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Dec 20, 2012

15 year old murdered for absolutely no reason

The terror continued on Wednesday night and shots rang out once again in the south side. When the gunfire subsided, the youngest of three murder victims was ambushed and killed.  Fifteen year old Reynaldo Garrido, who had just moved to the City from his village, was heading to meet his sister. He was minutes away when he was shot twice on the head and did not survive the gun blasts. Police have not been able to determine if the killings were linked. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.


Jose Sanchez

Jose Sanchez

“Fifteen year old Reynaldo Reymundo Garrido is a child like any other. He came to Belize City three months ago following his sister who came from Guinea Grass Village to find a job. She found work at Publics Supermarket. And after finishing work on Wednesday night, she called her brother who was staying on East Collet Canal. He came on his bicycle to pick her up from work which is just a short ride up the street. But he never got there.  Before he reached Publics, a gunman ended his life.”


Raphael Martinez

Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer

“At 8:45 p.m. police again visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw the lifeless body of fifteen year old Reynaldo Raymundo Garrido, of #27 East Canal, in Belize City.  He was seen with multiple gunshot wounds. Investigations revealed that Reynaldo Garrido along with a companion were riding on East Canal on separate bicycles when upon passing by the South Street Bridge, they were approached by a dark-skinned male person who took out a black nine millimeter handgun and fired two shots causing the fatal injuries to Garrido. Police have found one Aguila brand nine millimeter expended shell from the scene.”

The boy was hit with one shot below the left eye and once under  his chin. Garrido was not a gang member. He spent a part of his day playing in this yard.  His yellow wooden home of three months lies only a short distance away from where his future was taken away in an unforgiving city. The family prepares to take his body to Guinea Grass Village in Orange Walk. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

“The police; we always look at what is happening when it comes to crime; especially when we look at the murders. Yes we’ve seen the murders over the weekend; we’ve made certain adjustments to how our patrol strategy is deployed, etc. Last night we had the unfortunate incident; we had three persons murdered. Now the police has a job to investigate these things and we are doing that. Now we have also looked at re-strengthening certain specific areas that we may have certain information where things may happen or certain things may be likely to happen. This is the job of the Belize Police Department. We are there to be flexible; to be able to adapt to certain things. We have had murders before and we have always adapted to try to counter these things and this is what the police department will be doing. Definitely certain information is privy to us at this time and we are working on those things. The Police Department like it has been mentioned before, we are investigating these things. And definitely we will not be sitting ideally by, but we will be looking at putting on our resources; looking to maximize the man-power on the ground to ensure that we prevent these things from happening. Now when somebody is hell-bent on shooting somebody out there, it is a challenge to us and we as law-enforcement personnel will do our best to counter these things. And that is where we are at this point in time. Definitely you will see more mounted police patrols in those areas that this murder has occurred.”



Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.


Since Saturday, six persons have been murdered, including three minors. So far there are one hundred and thirty-nine murders this year; seventy-five of which police say were in the Belize District.

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11 Responses for “15 year old murdered for absolutely no reason”

  1. joe lopez says:

    I think there is a maniac person in the city of belize that is enjoying himself going about on the streets of belize killing innocent people! Where is the damn police and the security authorities! I wonder sometimes if belize has intelligence officers out there on the streets and specially in the city gathering information about those criminals? Many questions and crimes, murders which the police can not solve!

  2. egghead says:

    Damn again? I thiink it’s time for all Belizeans to rise up and take this country back from all these incompetent power hungry corrupted politicains. I am tired of reading theses type of news about my country.
    PS.. I hope they don’t arrest me for ‘Insulting”. I forget we still have this backward law.

  3. Stygian says:

    Yes i feel your sentiment unfortunatley people we are forgetting the root cause for these kids behaving this way.
    1. people having kids and they cant take care of them(afford)
    2. No values instilled(all they do is curse babies with the worst vulgarities)
    3. Most south side black kids just have no other choice but to resort crime due to no job, education, or guidance.
    To summarize we are looking at a dire situation for Belize City and prepare for it to get worse than you could ever imagine.

  4. Southern says:

    Shows the level of incompetence of our police department and intelligence gatherers. Somehow i don’t think that the police don’t know what to look for on a crime scene. What about fingerprints and the ballistic test?

  5. its a cycle says:

    we need a Pinochet, or a Ortega or Castro to put order in the country put these lazy killers in the cane field to cut cane sun up to sun down only with these radical changes will Belize change, Barrow dresses like a thug himself in cargo pants and flip flops and meets with them casually and offers to pay them taxpayers money. where has that gotten us. Barrow is a failure, we are loosing our country this is his second term, there is no excuse, Belize needs stronger leadership.

  6. Indian woman says:

    There could well be a serial killer in the city. Someone who is killing for fun. Details need to be gathered from eye witnesses and compared.most of this is common sense but good luck when you have lazy law enforcement folks.

    Also…. Vigilante is an idea we must think about. You could be next. Yes….. You …. Reading this. The country is being held hostage by a few animals . That’s amazing cause the total population is tiny compared to many countries . Imagine ….. One man holding a village of 500 people hostage. That’s what this is like. It is ridiculous !!

  7. James says:

    There are thousands of children who were born to children; who grew up with no value; and who live in southside without education etc…BUT THEY ARE NOT DOING BAD THINGS..LIKE KILLING EACH OTHER. These unfortunate things should never be excuse for committing crimes. Maybe the gangs are fueling the war to get more money…or to let the payments continue????

  8. joe lopez says:

    I think the gov’t of belize needs to install video camera surveillance in all the hotspot areas and also in the entire city where these crimes and murders being commited! Intelligence officers suppose to go out there at night and see what’s going on with murders!

  9. Hi5 says:

    Something big is about to happen soon. Don’t you see the Pm keeps quiet? He never address the nation. But every 5mins his wife’s go for medical treatments that’s on the news.

  10. Bear says:

    No good change can take place while crime is out of control and murderers are on the streets.

    Indian Woman has a good idea, it is time for vigilante committees to form and secure their own villages, towns, and neighborhoods.

    I believe vigilantes can work smartly and surgically to remove the leaders and major perpetrators of the violence, and everyone will be happy and better off. Every one of us can identify the people who need to go in our own communities.

    We cannot rely on “the system.” It is broken, It has failed. But our lives go on, and we must defend our families and ultimately our nation, or we will have no future as individuals or as a community.

  11. Indian woman says:

    This is my idea. It would work if we all get involved. An e-mail address will be given to the public. Concerned citizens will email the name of who they think is doing the killings or those that are doing the killings. A summary of those identified will be accessed and looked into. If they are well know gang members … They are taken out. If substantial evidence is weighed against an individual…. He or they gets taken out. That system will send FEAR to the souls of these animals. FEAR IS WHAT IS NEEDED. Next… The police might get involved…. Which would help…. We get their attention. One thing is for sure….. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ! I am sure that most of these killings are done by a few individuals. No mercy for those who are trying to render a nation helpless.

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