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Dec 10, 2012

U.D.P. Chairman says McAfee crazy

Patrick Faber

Faber also responded to the allegations by John McAfee whose creative barbs had cast a bad eye on the U.D.P. and the country. McAfee is fighting deportation to Belize for Illegal Entry to Guatemala. He has claimed that the government and police are out to kill him because he refused to donate to a U.D.P. political boss in Orange Walk. Unlike the Prime Minister who said the businessman is bonkers, Faber was more plain in his response and called McAfee, crazy.


Jose Sanchez

“Can you tell me about the party’s perspective on McAfee claiming that the U.D.P. is out to get him and the government is out to get him?”


Patrick Faber, Minister of Education

“I think you had sent a message to me asking if the party or I have received money from McAfee.  And I will tell you I have no such knowledge. In fact, I wish he would call a name. He keeps on saying that he was approached by a U.D.P. politician and I can tell you that as the Chairman of this party, I have no knowledge of him making or anybody approaching him or of him turning down any request from the party for any assistance. I think that all now understands that McAfee is a crazy man and, you know, so we won’t waste much time on him. He can say whatever else he wants to say and we continue to do the business of the people.” 

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15 Responses for “U.D.P. Chairman says McAfee crazy”

  1. el gringo says:

    damn!!! d world must b comin to an end because first time i ever agree wid potlick slobber ( p. faber). dis man seh it carreck. mcafee crazy no backside. d only people weh follow him got time fu waste . why u wah run weh n seh dem wah kill u ?? they only want to question . he damn stupid fu nuh present his self wd d law. only a guilty man act so . he says he has tapes… where r they ??? mcafee belongs in rockview.

  2. belizeislander says:

    Oh pleeeeze!!! McAfee may be an odd fellow, but for those who live here, we all know there is a ring of truth to his allegations. What else can the GOB can say when someone points out that the Emperor has no clothes. Mr. Faber have a look at this from the Justice for Jasmine Lowe website.

  3. Rod says:

    All a unu thief faber from the pm down all unu the thief so much corruption in this gov no wonder we have hundreds of murders it is because of the corruption and incompetence of all the ministers in his gov. And you can’t talk at all since you have been minister of education every part of the education dept is in the drain more drop out now than ever before students the come out dunce more crime in schools than ever before no training for teachers the whole education dept is in the drain just like this gov.

  4. borntobehero says:

    Dear readers I usually do not take much of what any politician has to say, but regarding this issue; I Do TAKE what Hon. Fabers has said here!
    Poeple from any country need to respect our intelect and Mr. Fabers has proven him self.
    Good luck to Johnn Mc. and his deets shall be known for his good or bad, in due time.

    Yo all have a nice day.

  5. cayobway says:

    Dis wan di eena di same boat wid bag a flee, because john is accused of killin faull, and fleeing, well dis wan ordered the killing of mr good and he still deh eena di country, and he deny it as well, soh he just as crazy, or maybe crazya dah bag a flee

  6. Dave says:

    Belize should declare McAfee persona non grata…this man has been nothing but trouble in Belize.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    I think Faber is crazy for giving Mcafee the idea to claim insanity in court.

  8. Al says:

    I am not pointing fingers, but read between the lines. I have a misunderstanding with you, you live next door to me, I am going to kill you, how stupid, I am going to be the first person police will come to. Remember McAfee’s dogs were killed, that is the biggest set up I have ever seen. Is it not funny no one heard gun shots, could a silencer be involved. McAfee might be some what excentric, but I believe he has much more sense than that. This was a set up from way back.
    Start thinking for yourselves, someone was paid to make this point in the wrong direction. It will come out, someone will get sloppy, or just look for a strange murder taking place soon either on the island or in the city. It will be the murder of someone who have been on the island, waited around long enough to see what was happening, headed back to the city and got paid for the set up, it will be a person that everyone knows is a gangster who frequents the island. Someone will get scared and the killer will be done away with, sither becasue they want more money or something.
    The plan was that McAfee would be arrested, charged, found guilty and showed what the penalty for dissing the government is. This was not how this case was suppose to end.
    Watch for the next saga, if da no so, da nearly so, and teh eveil and corruption goes on.

  9. Uncle Benji says:

    @AL. Al, Al, Al, darn you are my hero and now this. If I read your post correctly, you are telling me that McAfee was set up.

    McAfee is smart enough to evade police, but yet dumb enough to get set up? Where’s the logic in what you are saying? There isn’t any. You have spent too much time reading McAfee’s blog. Now you are brainwashed.

    Simply put: Mcafee will eventually be arrested and charged for murder. Guatemala will tuen him over to Belize. Make no mistake about that. Belize police is downplaying the situation right now, but the bullet in his neighbour’s head will be from crazy @$$ McAfee’s gun. Why do you think he is running?

  10. Seletar says:

    I’d love the smoke to clear so the facts about the murder can be discovered.

    But I have a question maybe someone can answer: didn’t McAfee begin his disappearance BEFORE Faull’s body was discovered?

    If that is correct, then either McAfee has ESP or he was involved.

  11. Orlando says:

    Here is a man that went to Belize and commit a crime, hide from the law and have nothing good to say about the country. Then to make things worst he went next door and they give him a break? He was with a teenager for how long and why the hell Belize did not put his @$$ in jail then? Please dig a little deeper and you will find more info about this guy and be very careful Belize a lot of offenders from the U.S. is coming to Belize.

  12. JAMES LANGELLE says:

    Details of release, passport-travel status, translations from local media:


  13. belizean says:

    @Uncle Benji, you are right on

  14. elmer says:

    The UDP need more $$$

  15. OUTSPOKEN! says:

    OK @ ROD, I think it’s time someone said it your face,(well, email face anyway) YOU ARE AN RACIST @$$HOLE….NO, REALLY, YOU ARE!

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