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Dec 10, 2012

Woman’s life partner detained after her murder

Pamela Perez

A Santa Elena woman is in police custody for the murder of her partner, Pamela Perez, a Honduran national who was once married and is the mother of three children. The murder happened on Saturday night at a bar owned by Rosalia Castillo where she allegedly stabbed Perez in a fit of jealously.  Police are considering the murder a crime of passion. If it is, then it will be among the first such cases involving female same-sex partners. News Five’s Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Thirty-four year old Pamela Perez was killed just before midnight on Saturday inside the Las Palomas Del Norte Bar on Carrillo Puerto Street in Santa Elena Town. Her lifeless body was dropped off at the La Loma Luz Hospital, reportedly by the owner of the bar, forty-three year old Rosalia Castillo.


Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer

“Police visited La Loma Luz Hospital where they saw the body of Pamela Perez, thirty-four year old Businesswoman of #4 George Price Avenue, Santa Elena Town with an apparent stab wound to the neck, bruises on both arms and a cut wound to the right arm. Police then visited the Las Palomas del Norte located on Carrillo Puerto, Santa Elena Town where blood was seen in several areas of that establishment. Police subsequently visited a house on George Price Avenue, where they met forty-three year old Rosalia Castillo, business woman of George Price Avenue and owner of Las Palomas del Norte Bar who reported that four male persons of dark complexion entered the establishment and assaulted Pamela; inflicting the wounds to her and then ran off.”


Raphael Martinez

But while Castillo claims that Perez was attacked by four persons, it is believed that the murder was a crime of passion.   Castillo and Perez were reportedly in a relationship and lived at their George Price Avenue house and Perez worked as bartender at Las Palomas.  According to reports, out of a jealous rage, Castillo assaulted Perez inside the bar. Police have since detained Castillo and a nineteen year old construction worker.


Raphael Martinez

“Castillo was also observed with scratches on her cheek and apparent cut wound to the right hand and bruises on both arms. Police have since detained Castillo and a nineteen year old worker of Teacher’s Lane, Santa Elena Town pending investigation.”


Pamela was once married and is the mother of three children—ages eleven, ten and six. According to her sister-in-law from her first marriage, she last spoke to her on Saturday morning. But her nephew, Richard Murray, says the family in Orange Walk last heard from her a couple hours before her murder.


Luz Perez

Voice of: Luz Perez, Relative of Deceased

“When we gone Saturday morning ina the market she was there. But she’s always glad and when she see me she was hi and bye—I’m laughing, she’s laughing. That was the last time I saw her in the morning that she is going.”


Voice of: Richard Murray, Relative of Deceased

“Dehn neva tell we much about the details but dehn tell we that something, wah stabbing, gone on. It was very shocking when we heard about it.”


Pamela will be remembered as a fun and loving person.


Voice of: Luz Perez

Richard Murray

“When she come, she was so young. My brother and her meet together and they get together and she is a nice person, lovely person; whether if she see you far she will hi and bye. Not because dehn separate, she stayed vex with the family; nothing like that. She still find we; she stay in contact with us. So we can’t say she dah wah bad persons. She dah wah nice person with we, with his kids, with my mom and still with my brother.”


Voice of: Richard Murray

“Although she and my uncle separate and soh, she still talk to wi good. Ih dah somebody like quiet. Ih even run jokes with wi.”


Duane Moody for News Five.

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13 Responses for “Woman’s life partner detained after her murder”

  1. Storm says:

    A sad and senseless murder of this young mother. Prayers for her children and other family members.

    I hope there will be a conviction, and that the killer will hang. No mercy, no exceptions. Eye for an eye, life for a life is the only way to restore security to the Jewel.

  2. BT says:

    Why do you always refer to these situations as “a crime of passion” when it involves LGBT people? If these two women had a relationship then this is a case of domestic violence. Same as when straight people kill each other.

  3. tobt says:

    when str8 domestics murder. its also called crime of passion.

  4. Al says:

    Why is it that the churches are not calling for prayer for the country. This is not normal, this is a spiritual attack that is occuring and change will only come when the majority of the people come together and pray that God will release the Holy Spirit to do battle against Satan’s hordes and free Belize.
    This is not the ranting of a crazy person, but just look at how things are out of control, and no one in the country can bring it under control, it will take God, it will take the supernatural move of heaven to get the country on track. It will take people praying to the Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus to bring change. Please do not pray to saints they are dead people and cannot do anything for you. The Bible says pray to the Father in Jesus’ name.
    Please if you read this begin to pray, bind the evil spirit of murder, deception, sex, poverty, name every thing that is wrong in the country and loose the Holy Spirit to take charge over the country and remove all who needs to be removed from government and set up new honest men and women to serve. Talk to the Lord from your heart and let him take charge of things.

  5. Belizean Pride says:

    @ Al

    Yes our church is praying every single prayer meeting we have for the whole country but it takes a nation together to try get the results we want. if you ask yourself when has the pm visited a church, the other ministers, guess never or might have gone only for a burial ceremony of a friend or relative/ wedding invitation.
    We pray but if such individuals lack to try seek God things won’t change either.
    God is waiting until all of us who wants a change try to make it with his help. they are the leaders of our country we as country men seek God he will work with us but if we pray and the people don’t want to change for a better life in Christ nothing will ever happen. God never forces any one His there waiting with open arms.
    If our leader would seek God imagine what good deeds would be done to our country, but it’s reverse, man seeks wealth, worldly happiness, power and not God.
    Al if you are praying for a better Belize, bro keep praying cause you’re one more in this worthy cause, if not ,start from now. Jah bless

  6. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    Your thoughts uplifts my Soul, yes we must pray, ONLY GOD can help Belize.
    Let us be in prayer every day, and don`t worry about those corrupt leaders, they will have their day soon. You don`t hate them, pray for them, GOD will do what is right.

  7. monica says:

    @Al, Belizean Pride & Bz, The bible says “he who is weary & heavy laden bring your cries to me & I will give you rest. As we celebrate his birth & the birth of the earth according to the Mayas, so should we change our attitudes (new birth – for hope, faith, peace, love, compassion, forgiveness) We have become lovers of WEALTH, POWER & FLESH which only leads to self destruction in the long run. I pray for the deceased in this senseless death & hope your kids growup to be productive citizens.

  8. pieces says:

    @ Al & Belizean Pride, the Bible said all these things will happen in the end, Gal 5: 19 -21, 2 Timothy 3 plz go read it…. if u try to stop it then u r telling Jesus u could handle it alone He doesn’t have to come…………….Jesus words so in the days of NOAH so will it be till the coming of the SON of MAN…….. come LORD Jesus ……… just be careful that you and your family is ready……….

  9. Jojo says:

    The demented lusts in the minds of perverted people always ends in destruction of self or others.
    The perverts are multiplying, and so will the destruction of all cultures around the world as the elite give them more and more power to spread their filth.

  10. Louisville,Ky says:

    @ pieces…. you are on point. Indeed these are the last days and, this kind of behavior in the Jewel, is exactly as fortold in scriptures. So those who want to blame this one and blame that one are free to do so. Fact of the matter is, the entire world is laying in the power of Satan the Devil. So what do you expect?
    Believe it or not, it’s gonna get way worst before it gets better. But it’ll get better…….
    Gay or straight, no one is exempt. Think you can get away from an abusive relationship by being Gay? Nope…..Same sex, SAME problem!!!

  11. subKonshus says:

    @ Al… Go figure. Where were the Christians on election day? We vote for wicked Godless people to form the government then pray for God to save our country. The moment to save our country was on election day. Most of the candidates from VIP and PNP are people are high morals and spiritual values. The fact that none of them won is a clear reflection of what the Belizean people wanted. If wicked, corrupt and evil people sit in government then we should not be surprised at the laws and the lifestyle that eminate in our communities. I don’t want to sound blunt, but please, all the christians and believers who voted in the past elections, your prayers are in vain if you contributed in any way to to having PUPs or UDPs back in the National Assembly. You are making a mockery of the Jesus claim to believe in. Call on his name all you want. He placed righteous men before you and you rejected them. So no matter how hard you pray, Belize is damned because of the choices we made on election day. Go figure.

  12. moses says:

    Religion is the opium of the masses. People listen. You can pray all you want, but prayers will never ever change anything. When you pray that I win the lotto, and I win, you got me.

  13. moses says:

    Oh by the way the rubr woman lawn fass. Blame black man. They try dat in the states too.

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