society. Ever wonder why these gang members killing each other, I wonder if they have a high school diploma, I wonder if they graduated from primary school? It is quite funny, I believe most of their parents struggle just getting them through primary school and kids seeing their parents in this situation struggling, think why bother with high school- its just more money their mother ( who are usually single parent) has to find to get them there-buying books, uniforms etc. I will always support free education, free education is the way forward for our people, but then again if we want to keep the uneducated poverty stricken people in the same place they are and only selected few who has the finance and are able to finance their children throughout their education by all means continue in the state our nation is in- do bare in mind there is just so much people can handle-look at our Belize presently ( I guess Gov’t free education brought our nation to this- what a laugh we don’t have free education in Belize in the sense of free education.)

  11. Ayaz135 says:

    I definitely agree with Storm. Backing u up 100%. First of all mr. Amadi, u need to go out and get a JOB to finish ur education. @ James u life’s not fair, u make it ursrlf. Secondly Students of UB NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT u’ll hv either pay the extra to finish school or don’t, face it, u won’t get no where. I was a student of UB (waiting for graduation) and i worked a 2years and then I first signed off as a full time student. I finish as a part time student because I started working again and am proud to say I earned my degree. Paid it on my own. If u really want it, Don’t be afraid to face life and not follow someone else’s. Amadi, I know that u just want to get ur education easy and cheap. U sound like the kind of person who just want suck other ppls money for ur own selfish benefit. If u don’t like GOB’s decision Just deal with it or quit school. Ur just causing more problems to the BELIZE.

  12. Ryan says:

    Pay your fees, its an investment

  13. 86 says:

    Wow sounds to me like all these comments are a personal vendetta against Mr. Amadi, and i am quite disappointed at the maturity level from most of these people who claim to be graduates, seems like u guys feel like u are gods just cos u were blessed wit jobs and now u feel the need to force it down every other persons throats as deir only option, fees should not be increased unless the standard of education in these schools are upgraded, wen u all went to school it wasnt this expensive so plz shut ur ignorant mouths and think of the future of ur children and the children of this nation, just cos u cud afford it for ur children dont mean everyone else can. U give the government a hand in dis case and eventually they will take the whole arm. Education is necessary, the youths of this nation deserve it so all u old people need to stop thinking of urself but the nation.

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