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Jan 4, 2013

Brothers charged for murder

Akeem Humes

This afternoon, two brothers were arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith for the New Year’s Day Murder and Attempted Murders in Belize City. Twenty-three year old Akeem Humes was charged for the murder of forty-five year old Orlando Williams, who was violently gunned down on East Canal. Akeem, a reputed associate of the George Street Gang, lives on the same street where Williams was standing with friends and was shot as many as seven times by a lone gunman.  No plea was taken from Akeem, who has been remanded to prison until February fifteenth, 2013.

Shakeem Humes

His younger brother, twenty year old Shakeem Humes, was charged with the Attempted Murder of Marco Valle, who was shot minutes after Williams’ murder. Valle was purchasing food from a vendor near the Battlefield Park when a gunman on bicycle fired a single bullet that penetrated the left side of his face and exited from the right side. Along with the Attempted Murder, Shakeem was additionally charged with Dangerous Harm and Use of Deadly Means of Harm. No plea was taken and he has also been remanded to prison. His next court appearance is scheduled for March twelfth.

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11 Responses for “Brothers charged for murder”

  1. NY says:

    The Gov of Bze needs to do a better combating crime and violence in 2013 because for far too long we have seen incompetence all across the board, starting w/ the Ministers, the Judges, the DPP’s office, the top brass of the police force and the special forces, all the way down to the rookie cops. Bzeans need to rise up and demand more from the Barrow administration who has been failing them for all the years that he has been in power. WHY is it that the average Bzean feel much safer here in the states, a country with a population of more than 300 million people, than when they go home, a country of less than 500 thousand people? The answer is that there are competent people who are held accountable for what they do when it comes to crime and violence. Here in the states if you don’t get the job done, you get fired because the media holds everyone feet to the fire, starting from the PRESIDENT, all the way down to the police officers on the beat.

  2. Rod says:

    Hang them both do not waste the people’s tax money anymore just hang them quick and high.

  3. not again says:

    Lets have the first two hanging of the year. They dont deserved to be alive. If they go out they will kill again. Look at their stupid faces.keep Dickie out of the case.

  4. Marie says:

    Let the streets take care of these 2 cowards-cant go up to a man must shoot from behind and run like punks always.

  5. Storm says:

    We’ve seen these faces in connection with gun violence before. This time let’s hope that they die if prison if GOB won’t hang them. Please, police, do the job by the book so there is no room for these animals to escape justice.

  6. Indian woman says:

    Someone needs to start disposing of these trash known as humans. They have NO place in society. Why do we tolerate this? It’s just a few of they. Lets clear the land of rubbish.i suggest we start saving the pictures of these animals for the future.

  7. egghead says:

    You all mamas will be very proud of you.

  8. Ixchel Pop says:

    These two young men have done this before- learned very early that they can get away with it and hence able to behave as if their is no consequences nor censor to what they do, or how they act. They are not the only ones and the fact that they are in the Police hands is a good thing. I hope that the police do what is needed to rid the country of these criminals. We have now gained the distinction of being the murder capital of the Caribbean- something that was never anticipated. How did we become such a hell-hole in a few years? I strongly believe that we are a failed state and that the governemnt has lost it grip on the security and crime. The criminals rule without remorse and the police need a lot of catching up to come to the levels of the hard core thugs on the streets. I am calling for a full all-out revolution to topple this mad political oligarchy that is bent on preserving the status quo and wealth of family members and friends. We are reaching a tipping point- it is felt in the air, just watch and see…

  9. Bear says:

    I agree with @Indian Woman, it’s just a few that need to be killed to protect the rest. These are two of those few.

    Arrested murderers should NEVER see the light of freedom again.

  10. northernconcern says:

    A teeth for a teeth.. hang them

  11. Eyes says:

    Just like most people in Belize I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the crime situation in Belize. However, some of the comments posted on here is down right ignorant.. Calling for these young men to be marked by society, hanged and killed without giving them an opportunity to prove their innocents shows the high level of ignorance plaguing our society today. My heart and thoughts goes out to the families of the victims mentioned above, but who are any of you to judge these young men? who gave any of you the title God? For all we know they could be innocent and just victims of the Belize police department propaganda show. i have no tolerance for people who engaged in criminal activities and i firmly believe any one found guilty should be punished accordingly. Crucifying our youths and stigmatizing them because they come from certain neighborhoods is the wrong approach to take. and calling for the death of these young men accused above clearly shows your mentality is just as low and dirty as the criminal elements destroying the peace in our country. And that mentality is exactly why these young men who are being lead astray will never change because our society doesn’t give them an opportunity to change……. This is coming from a person who has lost two family members and many friends at the hands of members of the George Street Gang. Open your hearts people, showing love to each other is the only way to combat the evil in our country, no matter how bleak things may seem.

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