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Dec 12, 2012

Guatemala deports McAfee to the U.S. without Samantha

John McAfee has been deported from Guatemala to the United States after spending a week at a detention center for illegally crossing the border. This afternoon, he boarded a flight back to Florida and left behind his twenty year old girlfriend Samantha Vanegas. Vanegas was in tears as the sixty-seven year old antivirus founder got on an American Airlines flight to Miami. There had been some questions as to whether Belize would seek to have McAfee extradited from the U.S.  Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Embassy in Belize, Eric Heyden says that he was not aware of any extradition request for McAfee. The investigating officer into the murder of Gregory Faull, Assistant Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura confirmed that McAfee remains a person of interest and no requests have been made to charge him in absentia or extradite him from the U.S.  Segura says that McAfee is not a suspect in Faull’s murder and there is not sufficient enough evidence for a charge. So tonight, McAfee has evaded the long arms of the law in Belize, a month after he went in hiding.  Late this evening, while on the plane to Miami, McAfee updated his blog to say that he was forcibly separated from Samantha and another of the seven girlfriends, Amy, who fears for her life in Belize. McAfee intends to have them eventually join him in the U.S. Here’s a brief report from a US network.


Samantha Vanegas

{Feature from U.S. Networks…}


So as this chapter closes, it surely will not be the last you will hear about the anti-virus founder. McAfee continues to update his blog and has sold the rights to life story for a movie to be made by the Canadian production company, Impact Future Media. 

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28 Responses for “Guatemala deports McAfee to the U.S. without Samantha”

  1. Kinkriol says:

    He’s a brilliant guy who knows how to make money. “It takes money to make money”, He wrote a script, found a plot and execute. Spend some $$ here, some here….and BOOM, sold the movie rights and walaaaaaa….$$$$$$$$$$$. The guy is a genius, as we would say, “Give The Devil Whe ih Due”. And the lesson here is????
    We’ll all have our opinions and that goes on, n on, n on,………….

  2. borntobehero says:

    dear samantha you will be in the movie too, but for now seek the Peace and Love of God.

    To Johnn you need to repent from your sins and remember that God has probably called you long ago to live a better life, but we as humans keep doing our own things. It is time Buddy. God loves you still. find out whom paid our sins and do what God tell you after. my name is johnn just like you.

  3. Buju says:

    We still are wasting space in the news to report on this idiot?

    We often wonder why we are always at the !@#$% end of the stick but most of the times we have to look within.
    Poor Ms. Samantha placed herself in a loose loose situation and now wants the world to feel sorry for her. This is a typical case of being used, used some more and then thrown away. My people lets stop put ourselves in a position to fail!!! And the shocking thing is she was used as a sketel and still doesn’t have anything to show for it.

    McAfee is a white man and to this fool people in Belize are disposable. In his mind he could get 100 samantha’s and just continue this sick mind game!

  4. bzean says:

    Well lets see here, there was a murder of his fellow american, he is a person of interest probably suspect because authorities tends to use the terms person of interest in lieu of suspect, lets see what the american authorities will do with him since one of their own was murdered..He needs to be extradited back to Belize to face the authorities!!!!

  5. Jenny says:

    Run Forest Run!

  6. Gary Busey says:

    This Gaza Man is Crazy, sir!

  7. joe says:

    The US is playing insane. How don’t you not know we want John? We know you want some of ours. NO DEAL UNCLE SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Louisville,Ky says:

    A judger is a sinner….. as we say in good ole Kriol but , I think Mcafee pulled a fast one on the authorities. My boy, if you are innocent, why run?
    Aye, don’t get this all twisted but, this anti-virus pill would have been harder to swallow if it was a Belizean he was allegedly accused of murdering. Sometimes, haas no bizniz eena cow gallop. Soh!
    What Mr. Faull’s family members need to do, is to pursue this matter States side because it is for sure, Mcafee has some questions to answer.

  9. Dissapointed says:

    the Belize police has slipped down big time, they need to release some info on physical evidence, ballistics, fingerprints confessions of any associates, release something and proceed to call him a suspect and ask for his extradition, if you have NADA on the man and are not investigating any more leads them shut up. this case needs to be given attention like any other murder case.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    Will the extradition Treaty come into play here ?How many Belizean Citizens have being extradited to the USA i can’t even keep track of the numbers.How many American Citizens have being extradited
    toBelize zero.Mcafee should thank the GOB for it’s incompetence hence the reason he is a free man if it wasn’t for the corruption as he stated on his blog he would have being behind bars.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    Samantha Vanegas Mcafree/Legal Aid/Translator/Your sorry @ service is no longer needed.The man is back on US soil he no longer needs a translator.Maybe you should be charged for being an accomplice.

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    Miguel Segura don’t be an idiot,if Mcafee is a person of interest then it means that he has somthing to do with the murder as a result he is a suspect.

  13. Buju says:

    Excellent point Elgin

    I was thinking the same thing –

    Why send Rhett Fuller and any other person to the US if they will disrespect us.

    I am with Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow – America has done nothing for us other than donating a few vehicles or boats to help their own cause

  14. busha says:

    if i was him, i would have done the same thing… does anyone trust the incompetence of the Belizean police department, or even the government…

    Barrow is an @$$ for saying anything about this, period.

  15. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    All I can say to McAfee u can escape Belize justice but one thing you can’t escape is the justice of d almighty. He will take care of u.

  16. USA says:

    Please…..Samantha was in tears? Of course, but for the money. Mcafee intends to have the girls eventually with him in the US, now that is illegal Beware US. He will take the girls, use them as prostitutes and sell them just like how he sold his antivirus. My blood is boiling because women let men control what does not belong them. They get physically, mentally and emotionally abused by so called ‘man with pants’. Keeps your head high belizean women, be independent, demand respect!

  17. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    This is a lesson for our Belizean young ladies. Don’t let d blue eye Americans use u an take u for sluts. @ Samantha u look like a jack horse now. People will look at u like trash. Money is d root to all evil. Samantha u saw Yankee Dallas an u fell for it, but what u have now? All u r left with is something called no dignity.

  18. Storm says:

    Well, McAfee is safe in Miami, and that is where the Faull family came from. And our PM practically lives there, too. Maybe they can all enter a room and solve it.

    @Disappointed, you’re right. Police need to say something about the murder, or is Mr. Faull just collateral damage? Life isn’t cheap in the Jewel, it is less than that.

  19. Skinny P says:

    Jah bless….an ending to this saga…. the man returns to the states where no one cares. An the gyal is back working for raul at the rose garden…… or she is daggerin some le bwoy from pedro in your beach house rite now so magafee

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    Too bad for Samantha who was being used not only as a sex slave but also as a translator and legal Aid to Mcafee/Mcfree you’re service is no longer needed .

  21. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    HOOOF !!!

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    @Skinny P:The saga will continue in the US,the man is boasting about how he faked his heart-attack while in Guatemala to avoid expolsion to Belize.

  23. ceo says:

    This could be a good test to see if our extradition treaty or agreement is a one way street!

    Don’t drop the ball Mr. PM, file the necessary papers and let us see what they will do. They always have us send our guys back to them to stand trial. This clown is only wanted for questioning.

  24. Hi5 says:

    Who cares?

  25. Ixchel Pop says:

    The saga continues….poor Samantha, Shafted yet again.

  26. Skinny P says:

    I mean the saga is over for belize… rite now so people usally come from all over the world and visit r beautiful land and people. Now we r left explaining his mess…..This man claims he loves the country and wants to better the country and free up the people and exploit r government…. the problem is he has no creditability……he is crackhead wanted for questioning of a murder….. @elgin plenty other white crackheads in the states talkin crazy bout government…eva travel to berkeley ina california….yo gomagafee command up ya madda. U act ruffest an tuffest wit 30 gun pon di island intimidate le local and tourist but nah bust one shot when gsu come fi u poisin all u animals and arrest everyone u say u care and provide for.. instead bury yur head in the sand and run fi ya pathetic life.

  27. Retired CEO says:

    Yes, the saga continues and it is indeed very sad that the Jewel got shafted throughout the process. This man has gotten a lot of positive press time from the international media and continues to do so as we blog. Unfortunately, GOB and the jewel appears to be the real idiots in this saga. Mcafee has made the Belize Police Force look very incompetent and idiotic to say the least. The movie that they are about to make will do more harm to the jewel than good. It will resemble the first dumb movie they made some years ago called ” Dogs of War ” the only difference this time it will look like Dogs, Dummies and Desparation for Money. The PM can call this man bonkers or crazy, but the bottom line is he was never charge for anything or even named suspect. ” Just a Person of Interest ” or whatever that means? Our law enforcement officers and legal system appears in disarray while some are desparately trying to do a good job, however due to the lack of leadership in the GOB, we are all looking like big dummies on the international scene. Thanks to this crazy @$$ and his money that the GOB and it’s incompetent @$$ whole leaders desparately wanted. Now, think about it?

  28. OUTSPOKEN! says:

    !%#@#, you the fool…you let yourself be used by this drug-crazed lunatic & now you’re the laughimg stock of the world (or, at least, the people who followed this puppet show with baited breath)…now it’s back to the life of a concubine for you, you stupid $**!@!

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