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Jan 2, 2013

Old beef leads to hacking in Biscayne Village

The violence spread to Biscayne Village where a resident was chopped multiple times on the face and hand, also on New Year’s Day. The weapon of choice was Mark Davis’ own machete and his attacker was no stranger to him.  The violence was prompted by an old beef among residents of the village. News Five’s Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Doran Moody

Bloodstains remain on this verandah at the Swasey residence in Biscayne Village near mile twenty-five and a half on the Philip Goldson Highway. Here is where Mark Davis was brutality chopped with his own machete on New Year’s Day. His attacker, twenty-nine year old Doran Moody, fathered a child with Davis’ niece, Deshawn Swasey. Swasey says her uncle was chopped as he tried to remove Moody from the family yard.


Voice of: Deshawn Swasey, Niece of Chopping Victim

“Ih started to behave like he ignorant and ih tell me that ih wah try chop off my mother husband head. And so I gone and I tell my ma weh happen. So I tell ahn I noh wah live upstairs tonight because I live upstairs. So I pack up the kids and we gone downstairs and we lock up. He come and he di hail fi me and my ma. My uncle weh dah mi police mi fi come show up fi deal with the situation and he called my uncle weh get chop up. And my uncle reach first right and he park ih bike and ih tell ahn get the {BLEEP} out of my sister yard. And he left ih machete on the bike. But he never realized—I guess because ih mi di take wah lee taste and thing cause dah New Year’s. And dah one see the opportunity and he rush back fi di machete and by this time my ma she how they start to run.  Ih run down my uncle and he defenseless cause he neva had nothing and ih start to chop ahn. And all he hear dah ih di cuss up.”


Mark Davis

The forty-three year old was chopped to the left hand, face and his left ear was almost severed. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Davis says that if his attacker’s brother did not intervene, he could have been killed.


Mark Davis, Chopping Victim

“I went to my sister house go check pan wah lee incident weh dehn mi have dehn and me and mi niece gentleman ketch ina wah lee problem. He haul mi own machete and he chop me several times pan mi hand ears and so.  I was in the hospital from last night. I come out this afternoon. I suffer wah cut ina mi left hand, piece of my eyes, mi jaw—about three chops.”


Duane Moody

“I understand that if there wasn’t intervention by your attacker’s brother, you might have been killed.”


Mark Davis

“I might have been killed. Yeah. There is a possibility.”


Voice of: Deshawn Swasey

“The young man weh do the chopping, his bredda noh live far—just two houses from we—and he run over deh soh and he whole ahn back. That dah weh save ih life because deh say dah ih neck dehn mi di go far. So I guess that dah he help fi save my uncle life.”


But what could have triggered the chopping? According to Davis and Swasey, it appears that earlier that day an old beef between Moody and some other men—who are relatives of the chopping victim—resurfaced. The men allegedly pulled firearms at Moody while he was watching the cycling race.


Mark Davis

“Weh really trigger it dah wah old time beef with some other guys and he started to hassle my family. So I end up get into it.”


Duane Moody

“But what could have triggered that rage? Why was he so upset?”


Voice of: Deshawn Swasey

“Earlier the day, he and two young man from the village had wah lee hard talk and thing and we gone make wah lee report police. I was trying to help him and he try and turn it around on me weh mi di try help he. And he say the police noh give he no justice and he wah take it into his own hands. You see my ma husband dah di lee bwai dehn weh mi di trip pan he uncle. So he started to trip and that it’s because of my ma husband.”


Although Swasey shares a four year old son with Moody, she says that she is in fear of her life. Ladyville Police are now looking for Moody. Duane Moody for News Five.

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3 Responses for “Old beef leads to hacking in Biscayne Village”

  1. Storm says:

    Women of Belize need to be proud and strong — it is better to live alone than to hook up with some loser like this, or any of several other useless and abusive men in the news lately.

  2. Al says:

    I am so sick of hearing about old beef. It seems like no one walks away anymore. I bet all these fools were drinking alcohol or smoking some drugs. No one reasons anymore. Here again is another woman who shares a baby with some idiot. I agree Belizean women have to get some self esteem and some education. This poor woman cannot put two sentences together. We need to take womens program to the villages and the city, there is so much that needs to be done, the churches need to get involved and hold women’s meeting and teach these young women life skills. They have seen their mother live the same life and so now that is the only thing they know. The need to be taught there is a better way. This country is imploding, being destroyed from within, it needs no outside enemy, the people are doing a great job on their own with the big help from the useless government.

  3. Bear says:

    Good comments on several points, Al.

    1. Drug and alcohol abuse are the cause of a lot of tragedy in the Jewel [and everywhere else, I'm sure]. We need some civic groups to get ACTIVE to educate the youth about how it destroys lives, and we need some functioning rehab programs. Maybe courts should ORDER defendants to go to rehab when there is even a hint of abuse in their lives.

    2. Churches could and SHOULD do so much more to build a decent foundation of social order. Sadly few churches seem to reach out beyond their own 4 walls to get out the message of the Good News, and it can change lives. We need a revival in the Jewel!

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