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Jan 3, 2013

Nation Builders tell UB students not to register

Micah Goodin

In solidarity with the UB student government are other members of Nation Builders, including Micah Goodin of St. John’s College Junior College.  While not affected by the decision to terminate the subsidy, Goodin joins the fight on behalf of future UB students graduating from SJCJC.


Micah Goodin, President, SJCJC

“My name is Micah Goodin and I am the incumbent president of the SJCJC student government and I am also a spokesperson for the Nation Builders National Youth Movement.  You may ask, why should I be bothered.  Why should I consolidate efforts with my colleagues from the University of Belize?  I’ll have you know that I was compelled to support my UB counterparts on several points, including one: a large population of SJCJC graduates will seek higher education from UB at some point in their lives.”


Hope Amadi

Hope Amadi

“The minister made mention on-air that there’s an increase in school fees and we responded on-air telling the minister we are not going to pay because there was no dialogue.  He didn’t approach us.  The same way he made mention on-air is the same way we’ve made mention and we’ve tried getting in touch with him but we couldn’t so this is the last straw, as you may say.  This is the last of it and we have samples of petitions that we’ve gotten from students that we are going to send to the minister’s office.  This is proof that the students are not happy and not willing to pay.”


Students who are currently enrolled at the university will not be affected by the increase in student fees but are being implored likewise to sit out the registration process.

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11 Responses for “Nation Builders tell UB students not to register”

  1. Storm says:

    Education is expensive, and there’s no free lunch. Someone has to pay the bills, why not the people benefiting from the university? And “dialogue” doesn’t pay those bills. “Money talks, and dialogue walks,” or something like that.

    I’m actually sympathetic with the problem, since I attended college and worked fulltime every single day to pay for it. It wasn’t even that hard, but you have to want it and have a goal you burn to achieve.

    Welcome to the cold real world, students. The future is still there for you, but you’ll need to find a way to pay for it. If not you, then who?

  2. Buju says:

    I am a partime student at UB and for the life of me I cant understand why would I not register for my courses to make Hope Abadi’s point!

    He did not consult with the student body before he made that media appearance!

    I am trying to figure out the rationale behind it – i would not register depriving myself of an education to make a point??? Further putting me behind from finishing up my Bachelor’s degree making it take longer for me to get a promotion at my work place and drpriving my children of a better life??????

    I don’t agree with the increase but not registering is a stupid suggestion! And i surely dont want anyone to think that Moses Sulph and Hope Abadi are speaking for us!

  3. oscar965 says:

    @buju…well said. I did the same as you…worked and went to school. Nothing in life is free, you gotta work for it. If you are going to UB and still have that “free” mentality..then maybe you belong back in kindergarden school. So students…do not be lazy…wake up..this is the real world…this is 2013…those who are not lazy will get employed..and you can continue your education. It can be done this is being done this way by a lot of students…hmm..maybe not by the lazy ones who just like to complain…government has enuf problems..dealing with its corrupt ministers and public officers…u think..u will be taken seriouly….

  4. Ryan says:

    Concur, the only countries that have free education have a 40% to almost everything! I paid for my education and in the end is an investment.

  5. John Friesen says:

    I am a past Student Government president Central Campus and graduate of UB. I am aware of a few self-evident laws of life: “there is no free lunch”, “no pain, no gain”. I agree with what oscar mentioned above. I have noted that older students who have had a real life job tend to perform more responsibly at UB, less absences, better scores, few excuses for incomplete homework. If a person does not have the intellectual capacity to earn enough for registration maybe that person should not be taking up space in the crowded classroom situation that exists. I think fees need to be increased, but incrementally. Get real all ye protesters heard of inflation??? Anybody who is against any increase is so small-minded that should not be listened to.

  6. concerned citizen says:

    Life is real! There is no such thing as free education… What? how many mothers and fathers new students have paid there hard earning monies or there parents monies to go to school. Its to better off yourself not the governments. I don’t understand this president of UB this is the university level we are talking about not primary school. This country has enough problems on its own. Whether it Be PUP UDP PPP it doesn’t matter there will always be continuous problems. We as Belizeans need to better off the country. If u don’t wanna pay Don’t pay U don’t want to register Don’t! But remember Ur just keeping yourself behind longer… Ur depriving ur education ur ability to get a promotion at ur work site. Next thing is why why is it that we cant have a BELIZEAN UB PRESIDENT. First Moses sulph now where did this guy come from. What happen to out Belizean youths? Are u afraid to stand up for your university? anywayz life is real Education is for you and like what my colleague said earlier some students go to school when they feel like some dont do homework dont worry about grades. Geez get out or dont register if ur going to waste ur time.. NOTHING COMES FREE!!!!!

  7. IllOpenYourMinds says:

    I have read all your comments and to be honest I am disappointed in the mentalities that you all possess. I am grateful that you are not ministers and leaders (atleast I hope). First of all you urge these students to pay for their own education when 1) National universities tend to be free and we have the natural resources that can make this a reality. Don’t we? 2) Young people between the ages of 14-24 years old make up the largest percentage of unemployment. So where do you want them to get the money from? Your rationales are baseless your arguments are like pipe water stored in a sprite bottle. Not even you believe what you are saying. You are all simply political puppets whose job it is to sing for your slice of bread. In Barbados, in Trinidad and Tobago these people understood the value of education and what it could have done for their country and today we are seeing the results. Invest in young people they are the solution to the problems that you are complaining about. Truth be told I don’t expect you to agree with me because the blood sweat and tears of the poor common man on the street is foreign to you. You know it not! These young men should be held as heroes before your very eyes they are doing something that you failed to do. They stood up! Where are your BALLS? It is behind your computer in your air conditioned room pretending that it knows what HARD life is! Get real. We want a Belizean President? Hope Amadi is a Belizean. I guess you know nothing about naturalization huh dumbo? He was elected by UB students . He ran against a born Belizean girl and gave her a trashing. It isn’t as if though he was appointed. Your comments are so superficial. You make me sick. Lock yourself in your room and think before you post non-sense. Open your minds and stop being so naive. You will here no more from me because my intellect is on a higher level than yours could ever be. Have a great day detractors :) God bless…

  8. Common Sense says:

    I worked to fund my education, 20 years ago. Am still educating myself, still working to make money to pay for this education. Also work for money to pay for my daughter’s education. It is an investment – well worth the expense and hardship.

    For the life of me, I just do not understand where all of these vocal africans have sprung up from in Belize. Come to Belize and attempt a revolution?

  9. Buju says:

    @ openYourMind

    A great man once said if you think you are bigger than me well good for you

    but I say “if you think you are too big for a small job then surely you will be to small for a big job”

    So go ahead big shot go and speak with so called high level people

    Thats why i stick to mi own kind!

  10. IllOpenYourMinds says:

    @Buju you cannot attack the message so you attack the messenger. Good strategy. I bet that all of you are like paid political ads to fill this web page with the ideas and opinions of your politicians. Have a great day all you geniuses.

  11. MessagetoTheDimwitCommentors says:

    And the government has no money right? But they can afford to find monies to prevent criminal elements from committing crimes. I hope you all understand my points now. My points are backed @ Buju and other *paid political ads.

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