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Dec 18, 2012

Disgusting Report: British National alleged child pornography

There is a disturbing report out of Placencia tonight. A British teacher is being questioned for alleged child pornography and sexual abuse. According to reports, the British national, who is a private tutor in the peninsula, was first detained for drug possession. But because of suspicious activity, police went to his house where they found that he was packing up to leave. The cops took possession of a computer, hard-drive, cameras and other electronic devices which were found to contain child pornography. There are over fifty videos and five hundred pictures of the British national and young teenage boys in compromising positions. Two minors from the peninsula had reportedly been questioned and denied any inappropriate behavior. But have now surfaced in the porno footage.     The British national has not yet been charged and investigations are ongoing.

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18 Responses for “Disgusting Report: British National alleged child pornography”

  1. Rod says:

    String him up by his ….. castrate him then send him back to England.

  2. Isabel says:

    Why are we allowing outsiders to come into our country, committ these horrible crimes and get away with it??? Is Belize becoming a hide out spot for criminals????? When it affects our children, we need to step up and take action.

  3. Common Sense says:

    From the land that is not content with “Civil Union” (allowable at the age of 16) and arguing for full “Gay marriage”. (Britain is really messed up)

    In a land where a 15 year old will cover for this mentally challenged person until photographic evidence is shown (sorry, but you have to be mentally challenged to find buggering a man in the anus as normal).

    Help us Allah.

  4. Storm says:

    We have a national campaign about HIV/AIDS awareness — let’s have one about child abuse and child pornography. We don’t want to become the Thailand of the Caribbean, a place where people come to have sex with our children because we are a poor nation. Is that already happening? McAfee enjoyed much the same while he was here, except he liked girls barely above the age of consent.

    I think church leaders and other interested civic groups should come together quickly to see if our laws can be made more effective to protect children. [If any public official wants to join in such an effort, so much the better. But the public cannot wait for elected officials to act.]

  5. Ixchel Pop says:

    This issue underscores the colossal mess that is Belize; we have become a haven for criminals and other sickos. We are a failed state and the level of poverty in the country is very high. We have lost all the safety nets we had before. Our family and community structure have eroded. And the church is clueless, having lost it way many years ago. Look how readily they hee and haw about the UNIBAM issues but when it come to real problem are ready to let it slide. I have no faith in religion nor politics(relpol) in Belize- I look forward to a revolution that will overturn all these ailing system and start over new.

  6. Nimbo says:

    In Belize- our NGOs have no mouth piece to denounce such atrocious acts and problems. You will only see them out in the public to receive monies/grants/donations, to announce they are holding workshops -FOR WHAT? To fill your head with much talk and carry certificates that are of no use?

    Where are the various agencies that deal with the protection and rights of children? hello??

  7. Whappy says:

    We need to demand that our government passes legislation that makes molesting a child, and rape of a woman crimes punishable by life in prison or death. This is absolutely the most horrible thing that a child or woman can experience and it is becoming way too common in our society. Almost like it’s the norm now. Our government does nothing to protect us. It’s every man for himself at this point. Government keeps quiet about everything except when they want us to support something that benefits those in power (lining their pockets).Looks like we’re becoming the next Haiti. Sad.

  8. issues says:

    Child abuse is allowed in Belize! Even if you are charged and convicted of it, at most you will only spend a year or two in jail. Look at Bert Vasquez he raped and murder a child (and probable more) and is running free. Belize is a pedophilia nirvana! Of course people come from other country’s to abuse children in Belize. There is no to little punishment for it!

  9. marco says:

    If this ones goes sour, with all the evidence, we need to fire everyone involved. How he does not get bail!

  10. twosweetinez says:

    First they gave seven of their underage daughters to Mcafee and now they’re giving away their babies to this pedophile.Where are the churches and the department of Social Service?Shame,Shame on our leaders.What is wrong with parents these days?

  11. Fred says:

    Congratulations to the Placencia Police Department, under the new tutelage of Mr. Mark Flowers, who is attacking many issues (old and new) all at the same time, and successfully. This is a new day for Placencia, thanks to an exceptional Police Chief and a sincere thanks to the law and order people that appointed him to Placencia in the first place.

  12. Corruption says:

    show his picture, and give his name, don’t protect him because he is a british, if he was a Belizean his face would have been shown. no double standards in the media

  13. issues says:

    twosweetinez: I am not sure what you mean by where are the churches? The churches are raping there share of Belize children.

  14. twosweetinez says:

    @issues:Sad but true.

  15. issues says:

    @twosweetinez The solution to the child abuse problem is when the police find a child abusers they should put a little weed in there pocket. If they would do that then the courts just might send them to jail.

  16. Seletar says:

    @Issues, I like it!

  17. David says:

    Garbage attracts garbage. Until we clean up our act, clean up our country, we will continue to attract these kind of people. We are truly the land of rejects!

  18. concerned adult says:

    The guy is belizean. his ma. he came to this country as a predator. how about the ones in this village that people look the other way to? wake up placencia. protect these young boys.

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