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Dec 13, 2012

McAfee back in Florida, but wants 2 girlfriends to join him

John McAfee

Businessman John McAfee was deported from Guatemala to the United States on Wednesday. He left behind his twenty year old girlfriend Samantha Vanegas, who accompanied him when he went into hiding. McAfee is wanted for questioning about the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull, an American national who was shot in the head in the Mata Grande area on the north end of Ambergris Caye. Upon arriving in Florida on Wednesday, McAfee spoke to reporters at the Beacon Hotel, where he is currently holed up.


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McAfee also said he is trying to get visas for Samantha and Amy to join him in the U.S. He said Amy is in danger in Belize.

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17 Responses for “McAfee back in Florida, but wants 2 girlfriends to join him”

  1. Storm says:

    It seems to me that the girls are really in greater danger when they are with Daffy McAfee than when they are far from him.

    I hope SOMEBODY in the press will pester our highest security officials to answer questions about the lack of progress [and maybe lack of interest] in solving the murder of Mr. Faull.

  2. Retired CEO says:

    Yes, the saga continues and it is indeed very sad that the Jewel got shafted throughout the process. This man has gotten a lot of positive press time from the international media and continues to do so as we blog. Unfortunately, GOB and the jewel appears to be the real idiots in this saga. Mcafee has made the Belize Police Force look very incompetent and idiotic to say the least. The movie that they are about to make will do more harm to the jewel than good. It will resemble the first dumb movie they made some years ago called ” Dogs of War ” the only difference this time it will look like Dogs, Dummies and Desparation for Money. The PM can call this man bonkers or crazy, but the bottom line is he was never charge for anything or even named suspect. ” Just a Person of Interest ” or whatever that means? Our law enforcement officers and legal system appears in disarray while some are desparately trying to do a good job, however due to the lack of leadership in the GOB, we are all looking like big dummies on the international scene. Thanks to this crazy @$$ and his money that the GOB and it’s incompetent @$$ whole leaders desparately wanted. Now, think about it?

  3. jimmy says:

    when all is said and done, you have to hand it to the man. he did the right thing. they *would* have killed him in custody and found some excuse just like they did with AY and how many others, and regardless of what anyone said, including and especially the PM’s exaggerated incredulity that the police is capable of extrajudicial execution. JM is no naif. He looked out for number one! More power to him.

  4. roska says:

    Money cant buy you love… but it can surely buy you so many things and people…..!!!!

    So in summary, McAfee is wanted in belize in connection with a murder, and he was sent to Miami rather than Belize??? so that’s the new protocol despite the fact that he enterred ilegally Guat through Belize…hmmm

    Next will the US send him down to Belize since he is “a person of interest” in a murder investigation? Ohh… I forgot he is AMERICAN…. (forget he is paranoid or even “bonkers”…)

    However if he was a Belizean wanted in the US for questioning in relation to a murder THERE that would have been another complete story right??? When will our people UNDERSTAND and accept the AMERICAN DOCTRINE??? If Uncle SAM just SUSPECTS you are involved in something ILLEGAL that affects THEM…. they will ensure you are sent to them in a gold platter yet if its an american wanted in some other country… take a seat an wait… eternally…

    The fact that they have the power to do so means that should use it ???

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    @roska Sad but true cuz.

  6. Uncle Benji says:

    @RETIRED CEO. I was done with McAfee and his idiotic doings, but then you posted and all hell has broken loose. American Cruffy like you do more harm to Belize than tem McAfees could ever do. How? Your mindset. It’s pathetic.

    Here you are old and retired after wasting your youth as a bank gopher in the USA. Along the way, you developed the mindset of a Forest Gump on bath salts.

    McAfee has not gotten any positive attention from the world press. They see him as a joke. Vice magazine is not considered “world press.”

    Belizeans are not idiots. Perhaps in your cruffy mind, but they are not. Someone that is not idiotic would know that Police work takes time. It is best to be slow and sure, and not act Cruffy like….. hope you get my drift.

    Dean Ali BaBarrow is a thief, but what does McAfee have to do with Barrow? Get your head out of the gutter, and your mind out of that Cruffy mindset.

    Gawd, Uncle Benji has to be on the constant lookout for these idiots. Why Lord? Why?

  7. unhappy says:

    @ jimmy… You said it right… I agree with you 100%. When Arthur Young called in and said the police want him dead … The police did exactly what Mr. Young called in and report… Check the news with his phone call and check the news on the report of his death.

    They tried to repeat history but McAfee pulled out the STOP sign!

  8. Seletar says:

    We have no legal basis to ask the US to extradite him to Belize until he is charged for a crime. The burden is on our police to make the first move, and if they haven’t done that yet, I think they never will.

    I’m pretty confident that the US will extradite McAfee if and when he is ever charged. There is nothing preventing us from sending detectives to the States to question him, or maybe even asking the FBI to do that for us.’

    But I’m afraid Mr. Faull’s murder will never be solved with an arrest — “Out of sight, out of mind.” Police seem to have lost interest in this case. Next!

  9. unhappy says:

    (April 6, 2010)
    Arthur Young

    “I am in hiding because I heard the police have a charge for me for something I am not involved with.”
    “I am telling you my word as a man I don’t do none of those things and I am telling the public the same way. I am not saying am an angel but I just protect myself and defend myself.”
    “The way I see it right now, if I meet up to the police, if they meet me in a spot I think they are going to try to kill me.”
    “The police force is trying to kill me for ever so long. For what, I don’t know.”
    And so he went on the run,
    Police they do not know my whereabouts, they don’t know where I live. They worry and they try to put out all kind of negative things about me to the media, to the police force, and tell them all kinds of things. The way I see it right now, if I meet up to the police, if they meet me in a spot I think they are going to try to kill me. That is the word they are putting out. The police force is trying to kill me for ever so long. For what, I don’t know. This morning I sent the Commissioner of Police Mr. Jeffries and he didn’t answer me. I called and he didn’t answer me and I’ve been doing this from several weeks ago to try and meet with somebody in high places.”

    Arthur Young Killed By Police: Was It Extrajudicial?
    posted (April 23, 2012) Email Print

    The situation then was that Arthur Young was on the run. 7news has confirmed that Young communicated to his attorney and police that he would turn himself in on Monday morning.

    Jules Vasquez reporting
    This is the abandoned house on Bonefish Avenue in Vista Del Mar where Arthur Young was hiding out. Last night around 11:00, police parked their vehicles nearby and walked to the house – declared their presence with a bullhorn – and then stormed in.
    Residents say they saw police vigorously beating the person in the house – which has no curtains. They say he was brought out in cuffs- and then thrown into the back of a pickup.
    From there, it gets unclear, but this is where he may have been killed about a half mile away at the entrance to Vista Del Mar where this bloodstain was seen on the street and residents saw police processing the area this morning.
    Commissioner Henderson gave the media the official account this morning
    David Henderson – Acting Commissioner of Police

    “On Sunday, April 22, at about 11:15, based on information received that Arthur Young, leader of Taylor’s Alley, who was wanted in the double murder of Shelton “Pinky” August of George Street, which occurred on Friday, April 20, 2012, was being harbored at a house owned by Robert Mariano on Bonefish Avenue, Vista Del Mar in the Ladyville area – based on that report, police officers were deployed to the area where he was apprehended. And during a struggle with the officers for their gun, he was fatally injured.”
    Now, residents told us they saw him handcuffed – so, if that is accurate, then he could have only reached for the gun if they took off the handcuffs.
    And the official account says it happened in the pan of the police pickup, but then why the bloodstain on the street – assuming this is where he was killed.
    Police would not discuss where he was killed or anything else:
    Jules Vasquez

    “How many times was Mr. Young shot, and was he shot as a suppressive measure, or was he shot as an accident resulting from the struggle?”
    David Henderson

    “Jules, in response to your questions, I must make it quite clear, that matter is presently under investigation, I believe that the police have sent out the details that are necessary, and as soon as the investigation is concluded, any further details will be given to you in a full briefing.”
    Jules Vasquez

    “Sir, you understand that the concern of many persons I’ve spoken to this morning, are somewhat skeptical, and they feel intuitively – and this is an opinion – that it may be a type of state-sponsored execution. How do you respond to a criticism such as that?”
    David Henderson

    “I will not speculate. I will not jump to any conclusions. The matter is under investigation, and as soon as it is through, you will know the true facts, and you will get whatever you need to get.”
    Jules Vasquez

    “However, sir, are you able to say if he was shot more than once, or just one time?”
    David Henderson

    “I have already made it quite clear; the matter is under investigation. As soon as we are through, we will give the details.”

  10. deedee says:

    Well said Uncle Benji…lol @ Forest Gump on bath salts

  11. OriginalWoman says:

    So true Jimmy and unhappy. I agree with you 100%!!

  12. lindaquelinda says:

    I think he got exactly what he wanted. And Belize Police to him are jokes, he got out of Belize and he is now in safe heaven. On one hand, US embassy would like to find out who is the killer of their citizen, but on the other hand, they are protecting one of their citizen who claims that he is innocent and then they took him back to the USA. So lets see, I guess the one who is death, can;t tell no more tails, so lets protect the live one. Well if he is so innocent as he says, Belize police only wanted him for questions, he could have accommodate to that by easily ask the US embassy to assist of the set up of the questioning and investigating in the embassy compound. Why he went on the run, since he is not listed as a suspect. Well this is just mess up and now, Belize looks bad, no one will ever respect the Belizean Police after all. The US always comes here and think they can get what they want and in deed they did this time. And all the past time too. So here we go……… we are no one and no one will ever respect Belize. The same goes for the same case that the minister punishes the good cop for a badly behaved tourist. We are gone gone gone……….

  13. EX PC says:

    Tangential to the incompetence of the police and the prosecutor ‘s office in Belize, My friends in the states don’t believe me when I tell them that old man could get young gial ( 16 and above) da Belize (which is a delicacy in the states for older men).. Now they see via McAfee, crazy man. I was in Belize some years ago on vacation, in a bar minding my own business, next thing you know, “young gial dem di rub up pah mi crotch, 1, 2 3…”.I take the 5th in response to any questions.

  14. OriginalWoman says:

    Retired CEO, I hear you too and agree with your comments. McAfee made international news. Belize is being seen in a negative way because of the exposure McAfee bought to Belize. I am sure Belizeans will feel it in their pockets, because the tourism industry will decrease drastically after his revealations, true or false. The damage has been done. Howevet no onecan deny that these things do not occur in Belize, I.e. the murders, corruption. All McAfee did was bring more attention to it, in a HUGE WAY!!!!!! McAfee did not start the corruption, and he does not act like a murderer. The authorities in Belize knows this. I do believe he keeps pissing them off because theyhave lost the game! McAfee certainly made our police force look stupid!!! But did anyone really believe they would have captured McAfee so easily, when they give Belizeans who kill others their freedom almost always…..If they are caught and serve time they may do two or three then, walk free!!!! I keep Belize in prayer, because I see the corruption too and I still have hope for imorovements and a better Belize.

  15. OriginalWoman says:

    My question to channel five and all the other media houses are, why are you not putting the police on blast, for letting John McAfee slip through their hands???? Does the GOB control your voices to this extent???? If something like that happened here in the US, for example a Belizean was wanted for questioning, and he managed to get back safely to Belize, the press would definitely put the pressure on the authorities!!!! What happened to your freedom of speech, and press???

  16. IntheUS says:

    Most people in the US think McAfee is crazy and lying, and I doubt they believe his stories. He contradicts himself constantly. He seems to have set up a story about the BZ police in order to protect himself. Personally I think he’s most likely guilty and I wish the police would question him if they think so too. He’s not “safe” from the law in the US. Given what just happened in the US, the school shooting, I doubt anyone really believes that BZ is any more violent than the US as McAfee claims. And it’s obvious that he ran because he’s afraid of being questioned. If he is guilty I hope he goes to jail… no one wants a murderer to get away with it.

  17. samanthavanegas says:

    i know my belizean people are upset with john but look he is a good man and maybe he has write stuff of belize but belize do need to change and have justice in the country and if you the belizean find prove of his falls then so be but ill i have to say is that i live in belize for 20 years and its the most beautiful counrty ever and anyone would love to go my housban john mcafee had donew awilde life and cultuer of belize it was the most amazing thing we should not jude people we need to make a change and .live happy with out trouble

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